SonicBolt Films (Australia)

1st Logo
Nicknames: "Can't You Make Up?", 'The Roadshow Films Ripoff"
Logo: A corner moves. Then it is noticed that a Sonic head is what the corner is part of. When it moves to the right place, SONICBOLT FILMS fades in.
FX: The Sonic head, the corner and the fading in text.
Trivia: In Sonic the Phoenix, this was blatantly copied by a company known as "Enson Video Home", from Argentina.
Cheesy Factor: CHEESE ME! The music was copied from Roadshow Films, the Sonic head was copied from Sonic Team, the fade-in looks simple, the corner is outdated and the text is in British English despite being a company from Australia! Were they on a budget?
Music/Sounds: The Roadshow Films logo, and some whooshes when the Sonic heads move.
Availability: Myth. Some people have claimed to have seen it in older prints of the 1998 movie Sonamy the Movie and the older prints of the 2002 movie Sonic the Phoenix. Newer prints have it replaced by the 2019 logo. Check those older SonicBolt Home Video tapes!
Scare Factor: None. Some people may laugh at the blatant steal of the Sonic Team and Roadshow Films logos.
2nd Logo
Nicknames "The Village Logo"
Logo: Same as the Village Films logo, but the same head from the 1st logo and "SONIC BOLT FILMS" zoom out.
FX: The text and the head.
Cheesy Factor: Better than the first logo, but still copied from Sonic Team
Music: A portion of National Trust, before the CBS/Fox fanfare.
Availability: Rare. Preserved on new prints of Sonic Bolt movies.
Scare Factor: None.