Sandra Hawkings

Sandra Hawkings was founded in 1974 as Lorimar Motion Pictures. In 1995, Eyriesink was interested in buying Lorimar from TimeWarner. A lawsuit was filed from TimeWarner to Eyriesink. The lawsuit was settled out of court for five thousand dollars, and Eyriesink bought Lorimar and renamed the company's television division Feline Pheonix, and their motion picture division Sandra Hawkings, after one of the workers that worked at Eyriesink. They got rid of every other division Lorimar had to save money. In 1999, The company's ownership got transfered to MalamiteInk, who still owns Sandra Hawkings and Firestar Productions, which Feline Pheonix got renamed to.

1st Logo

Nickname: "The Signature"

Logo: We see a CGI pink pen come from the top right of the screen. It moves down, then writes the company's name. It disappears, and the logo shines.

Trivia: That's the real Sandra Hawkings' signature in the logo.

Sound Effects: Scribbling noises when the pen writes, and a windchime when the logo shines.

Music: None.

Cheesy Factor: The logo looks like it came from the eighties.

Availability: Ultra-rare. This logo is plastered by the current one on non-MalamiteInk owned channels, and the Sandra Hawkings shows from this era aren't aired that much on MalamiteInk owned channels. You can still find it if you look hard enough, but it would take lots of searching. May soon become Extremely-rare.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Signature in Stone"

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