Maxwell Entertainment

Notes: Maxwell Entertainment is a company founded by Max C. and owned by the Walt Disney Company. Its studios are Maxwell Animation (the animation studio for TV shows, movies and short films), Maxwell Productions (for TV shows and movies not animated by Maxwell), Maxwell Adult Productions (for TV shows and movies for a more mature audience), Maxwell Games, Maxwell Home Entertainment, Rockit (a channel which shows kids shows that were taken off air or exclusive shows), Little Rockits (for a much younger audience which starts every morning on Rockit) and Rockit Adult (for a mature audience).

Maxwell Animation

1st Logo

Nicknames: "Max and His Drawing Stall", "Almost a Jim Henson Pictures Rip-Off"

Logo: Wee see an outline of Max Toonie's head on a piece of paper. The camera pans away from the drawing to show Max (traditionally animated) himself on a director's chair and a drawing stall with various stationary and the paper in the outdoors on a hill at sunset in CGI (much like the Jim Henson Pictures logo, except for the hill). He notices the camera and waves to it, smiling with joy and closed eyes, and looks at his work again. Sparks fly around him and the stall and write
in Arial font underneath him. When the writing is done, Max grabs his pencil, turns to another sheet of paper and starts doing another drawing.

FX: Max Toonie and the sparks. The clouds in the background move as well.

Cheesy Factor: None. The 2D animation is great and the CGI is brilliant as well.

Music: The Jim Henson Pictures logo jingle

Scare Factor: None. This is an amazing logo.

Maxwell Productions

1st Logo

Nickname: "The Flying and Exploding Silhouette"

Logo: A spark appears in the center of the screen on a black background and draws the shape of Max Toonie's head. The shape goes through the background to a white area, where it flies up into the air and magically explodes into letters which spell

in Arial font (The text 'Walt Disney' is written in the regular Disney font). They fall to the ground to form the logo underneath the hole that the shape went through. When the logo is formed, Max Toonie peeks out of the hole and waves with a nice grin.

FX: Everything is CGI except Max himself.

Cheesy Factor: None. The CGI is brilliant and the 2D animation is great.

Music: Same as the Maxwell Animation logo

Scare Factor: Low. The darkness and the magical explosion might get to some, but this is a great logo.