Super Way Productions

Written And Created By: DerpoNonery3678

Super Way Productions is a company formed in 2000, they didn't have a logo until 2002,
they also redubbed some anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball and all the others

1st Logo

Nicknames: The Zooming Logo
Super Way Productions - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
Logo: We see the letters covered in chrome zooming out one by one to form the word SUPER WAY then Productions fades in.

FX\Chessy Factor: The letters zooming out one by one, the fading.

Music: The End Music Of The Second Key Video Logo Or None

Avalibility: Rare. It only seen in 3 films: The Key Of Magic, Raining Meteors & Collection The Movie.

Scare Factor: Low. The Zooming Out Might Get To Some But It's An Harmless And Clean Logo.

2nd Logo

Nicknames: The Zooming Logo II
Super Way Productions - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
Logo: An Impoved Version Of The First Logo, Only It Rotates While Zooming Out, also SUPER WAY is in a different font & There's a Blob Background With Purple And Blue.

FX: The Zooming Out, The Rotation, much better than before.

Music: Same As Before or None.

Avalibility: Very Common

Scare Factor: None to Low.

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