Plod Pictures

1st (and only logo)
(1992-1994, 1999)

Plod Pictures - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

Logo: We see Mr Plod's head over the ragdoll's face from the 1994 ragdoll productions logo, underneath there is some text reading 'Plod Pictures' with a small by-line underneath reading 'Where anything can happen'.

FX/SFX: None, it's a still logo.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt from U2's Even Better Than The Real Thing is heard followed by Mr Plod yelling "COME BACK HERE!" (1st Season) "Good, That's The Lot" (2nd Season), "Mr Plod" (3rd Season) and "Oh My Word!" (4th Season).

Availability: Seen on all Noddy episodes from the time, retained on all VHS releases from the show and hopefully should be preserved on future DVD releases.

Scare Factor: Low, it depends on your opinion of Mr Plod suddenly yelling out his quotes, however it's meant to be a funny logo.