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Nicknames: "Nick's Version of the WB Bullseye", "The WB Concentric Circles Rip-off"

Studio Logo: At the top of the screen, the words "NICKELODEON CARTOONS" appear in the Times New Roman font, and on the very bottom is the word "Presents" or "Present" in script, followed by the copyright info. The background is the famous "bullseye". And the Nickelodeon shield's most famous role is now cemented: it zooms in from a long distance in the center of the screen to a huge size.

Series Title: In the middle of the "bullseye" and on the same background, the title of the show is in its usual font (sometimes updated). Below it appears "A NICKELODEON CARTOON." Under it is "IN TECHNICOLOR".

Closing Logo: Starts with the "That's all Folks!" script being written out and then the show's name appearing at the top. Near the bottom, the text "A NICKELODEON CARTOON" is at the bottom. The background was the circles/bullseye used in the studio logo. The colors of the backdrop vary by year, but a list of the colors would be too long to put here.

Blue Ribbon Reissues: The Blue Ribbon program began in the late 1990's with several cartoons being recycled each release season for another go-round. These reissues featured revised title cards that cut out the original production numbers and screen credits. The Blue Ribbon series logo consisted of a red background with a blue ribbon on the left (hence the name) and the Grand Shorts award on the right. In the middle of the screen was the show's logo, and below that appeared "A NICKELODEON CARTOON" as well as the additional legend: "IN TECHNICOLOR". It would then fade into either the title of the cartoon, or cut to the original screen credits.

Variants: There were many variants of this logo, and here are some of them:

  • Some cartoons were re-released as part of the "Blue Ribbon" series, and lost their title cards as a result. The re-releases rarely kept whatever music variation it had at the end, and any cartoon re-released before 1994 would retain its original end title as well. Most of the cartoons had the long version of the opening theme. The re-releases of the post-1996 cartoons had the short version at the open and retained their full credits.
  • The most famous one of these, with Ren relaxing on top of the shield as it zooms in. He chomps on a hamburger for a few seconds, looks "angry" at the "camera", and then pulls down the next logo, the Series title, like a window shade. Sometimes, it has Ren merely chomping on his hamburger and then giving us an annoyed look, as it then fades to the series logo.
  • The shield fades into a character's head. This was used mostly on Rugrats cartoons, although either Ren or Stimpy's head (sometimes both) was used a few times as well.
  • In 2001, Viacom created the infamous "dubbed version" re-releases of the pre-1994 cartoons, which share the same end card with copyright text chyroned in below. Several of these are still seen on TV and the 90's Nicktoons Golden Collection DVDs.

: The "zooming shield".

Music/Sounds: All the themes from the LT and MM titles.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: Low; it's a popular logo. However, it could be worse for some (esp. the "twanging" sound of the Nick shield) who have heard this music playing in the AAP logo (referring to that company's reprints of the cartoons mentioned here) before the main title appears.

7th Logo

Nicknames: "The New Shield", "The Zooming Bullseye"

Studio Logo
: On a black background, a green center zooms up as some red rings zoom out one-by-one and arrange themselves into the famous "bullseye" backdrop. Then a large, white-and-orange Nick shield with its new logo comes from the center of the screen, zooms up to a huge size, overshooting its mark and then backs up to its usual spot on the bullseye. Then over it, "NICKELODEON CARTOONS" "wipes" onscreen over the shield in the new Nick font (nicknamed Litebulb), and underneath is "PRESENTS" in the same font.

Series Title
: Above the "bullseye" and on the same background is "nicktoons" in its trademark font, and underneath the center is "PRODUCED BY (producer name)." In the center, we see classic clips featuring the character in the cartoon that is about to begin.

Closing Logo: The same concentric circles background as before, but with "nicktoons" above the center of the rings and "That's all, Folks!" tracing itself on the bottom of the bullseye. Snap appears in the center and says, "That's all, folks!".

FX/SFX: All the animation in these logos.

Music/Sounds: A remixed version of "Merrily We Roll Along," arranged by Walter Murphy. Sometimes the sound effects corresponding with the classic clips shown can be heard.

: Current.

Scare Factor: Medium, mainly due to the awkward animation and design on the Nick shield and studio logo.

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