Sonic & Kirby Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (Cameroon)

Background: Sonic & Kirby Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is a Cameroonian English-language film production and distribution company founded in July 16, 2012 by two directors Gédéon Sonic and Protais Kirby and the founder Walten the Star Hero (although he's not from Cameroon, he's from the United States).

(July 16, 2012-)
Sonic and Kirby Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (July 16, 2012-)

Nicknames: "S&K", "Where Are Sonic And Kirby?", "Cameroon's Best Hypocritical Logo Ever Made", "The Blatant Theft Of The Wayang Tinggi Entertainment Fanfare"

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: Impressive CGI animation!

Cheesy Factor: Where are Sonic and Kirby? Did they forgot to put them in this logo? Also, shouldn't this deviation be like for the ideal logo?

Music/Sounds: A repetitive synth tune that sounds like you would hear on Ninja The Protector, then a hip-hop beat tune followed by a whoosh when two flares slide around the text, ending with a news-like synth tune...

Music/Sounds Cheesy Factor: ...which it was stolen from the Wayang Tinggi Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. logo.

Availability: Very current. Can be seen on some movies in all of these genres.

Scare Factor: Low, but you may laugh because Sonic and Kirby are not here. You may also laugh at the blatant music theft.

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