ROFLarmy Entertainment

Background: In early 2006, ROFLarmy General (or was it commander? idk lol) Samuel W. Microsoft (more commonly known as Microsoft Sam) decided to create an entertainment division for his ROFLarmy to teach people how to keep safe from an attack, etc.


Logo: On a white back ground we see cLOLuds and we see a ROFLcopter fly in. We then pan down to see ground we see people with LAWLerskates skate on the ground. A ROFLtanker rolls in and starts shooing ZOMGmissles everywhere. A OMGmistle from the ROFLcopter hits the ROFLtanker to make the ROFLtanker stop firing. A LM*Oplane comes in and spins while the ROFLcopter tries to touchdown but gets hit by the LM*O plane, so the ROFLcopter crashes while TDing, along with the LM*Oplane. Out of nowhere, a 9 laser is shot in the BG. It eventually stops on the other side of the BG, causing an explosion in the BG. The explosion brings forth the words "Teh ROFLarmy Presents..." which lands comfterbly in the top part of the screen. After a few seconds, we start going static (because of the explosion). The screen then implodes like a television turning off, ending the logo.

FX: Everything

Music/Sounds: Sound that fit with this logo, and Sam saying "Teh ROFLarmy Presents"

Avalibility: Seen on all ROFLarmy Entertainment YouTube videos.

Scare Factor: None. May startle first-time viewers, but this is plain funny and can get annoying, maybe even boring.

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