Overriden Productions/Entertainment

Background:Overriden Productions/Entertainment is formed in 1996,and did not have a logo until 1999,and is notable for producing comedy/fun and kids shows and aired it on Jokester from 1997-present.

1st Logo

Logo:We see many shapes moving around randomly (tossing about ala the CTHV 1993 logo). OVERRIDEN flips in and from 1999-2000 PRODUCTIONS flip in at the bottom of it,from 2000-2001 ENTERTAINMENT replaces PRODUCTIONS.

FX:The shapes tossing about,the flipping.

Music/Sounds:The end theme of the show.

Availability:Seen on shows of the time.

Scare Factor:None.

2nd Logo

3rd Logo

4th Logo
(2007-January 16,2009)

Logo:On a sky BG,we see 3 blue brick walls with OVERRIDEN ENTERTAINMENT at the top of it. Then it falls down to the top of the 2nd brick wall and a ball rolls down and crashes the brick wall which also causes the text to fall down completely to the bottom of the screen.

Variant:Theres also a short version,which starts out at the 2nd part of the sound.

FX/Cheesy Factor:Purely CGI animation which looks like the surfaces are shaded without texture,just the colors only.

Music/Sounds:A firework sound without the BOOM part,a sound of a bowling ball rolling followed by a sound where pins are knocked out by a bowling ball during the crash part.

Availability:See 1st logo.

Scare Factor:The sounds may startle you.

5th Logo
(Jan. 16,2009-Jul. 27,2009)

Logo:Essentially the same as the 1994 Fox logo,only 0:05-0:10 of the camera movement is seen and the camera abruptly stops. The searchlights slowly too turned off. The structure now reads:

FX:The Fox logo ruined
Music/Sounds:The Foxtel music from 1998,only 0:04-0:06 of it then abruptly stops and a scratch is heard for the rest of it.

Availability:Common,still saved on the comedy Star Doors only on rearings of season 1.

Scare Factor:Low to medium. Reason:The sound and logo itself may startle you.

6th Logo
(July 27,2009-)

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