Neon Studios

Background: Neon Studios is an independent American television company founded in 1992 by Robbin Williams and Shelly Day, based in Woodinville, Washington (next to the Humongous Entertainment building), and best known for the Johnny Crash's School TV series.

1st Logo

Nickname: "Calling All Characters!", "Big Beast Quintet/Calling Cades Parody!", "The Very First Neon Studios", "Harvey Studios Perhaps?"

Logo: We see Casper the Friendly Ghost, Herman the Mouse, Little Lulu, and some cat walks down a street. They gather inside a TV with Johnny Crash's face on it as "Neon" and "Studios" merge together. Then they keep walking down the street as the screen turns black and the logo forms with the Humongous Entertainment copyright below it.

FX/SFX: The characters walking, which was animated by Space Needle Animation Studios.

Music/Sounds: The characters singing some kind of chant leading into how Neon Studios is #1 and then followed by the synth note when the logo is formed.

Availability: Only seen on the pilot episode of Johnny Crash's School.

Scare Factor: Medium, due to a synth note.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Simpsons", "Burns' Heir", "Turn It Up!", "They Stole The Scene from The Simpsons Episode!"

Logo: We see the Neon Studios logo, before the Simpsons sit in their seats. The light dims, and then brightens a bit. Then we cut to the movie screen, then a white screen with "NEON STUDIOS" on it appears, with a copyright logo and "*Show's name* HAS ENDED" under it. We cut to the same film screen, with the logo on it. The audience whoops, and the screen fades out. Then, the "NEON STUDIOS" logo appears with the Humongous Entertainment copyright below it, with Grandpa yelling "Turn it up!" off-screen.

FX/SFX: Light dimming and brightening, which was animated by Film Roman.

Cheesy Factor: Cheese Me! This scene was actually from The Simpsons episode "Burns' Heir", but edited to remove the some points of the scene (i.e. head with blood, breaking people's teeth and glasses) because they don't want little kids to see those points. It was also from the actual THX trailer, too!

Music/Sounds: The sudden dialogue and the synth note.

Availability: Only seen on the season 1-3 episodes of Johnny Crash's School and some The Legend of Alto Mare episodes.

Scare Factor: Medium bordering on high, due to a synth note. Also, Grandpa's yelling may get to some. The next logo below is waaaaaaay worse than this!

3rd Logo

Nicknames: "The Lasers and Lights of Doom", "Why Did the YTV Logo Doing Here!?", "The Reason Why Some Shows Had This Logo", "The Personification of All-That Evilness"

Logo: Two multicolored, glowing lasers and lights come from the top and bottom of the screen, and the upper one is at a distance while the lower is closer. They fly towards each other, and the higher moves forward while the lower backs away. As they do so, they grow in length and wrap around a space where a dot appears, forming a stylized "N." Under that the words "NEON STUDIOS" zooms-in with the Humongous Entertainment copyright suddenly appearing below it.

  • On the early Johnny Crash's School episode "Johnny's 5th Anniversary", this logo had the ghostly, shaking YTV logo on the right corner of the screen, probably due to a plastering error. This was removed in 2007.
  • In the 2014 film, Wild About Champions, the logo is in blue background with a full moon on it and the wolf howls at it. Then the logo pans to the bunch of deer running and the rabbit throws bombs at them. Then it cuts to a lion pouncing the screen and the rooster crows at the red sky with the sun on the top of the one of the buildings. Then it cuts the cat with the same laugh as the Dynamikun face and then scratches at the camera to reveal the "Neon Studios" logo.

FX/SFX: The lights and the lasers, which are changing colors, wrapping around the dot, "NEON STUDIOS" zooming-in.

Music/Sounds: We hear a loud "WHOOSH" then a a Moog modular synthesizer and a techno tune with drums. Then it followed by a loud synth fanfare.

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • On the early Johnny Crash's School episode "Johnny's 5th Anniversary", this logo had the scream from the 3rd YTV logo attached to it along with the original music, probably due to a plastering error. This was fixed in 2007, thankfully.
  • In Wild About Champions, the music played normal, but the wolf started howling when the background turns blue, followed by the trotting sounds of the deer, a whistle when thew rabbit throws a bomb, a roaring noise when the lion pounces at the screen, the rooster suddenly crowing, and the laugh when the cat is about to scratch the camera. Then the synth fanfare finally played when "Neon Studios" formed with the cat's scratch.

Availability: Pretty common. This logo has appeared on the season 3-10 episodes of Johnny Crash's School on PBS Kids and Rina's World on Nick Jr. The Wild About Champions variant was seen only at local Walmart stores from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. It also left intact on all DVDs of Johnny Crash's School and also seen at the end of the 2000 film Kids Don't Do Jokes and Johnny Crash's School: The Show Is All That!. The "YTV Scream" variant is seen on the early episode of Johnny Crash's School, "Johnny's 5th Anniversary", but the regular variant with the original music later plastered that in 2007 when Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games were first released in stores.

Scare Factor: NIGHTMARE. Numerous people have very un-fond memories of this logo, mostly due to the creepy theme music and the synth note combined with the animation, which is very in-your-face (though it's less scary for those who are used to seeing it). Possibly one of the scariest logos ever made. For the "Wild About Champions" variant, it also has the fact that TheShinyMew or TheShinyMew4Ever don't like that variant due to the howling wolf and the crowing rooster both appear on the same logo. The scare factor is SUPER NIGHTMARE for the "Johnny's 5th Anniversary" variant due to a loud scream and the shaking YTV logo. The scare factor is NIGHTMARE due to the WGBH logo directly following it. Medium for those who are used to see it.

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