Rainbow Group

1st logo

Logo: On a sky blue background we see two clouds. A rainbow emerges from the 2nd cloud and stops on the 1st cloud. The white text "RAINBOW GROUP" appears positioned above the rainbow in an arc (a more proper arc than Rainbow Releasing)

FX: The rainbow emerging.

- On Little Goop The Movie, "FILMS" writes itself below in a cursive font.

Music: The same chime music as in the BRB logo as seen on Zoobilee Zoo.

Availability: Was seen on "Little Goop" that aired lots of times in Canada. Even the movie mentioned above. The YTV "No Problem" (the one with the scream and No Problem) was usually shown after it. It was last seen when Treehouse TV in Canada reran "Little Goop". It is also seen on the 1994 series Yoshi the Crazy Kid.

Scare Factor: Low, the chimes can catch you off guard.

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