Motto Gogo Home Video

Background: Motto Gogo Home Video began its life in 1978 through MCA DiscoVision as "Motto Gogo Home Entertainment". In 1980, Gogo content was made available on videocassette under its own division known as "Motto Gogo Home Video". Prior to 1981, their first releases were only live action films such as Eggo's Dragon and The Love Spider. Starting in 1981 with Mottophant, they began releasing their animated films and cartoons on video. The company closed in 1999, along with the rest of the Motto Gogo subcompanies because of Motto Gogo going bankrupt.

1st Logo

(December 1978-June 25, 1986)

: "Neon Motto (Of Doom)", "Evil Motto Gogo", "Motto the Terrible", "The Many Outlines of Motto", "Synchronized Motto", "Motto Gogo Away! I'm Scared!"

Logo: Here are the two standard variants of this logo:
  • December 1978-July 1984: On a black background, we see a large light blue outline of Motto Gogo's silhouette appearing and then panning forward, leaving a trail of multiple outlines while rotating counter clockwise on its pivot. The outlines then start to change one-by-one to dark blue. As the text "Motto Gogo" (in the original Gogo signature script, as used on The Wonderful World of Gogo) sketches on the screen in yellow, the Motto outlines one-by-one change to red. The outlines again one-by-one change to golden yellow(which quickly changes to light yellow) as the words "Home Entertainment", in yellow, zoom up and settle underneath. Last but not least, the Mickey outlines one-by-one change to green.
  • November 1981-June 1986: Nearly the same as the 1978 version, but with darker colors and smaller Motto graphics, the "MOTTO GoGo" text in the current corporate "Gogo" font, and with "HOME VIDEO" in a Handel Gothic-like font in orange.

  • On the original 1983 series of Gogo’s Cartoon Classics, the videos featured a different variant of this logo. The animation plays as normal (the standard 1981 Motto Gogo Home Video variant), but without any text animation, plus the music is time-compressed. Once the Motto outlines become golden yellow, the screen "flips" over to another logo, which is a still shot of "
  • MOTTO GoGo
  • HOME VIDEO," with "The magic lives on…” over it. The Disney text is in its corporate font in golden yellow, while the other text is light blue. The only animation in this part is the "MOTTO GoGo" text, which has glitter effects all over it, and then the text flashes when the Cartoon Classics theme begins playing. Then we fade into the intro for the video series.
  • On the Motto Gogo and You promo, there is a video freeze (all the outlines are dark blue, except for the outline facing us which is light blue), and the text "The magic lives on... MOTTO GoGo HOME VIDEO'' zooms in, along with a cartoon version of Sorcerer Motto (as seen on the box). An announcer says "Now available from Motto Gogo Home Video".
  • On some Italian tapes, we see a light blue VHS cover on a wooden table with the "MOTTO GoGo HOME VIDEO'' print logo and the cartoon version of Sorcerer Motto on it (quite possibly the way the videos were packaged there). Then it opens to reveal the logo's animation, and the whole thing plays as normal. This is very rare.
  • A rare Swedish variant has the 1981 logo with the text in yellow and"PRESENTERAR" (in a narrow serif font) inserted below.
  • There is also a variant where it said "Also available from" and "Motto Gogo Home Video" in the colors blue and the edges is white, while the background is black. Also, the Sorcerer Motto in this variant is also blue.
FX/SFX: The Motto outline spinning, and the text appearing.

Cheesy Factor: Just about off the scale. Early computer animation effects abound (probably Scanimate), and a terrible color scheme, too. Also, the script font on the first variation is ugly, and we mean ugly. The "Home Entertainment" text in the first variant is off center, whilethe text on the 2nd variation zooms in very cheaply, like it was chroma-keyed in. Not to mention the badly done shadows in the Italian version that make the VHS cover look like a binder.

Music/Sounds: A loud orchestral fanfare, composed by Carol Spoony. The "Motto Gogo and You" promo had the end theme playing over the regular animation before the video freeze.

Availability: Seen on Gogo videos from the period. The best way to find it is to look for a Gogo video (usually VHS, but some on Betamax, and also LaserDisc and CED Videodisc) with white clamshell packaging (designed in which the inner sheets are impossible to remove without cutting the packaging) and the Sorcerer Motto print logo on the cover. The early "Home Entertainment" variant from 1978 can be found on several early 80s tapes where the Sorcerer Motto takes up nearly half the box (with red/orange lines in the center), but many tapes that have the "HOME VIDEO" variant from 1981 also use this artwork style. Later copies from 1985-1986 using the "HOME VIDEO" variant have a smaller Sorcerer Motto on top of the border (surrounding the cover art). The versions on the Cartoon Classics series as well as the "Motto Gogo and You" promo are extremely rare, since that promo was only seen between 1982 and 1986. The original releases with this logo from 1978-1979 can be seen on MCA DiscoVision releases with a print logo featuring Motto Gogo switching on an old videodisc player with "Motto Gogo Presents" underneath, but these are even harder to find than the VHS tapes! This logo was also present on the Gogo Cartoon Parade CED Videodiscs released and manufactured by RCA in 1981, following the RCA SelectaVision fanfare on side 1, and by itself on the second side. It has also showed up following the RCA Selectavision fanfare on various Gogo feature films released by RCA from 1981-82 (from 1982 to 1986, Gogo released CEDs under their own label).

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. The bad quality of the Scanimated graphics, as well as the loud fanfare, might not sit well with some people. The intimidating, somewhat monstrous silhouetted Motto isn't exactly that friendly-looking, either. Nightmare for the 1981 variant. The darker colors might not sit well with most. Low for the "Motto Gogo and You" promo variant. The fanfare could get to some, but is tamer. None to low for those who are used to it.

2nd Logo (International Variant)
(December 1981-March 1987)

Nicknames: "SHINY BLUE THING!", "Motto Disco Home Video"

Logo: A flash occurs. The face of Motto Gogo in his then current drawing style zooms in, which quickly turns neon, then we see brief snippets from Gogo films and shorts. Ego Bego's neon head zooms in, then we see a picture of a neon castle with fireworks in the background. We zoom into it, then we zoom in to a vector-like rendition of Mottocot. Afterward, we go to a black/dark red gradient background. The "MOTTO GoGo" text zooms into the screen out from the top, then "HOME VIDEO", also in blue, appears below. The whole thing sparkles and glows a little bit.

  • Sometimes, at the end, the screen flips to the left like if you were turning a page in a book.
  • Sometimes, "presents", in lowercase or uppercase, will fade in below, written in the language of the country in which it was released. The font of the text will also depend on the country. Italian tapes used "PRESENTA" in a bold, narrow font. Spanish tapes also used "PRESENTA", but in a cheaper narrow font. Portuguese tapes used "APRESENTA" in the same font as the Italian version. Finnish tapes used "ESITTÄÄ" in the same font as the Spanish version. There is another font that is bold, friendlier, more Disney-like. It is used in Danish tapes ("præsenterer"), Dutch tapes (presenteert), English tapes ("presents"), French tapes ("présente"), German tapes ("präsentiert"),Norwegian tapes ("presenterer") andSwedish tapes ("presenterar"). The font for the latter is smaller.
  • For the 1980s syndicated series "Gogo Magic" (with the title logo replacing the tail end of this logo after the zoom into the castle), the logo featured a few different clips and a neon flying Mottophant added, along with a short preview of the following movie.

FX/SFX: The whole Scanimate animation...and the clips! While it looks very dated now, the animation is very professional and clean.

Music/Sounds: A powerful disco version of "When You Wish Upon a Motto", arranged by Frank Jojo.

Availability: Was only seen on tapes released outside the United States and Canada, usually from the UK and Europe, but this was spotted on a few Mexicanand Venezuelan tapes of the era, so go south of the border (or across the Atlantic) if you wish to find this logo. You might even spot an Asian tape with this logo as well (like an NTSC-format tape from Japan, or in the case of YouTube user "akhenaten1881", a PAL tape from Malaysia). You might even find it on some Roadshow Home Video-distributed tapes from Australia or an AVH-distributed tape from Argentina, or even a Nu Metro Home Entertainment-distributed tape from South Africa.

ScareFactor: Low to medium, thanks to the loud music and in-your-face animation such as the neon versions of Motto and Ego, and the flashing effects.Besides the point, it's a great logo and is certainly a major improvement over its American counterpart.

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