Background : Surroundoge is a cinema sound system created by Doge Movies Incorporated in 1999 to get the best sound out of their cinema and DVD releases. After it was a massive hit, it was opened for all movie releasing companies. Later, in 2011, Surroundoge partnered with Dolby Digital 5.1 to create Dolby Surroundoge 5.1. In 2015, Dolby and Surroundoge split, and Surroundoge then partnered with THX to deliver to cinemas. Together, they invented THX Immerse, with 150 speakers around the room, in the roof and floor, and a curved 16k screen, for use in cinemas. It was a massive success.


1st Logo(1999 - 2005)

Nicknames : 'Raining Doge’

Logo : On a black screen, we see a water drop fly from the top of the screen. It splashes offscreen. Eventually, more and more water drops begin to fall, before the camera pans to reveal they are all landing on the Surroundoge logo (which is the iconic Doge, with SURROUND in Ariel Bold and doge in Comic Sans in full gold). The logo shines, and then fades to black.

Variants:In cinemas using Surroundoge 5.1, after the fade out, gold text appears saying 'Enjoy this film in extraordinary 5.1 Surroundoge.’ and a bark can be heard echoing around different speakers.

FX/SFX : The water drops falling, the camera panning and the logo shining.

Music : Water dropping, and a quiet flute. When the camera pans, a loud bombastic fanfare is heard along with dogs howling along to the tune, and when the logo shines a bass crash is heard. The water drop sounds are heard at the end when it fades out.

Availability : Scarce. Can be seen on old projector reels, and a few old Surroundoge test DVDs.

Scare Factor : None to medium. It's a very peaceful logo, but the sudden fanfare will give a few frights. It's nothing compared to the next logo though…

2nd Logo(2005 - 2006)
Nicknames : 'The Doge from Hell’, 'DOGE STOP’

Logo : On a black background, red smoke begins to rise. Very quiet dog barks echo around, and a slow viola buildup begins to sound. Then, a silver Doge flys from out of the darkness and lands on the left of the screen, followed by an extremely loud bass crash. The words 'Surroundoge 5.1’ slide out from the side, and a very bombastic fanfare begins to play. On the last note of the fanfare, the logo goes completely black and ends.

FX/SFX : The smoke, the doge flying and the text sliding.

Availability : Uncommon. Some cinemas (despite the logo being pulled) still use it, but most stopped using it because it blew out equipment in cinemas.

Scare Factor : Medium to Nightmare. The eerie darkness, combined with the very loud boom and fanfare will definitely give lots frights. The logo was eventually pulled because it's so loud, it blew some cinema equipment.

3rd Logo(2006 - 2011)
Nicknames : 'Firework Doge’ '4th Of July Doge’

Logo: On a black background, a tiny dot appears in the middle of the screen. The camera zooms in, and it looks like the dot is a yellow spark. Suddenly, it begins to shake, and the spark blows up, creating fireworks around the screen. The camera zooms out as the fireworks get more intense. Then, the sparks all fly together and form the iconic Doge. More sparks appear and form SURROUNDoge. Then, a loud flash turns the logo to gold, before it fades out.

FX/SFX : The sparks exploding, and the camera moving.

Variants :In 2009, Surroundoge created revolutionary 7.1 surround sound technology and the logo was updated to include the new Surroundoge 7.1 logo.

Availability : Common. Cinemas using the Surroundoge 7.1 system play this logo, and it's used on most Surroundoge DVDs and a few Blu-ray. It can also be seen in cinemas after THX Immerse trailer (see below).

Scare Factor : Low to Medium. The loud booms of the fireworks might scare a few, but it's much better then the previous logo.

Dolby Surroundoge
1st Logo
(2011 - 2015)

Nicknames : Countdown, Countdoge

Logo : The same as the Dolby 'Countdown’ logo, but at the end it shows the Dolby DoubleD next to the words Surroundoge 7.1.

FX: See Dolby Countdown.

Availability : Extinct. Was only used when Dolby and Surroundoge were partners, but all cinemas using this technology have moved on to either Dolby Atmos or the THX and Surroundoge partnership program called 'THX Immerse’.

Scare Factor : See Dolby Countdown.
THX Immerse
1st Logo
(2015 -)

Nicknames : The Deep Note Arises, Howl Note

Logo : On a black background, we see a small, blue ball of smoke. Suddenly, it expands, filling almost the entire background and we begin to zoom in through the smoke. As we do, text forms in the top right from smoke, saying 'Extraordinary 16k screen from THX…’ as this fades in as the Deep Note begins to rise. Then, on the bottom right, we see ‘...and the most immersive sound quality from Surroundoge…’ and subtle dog howls begin to add to the Deep Note, making it rise in intensity. Suddenly, the two paragraphs clash together, causing a giant explosion. The camera then zooms quickly forwards to find the THX Immerse logo, and the Deep Note (along with dogs howling) begins to play. A small copyright notice for THX and Surroundoge fades in below. The logo then fades out.

FX : Outstanding CGI from the in-house team of Doge Animated Films.

Availability : Common. Can be found in all cinemas using the THX Immerse system.

Scare Factor : Low to Medium, but High for THXphobians. However, the Deep Note accompanied by dogs howling might calm some people with THXphobia.

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