TVMKids IDs (Canada)

1st ID (1980-1982)
Nickname: "The Drawing"
ID: We see a kid drawing the text "TVMKids" in a playful font.
FX/SFX: Live action. The kid drawing.
Music/Sounds: A 14 note cheerful synth tune.
Availability: Extinct. Seen at the end of TVMKids shows at the time.
Scare Factor: Low. The drawing may get to some.

2nd ID (1983-1991)
Nickname: "Animals"
ID: We see a random animal doing something followed by the text "TVMKids"
FX/SFX: The animals doing random things and the text shining.
Music/Sounds: A happy synth tune.
Availability: Extinct. Seen at the end of TVMKids shows at the time.
Scare Factor: Minimal to low.

3rd ID (1992-1998)
Nickname: "The Fun Begins"
ID: Depends on the variant. At the end, the text "TVMKids" appears beside the scene.
Variants: Several.
  • Old Elephant: We see an elephant taking a nap until his alarm clock goes off. The elephant jumps out of the chair and yelps. He then stops the alarm.
  • Cheetah and Bear: We see a cheetah getting closer to a bear's cave. The bear jumps out and scares the cheetah. He then laughs.
  • Rapping Dog: We see a dog dancing and rapping to music on a boombox.
  • Fox and Deer: A fox is playing in the forest until he sees the deer. The deer approaches the fox in a playful way. The fox and the deer begin playing with each other.
FX/SFX: 2D animation produced by CINAR (Now Cookie Jar Entertainment).
Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant.
  • Old Elephant: The elephant snoring and yelping, and the alarm going off.
  • Cheetah and Bear: A theme that starts mischevious, then dramatic once the bear scares the cheetah, then a happy tune once the bear starts laughing.
  • Rapping Dog: A 90s hip hop beat with a short "Go Doggy!" chant, then the dog starts rapping "Well I'm a rapping dog and there's something you should know, this is TVMKids and it ain't no joke!"
  • Fox and Deer: Forest ambience along with a joyful tune.
Availability: Rare. The old elephant ident was normally seen after Shining Time Station, the TVMKids original series The Secret Life of Savannah and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The cheetah and bear ident was normally seen after Are You Afraid of the Dark, Ghostbusters, Tom and Jerry, and Looney Tunes. The rapping dog ident was normally seen after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wishbone, and Arthur. The fox and deer ident was normally seen on The Big Comfy Couch, Barney and Friends, Lamb Chop's Play-Along, Wimzie's House, and The Care Bears.
Scare Factor: Depends on the variant.
  • Old Elephant: None to low. The elephant may get to some.
  • Cheetah and Bear: Medium. The bear can scare some viewers.
  • Rapping Dog: Minimal. The dog may surprise some viewers, but it's a funny ID.
  • Fox and Deer: None. This is a really cute ID.

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