TVA Media Consortium

Note: These logo concepts made for the TVA Media Consortium are made as fan material, and they're not intended to replace any of the official branding material used by the TVA Media Consortium. Therefore, these concepts are to be treated as unofficial, unless the TVA Media Consortium thinks otherwise. Also, since the TVA Media Consortium possesses a logo-based community such as the CLG Wiki, these concepts may or may not use material from alrady existing logos of several production companies.

Logo Concept #1

Nickname:"The Window", "TVA", "The Tomorrow Entertainment rip-off", "Parallelogram Window Zoom-Out", "Flashing trapezoids"
Logo:We see the dreamy, cloudy background from the 1993 Columbia Pictures logo. A futuristic-looking "TV", with a line drawn across it (ala the Orion Pictures logo) and with the "T" and the "V" connected, zooms out in a similar fashion as the 1986 Tomorrow Entertainment logo, turning the Columbia cloudy background into a plain white background. After the "TV" settles into its position, four trapezoid-like shapes appear flashing one-by-one from top to bottom, forming a stylized, segmented "A". A white horizontal line with the sky-blue words "MEDIA CONSORTIUM" appears flashing at the same time the last of the trapezoid shape appears, completing the logo. After a few seconds, we fade out.

SFX:The "TV" zooming-out, the trapezoids and the text appearing, the background changing.

Cheesy Factor: Just your usual 80's logo animation.

Music: The jingle of the 1986 Tomorrow Entertainment logo, consisting in a synth crescendo followed by four notes accompanied by a synth sounder.

Availability: ?

Scare Factor: Low, as some people might find the music a bit unsettling.

Logo Concept #2

Nickname: "Shadows", "The Reveal", "TVA 2", "Revolving Shadows"

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