Something Else Industries

Background: Something Else Industries was originally formed in the summer of 2000. It previously served as a webpage designing company, but after it merged with the record labels/video producers Permanent Records and Congressional Tapes in 2007 (each company collaborated on certain projects and have enacted the merger since 2005), it was re-intergrated as a subsidiary of the newly formed SEI Pictures.
1st Logo
(2000-2005, 2007-)

Logo: It's essentially a still logo, featuring a long white rectangle against a black background with the red text "SOMETHING ELSE INDUSTRIES" Copyright information is beneath the logo.

Variant: Sometimes it features extra text beneath the logo, whether it be an in credit mention of another co-producer or an IAW tag.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Usually none.

Availability: Appears on scattered home movies, school film projects and local TV programs (usually aired in Eastern territories in the US). A bulk of these projects appear on compilation DVDs, which are only available to subscribers or members of the company.

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