NHK Claymation Anpanman Bumpers (1994-2000)

1st Logo

Nickname: "Anpanman and Friends Sing and Dance"

Logo: In the brick background, a lot of main characters from Soreike! Anpanman appear in the center and sings "What I like about what friends are". And then Cheese barks as he passed by them and the NHK logo appeared on the top left corner.

  • Starting March 12, 1996, a Japanese text that means "Educational" appear on the lower right corner.
  • Sometimes, Baikinman fell down right after he sings.
  • In rare cases, the characters sang "All the world loves Anpanman" instead of "What I like about what friends are", much like the "All the World Loves M&M's" jingle.
  • Right before one Season 5 episode of Crayon Shin-chan came on, Baikinman says "I knew it!" and ran off. Then the characters followed him, leaving only Anpanman.
FX/SFX: Claymation animation.

Music/Sounds: Just the characters singing "What I like about what friends are" and Cheese barking.

Availability: Only available on NHK if your local Japanese stations airing them.

Scare Factor: None

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