Miyuu Studios (Japan)

Background: Miyuu Studios was founded in 1978 by Misaki Sugiyama and her sister Kagomi Sugiyama. Their shows are always rated from TV-Y to TV-Y7. The anime shows that they are most famous for are Spout! (1985-1987), Superstar! The Miyuu Aria Show! (known in the US as Miyuu) (1985-1998), Sharpshoot (1985-1999), The Legend of Network (1987-1996), and Himitsu the Great (1990-1999). The English distributor was Alchemist.

1st Logo
(1983, 1984-1986)

Nickname: "The Spout Logo", "Spout the Sea Fairy", "Banned Logo (1983)"

Logo: On the blue background,
we see the red Japanese text "ミュー" (Miyuu, more like "Mew"), the red text "スタジオ" (Studios) was under it, and an underwater sea creature that we know today as "Spout" was on it.

  • In 1983, the background was red and "ミュー" was green. Also, Spout took a dump beside the "ミュー" text.
  • On some shows, the background is navy blue-sky blue gradient, "ミュー" is pink, and the logo is shifted to the top. Additional text "関連して" (In association with) fade below the logo.
  • On some episodes, the Spout happily jumps.
  • On the Myuu episode "The Best of Meta Knight", Spout oddly transforms into a helicopter and flies away.
  • On the pilot episode of Myuu, Spout was asleep (complete with a snot bubble).
  • On the Japanese animated series Sharpshoot (1985-1999), Spout is replaced by Dr, Donchano.
  • The original version of this logo was banned from TV after the original airing of the Kit Kat episode "A Cat and a Duo", due to scat. On reruns of this episode, the 1984 logo is used. The original logo was still seen on the pilot episode in the 2012 DVD of Kit Kat: The Complete First Season, however.
  • In 1985, Spout had his own anime series Spout! (1985-1987).
  • There is a NetNavi that was based on this character in this logo and was named AquaMan.EXE., also known as SpoutMan.EXE (as a reference to the character in the logo). AquaMan.EXE appeared in the MegaMan Battle Network games starting with the fourth installment and also appeared in the anime MegaMan NT Warrior.

FX/SFX: Depends on the variant.

Music/Sounds: Usually, there is no music or sounds, but it depends on the variant.
  • On the original version of this logo, there is a reggae-like sound.
  • On the Myuu episode "The Best of Meta Knight", a helicopter sound is heard when Spout flies off.
  • A dance tune was heard when Spout was jumping.

Availability: Only seen in some Miyuu programs from the 80's. This logo was also intact when the Season 1 episode of Miyuu aired on YouTube and Hulu websites.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo

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