Sunn Classic Pictures

1st (?) Logo (1960's-ish)
Nickname: Backwards mixing, Sun
Logo: This is a logo I had in my dream from last night, so here goes: On a grey background, there's a circle with abstract sunrays surrounding it. In the circle, there's stuff (possibly some grey masses) that's constantly morphing for a couple of seconds, until it morphs into the a white circle with the darker word "sun" written in a Eurostile-esque font.
Trivia: There were two mixer beatters on the lower-left half of the logo spinning/"unwhipping" the thing. Funny.
SFX/Cheesy factor: The logo forming, which is much like someone's whipping some kind of food, but backwards.
Music: A trumpet fanfare, that segues into a suspense-ish sounder that finally segues into a french horn sounder when the logo is formed.
Availability: On my dreams last night, remember?
Scary factor: Medium or something. The fanfare might scare some people, unless you're used to 60's fanfares.

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