Souls Entertainment

Company created by LogosForTheWin
Logo descriptions by LogosForTheWin and Flake R.
Logo captures by LogosForTheWin

Background: In 1875, a food corporation called The Souls Food Company was found by CLG member LogosForTheWin. In 1885, he created the first motion picture ever: Sitting. It was a 30-second film about a man who walks over to a chair and sits down on it. It became a big hit, and in 1900, LogosForTheWin quit the food business and went into the movie-making business, renaming The Souls Food Company to Souls Entertainment.

1st Logo

The Souls Food Company

Logo: Just the text "The Souls Food Company presents" in Times New Roman font.

FX/SFX: None, unless you count the shaky camera and film scratches.

Cheesy Factor: The basic logo, lack of animation, extremely shaky camera, and loads of film scratches make this one of the cheesiest logos of all time, although it IS the first movie logo ever made, so you've gotta give them credit.

Music/Sounds: None, unless you count the crackles and pops of the film.

Availability: Extremely rare. Was only seen on Sitting, which is extremely hard to find nowadays. The film was last seen on the History of Souls Entertainment DVD, with this logo left intact.

Scare Factor: Medium; the shaky camera, film scratches, and crackles and pops could cause some viewers to think that the film is going to burn up!

2nd Logo

Souls Entertainment 1

Logo: Just the bold, italicized, and underlined text "A Souls Entertainment Production" in Bradley Hand ITC font on a black background.

FX/SFX: Same as the 1st logo.

Cheesy Factor: Same as the 1st logo; again, you've gotta give them credit since it's one of the oldest logos ever.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st logo, but from 1955 to 1980, a piano tune plays.

Availability: Rare, despite running for an amazing 80 years. Can occasionally be found on movies that air on TCM, or on shows that air on TV Land. Check your video tapes and DVDs of old Souls Entertainment shows and movies too.

Scare Factor: Same as the 1st logo, but low for the 1955 version. However, that's nothing compared to the next logo.

3rd Logo

Souls Entertainment 2

Nicknames: "The Jar of Souls", "The Souls of Doom", "The Reason Why I Don't Want to See the End of Fruits and Vegetables", "The Personification of All That is Evil"

Logo: On a black background, we see a lighting bolt strike the middle of the screen. The screen then flashes, the lightning bolt disappears, and there's a jar where the lightning bolt struck. The lid of the jar opens and lays down to the left of the jar, and several ghosts fly out of the jar. Then another lightning bolt comes in and strikes the jar. The screen flashes again, everything disappears, and the red text "Souls Entertainment" appears in Brush Script MT font, sometimes with copyright information below.

FX/SFX: Cool, but creepy animation, done by LogosForTheWin himself.

Music/Sounds: Thunderclap sounds when the lightning bolts strike and the screen flashes, and ghostly wailing sounds when the ghosts are flying out of the jar. A terrifying synth tune plays throughout.

Availability: Uncommon. Can be found at the beginning of all of Souls Entertainment's films from 1980 to 2000, and at the end of the hit comedy series, Fruits and Vegetables.

Scare Factor: High to NIGHTMARE; the black background, creepy visuals and sounds, synth tune, and blood-red text have scared many over the logo's long run.

4th Logo
(2000-December 23, 2010)

Souls Entertainment 3

Nicknames: "The Redone Jar of Souls", "The Redone Souls of Doom", "The Jar of Souls II", "The Souls of Doom II"

Logo: Same as the previous logo, except the logo is redone with CGI and Adobe Flash, and when the screen flashes at the end, the animation freezes, and the white text "Souls Entertainment" appears below (in the same font as the text in the previous logo).

FX/SFX: BREATHTAKING CGI combined with amazing Flash animation and touched with incredible accuracy. Again, all done by LogosForTheWin himself.

Music/Sounds: Clearer thunderclap and wailing sounds, and a better synth tune, done with a more advanced synthesizer.

Availability: No longer current as the company started to use the "SE" logo. Can be found on every Souls Entertainment movie and show starting with Fruits and Vegetables: The Movie and ending with Skills, released on December 23, 2010.

Scare Factor: Low; the logo's still pretty creepy, but with the updated visuals and sounds, it's not nearly as bad as its predecessor.

5th Logo
(December 24, 2010-)
Souls Entertainment 4Souls Entertainment 4 Variant

Nickname: "SE"

Logo: The logo appears with a TV-turning-on effect, then we see a red BG. Suddenly, it folds into a 3D "S" spinning and zooming out to the left on a blue background. When the "S" stops, a dark blue "E" fades in next to it. The words "Souls Entertainment" then fade in next to the "E".

Variant: On Skills: The Series, the background is black, "SE" is in Showcard Gothic font, and "Souls Entertainment" is in Arial font.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: A calm synth tune.

Availability: Current. This logo first appeared on Fruits and Vegetables: A Christmas Special, and will be seen on new Souls Entertainment shows and movies. The variant can be seen on all episodes of Skills: The Series.

Scare Factor: None, this logo is much better than the previous two logos.