Marifransia Television Studios

Background: In 2005,after watching the final SFM ++10(?) showcase,somebody (I can't remember) had a cat named Marie. He had an idea: he formed a company (but anyway wasn't official). The name from the showcase and his cat, and you have MariFranSia. The first three logos are official (on logostrikebeta1 {now logostrikebeta2}'s showcases with logos as characters, or just a logo showcase), and the4th logo is for him.

1st Logo(2005-2006)
Logo: In a house, the camera zooms into our mascot "Marifransia", who's sleeping in a chair. The camera gets too close to the mascot, getting a flash that warp us to a red background, then it zooms out to reveal that it's a red disc (held by a person), setting into a plastic green big wide Lego block. We zoom out to give a full view of the motif, then the text "Marifransia Motion Pictures" appears on the green block.

Variant: A short version exists which is just the end of the logo.

FX/SFX: All recorded with a digital camera and put together.

Music/Sounds: On NET Set, it's the 1976 CPT theme. For the Production Logo Galery[sic] trailer, it's the trailer's theme (a rock version of the Super Mario Bros. Underground theme).

Availability: Seen on NET Set (short version) and the trailer for Production Logo Galery[sic] (long version)

Scare Factor: Minimal.

Logo: On a shaded blue background, we see a blue block, with a sphere popping up (supposed to represent sun and sea), then the logo turns to face us, and:


FX/SFX: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The same 5 note tune from the Sony Pictures Television logo. Sometimes silent.

Availability: Rare.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo
Marifransia 2006
Logo: On a black BG,we see the words "Released thru" in white,after a second,it cuts to many shapes in the same black background,in 3D, the Marifransia logo itself, which is a sun depicted by a flat sphere through a block, and are supposed to mean sun and grass, appear, while the text "Marifransia" is in the block, and the camera rotates randomly, then a purple cube comes into view, wipes the word "T E L E V I S I O N" and the camera moves to the right.

: The camera moving.

Cheesy Factor: High. That wasn't professional.

Music/Sounds: A 10-note tune, which sounds like something from the New Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme.

Availability: Extinct, since logostrikebeta1 was suspended and his company's logos were in that user. Although,you can download this logo and the music for the next logo here.

Scare Factor: Median, the sudden tune can catch ya off-guard.


Marifransia 2010

Logo:The words "RELEASED THRU" fades and zooms in then fades out. Fading in is what appears to be a space BG with an all-new Marifransia logo (the block is blue). "MARIFRANSIA" in white then emerges from the blue block,then "t e l e v i s i o n s t u d i o s" also in white, zooms out from view into the block. The space BG, appears to be sorta patterned, keeps zooming in until the end of the logo.


  • During its first year of use,in the same space BG, the same Marifransia logo,only the words are changed to just "5 YEARS" in the Klavika font. Then it flashes into the final scene where the logo is formed.
  • For Marifransia Television Studios Distribution,the logo is just a black BG with the words "Distributed by" zooming in and pixelates to the final result, but still, zooming out.

Music/Sounds: Some eerie sounds,then a funky 17-note horn fanfare. On the 2nd variant, it's same as the last logo. The whole jingle sounds eerie, even if you're wearing headphones.

Availability: TBA, but it's on YouTube first.

Scare Factor: Minimal because the music is almost as loud.

1st Logo - 00:00
2nd Logo - 00:07
2nd Logo Variant I - 00:21

2nd Logo Variant II:

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