MattBoo Productions

Background:Matthew Stone (b. 2000) found Blanky Book Productions in 2002, then renamed to Slam Tomato in 2008, In 2010, they stopped production on Matthew's World, Then it was renamed to MattBoo Productions in 2012, It is a divison of CN/Hub/Nicktoons, it produces MattBoo's flipnotes, bumpers for the CN/Hub/Nicktoons livestream, etc.
Blanky Book Productions

1st (and only) logo (2002-2008)
Slam Tomato

1st (and only) logo (2008-April 2012)
MattBoo Productions
1st logo (May 20, 2012-)
Nicknames:Pan Man, MattBoo Productions
Logo:On a white background, we see a stick figure smashing another with a pan, the text says "MATTBOO PRODUCTIONS" at the bottom.
SFX/FX:The animation.
Cheesy Factor:High to CHEESE ME, this logo was completed in April 2012.
Music/Sounds:A voice over saying "MattBoo Productions!", the voice over is Matthew Stone himself.
*On MattBoo's Cel Animations, the music is "SymphonyNo. 3 in E Flat Major".
Avalibility:Common, seen on MattBoo's Cel Animations,Christmas in July, while The Mine Guy, and it's otherinstallments use the third logo.
Scare Factor:None to Low, the sudden transition may catch some people ofguard.
2nd logo (June 28, 2012-)
Logo:Just anin-credit and/or copyright disclamier that says
"(c) (year) MattBoo Productions Inc."
"MattBoo Productions"
Chessy Factor:None
Music/Sounds:The end theme.
Avalibility:New, Seen on most of MattBoo's cels & flipnotes since June 2012.
Scare Factor:None.
3rd Logo (June 28, 2012)
Logo:Just a opening credit disclamer, That says [MATTBOO] and "Productions" is in a square.
Cheesy Factor:None
Music/Sounds:The opening theme.
Avalibility:Rare, seen on The Mine Guy.

Scare Factor:None
4th Logo (July 20, 2012)
Nicknames:MattBoo of Many Out Lines
Logo:On a white background, we see MattBoo (Matthew Stone's Main Character), with many outlines (ala Neon Mickey), with the MattBoo Productions Inc. at the bottom of him.
SFX/FX:Same as the 2nd Logo
Cheesy Factor:Same as the 2nd Logo
Music/Sounds:The ending theme.
Avalibility:Rare, seen on The Mine Guy 2.
Scare Factor:Low to Medium, this may surprise viewers who we're expecting the 3rd logo.
5th Logo (August 24, 2012-)
Nicknames:Logo 3 Returns!
Logo:Same as Logo 3, but redone in Flipnote Hatena.
SFX/FX:Same as Logos 2,3 & 4.
Cheesy Factor:Cheese Me! This is Logo 3 but in Flipnote!
Music/Sounds:Same as the forth logo.
Avalibility:Current, Seen on The Mine Guy 3 and more of MattBoo's Flipnote.
Scare Factor:None

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