Mr. Happy Face Productions


Mr. Happy Face Productions

Nickname: "Mr. Happy Face"

Logo; On a white background, we see Mr. Happy Face zoom in. Then, the picture zooms back to reveal it is on a black background. The text:

Mr. Happy Face
is at the bottom of the screen. "Mr. Happy Face" appears in yellow, while "PRODUCTIONS" appears in greyish-blue.

Variations: There are a lot of variations for this logo.

Long Version: Before Mr. Happy Face appears, the white background forms by small bits.

Blue Background Logo: The box is blue instead of white, and it also has a long version (see above). It only appeared on three episodes of The Adventures of Mr. Happy Face which are "Mr. Happy Face is Ill", "Mr. Happy Face and the Big Race" (which has the long version) and "Mr. Happy Face Goes Shopping".

Tetris Logo: The box has Tetris blocks instead of the white background. It appeared on Season 2 episodes of The Adventures of Mr. Happy Face and on syndicated episodes of Performing with Mr. Happy Face.

Tricolor Logo: The box has red, white and blue streaks to look like the French colours. It only appeared on the first four episodes of The Adventures of Mr. Happy Face.

Orange and Yellow Logo: The box has orange and yellow streaks. It only appeared on The Adventures of Mr. Happy Face episode "Mr. Happy Face Makes a Friend".

FX/SFX: The drawing of Mr. Happy Face, the zoom out, the text forming...

Cheesy Factor: ...which are very cheap by the time.

Music/Sounds: A weird deep sound effect as Mr. Happy Face zooms in, and a loud noise when the picture zooms away.

Music/Sounds Variant; The 1995 MGM lion roar is heard while the box zooms out. Was seen on shows and episodes that don't have the Tetris logo.

Availability: Will be seen on The Adventures of Mr. Happy Face (with all the variations), and Perfoming with Mr. Happy Face and many other Mr. Happy Face shows.

Scare Factor: Medium, the drawing of Mr. Happy Face may scare some, if they think he is gonna eat them, but it's very nice.

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