Teleuno (Italy)

Note: This page contains Battle For Dream Island (2015-), if you're confused with Battle For Dream Island or never watched the stories on YouTube,we does not support you to read this page

1st logo:

Logo:only a Still logo in a white background with black 'Teleuno' at the center

FX: none

Music/Sounds: Silent
Scare Factor: none,this is a boring logo
2nd logo
Logo: in a blue background, the orange'Teleuno' slowly zooms in,with 'Presenta(means 'presents')' or 'trasmissioni a colori(color broadcasting)' along with the logo and zooming
FX: zooming
Music/Sounds: a horn fanfare,or else its Silent
Scare Factor: Heart Attack for original horn fanfare sound variant,the creepy and loud music and the zooming are make someone uneasy,Low for Silent logo
3rd logo
Logo: same as last logo,but this time,the text were Italic and there was a line at the almost center of the 'Teleuno',similar to Pioneer Entertainment logo
FX: see logo 1
Music/Sounds: a girl announcer says:'si´╗┐ tratta di teleuno, il miglior pubblico radiotelevisivo italiano sul canale 1, trasmesso anche sulla Svizzera, Italia, San Marino, Città del Vaticano, Croazia e Slovenia, follow-up successivo: (program name) (translation: this is teleuno, the best Italian public broadcasting on channel 1, broadcast on Switzerland, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Croatia and Slovenia, subsequent follow-up:)
Scare Factor: none
4th logo
Logo: same as Pioneer Laserdisc logo,but the There was no Pioneer logo,instead,it was replaced with 'Radio Di Slainender Televisione' in Italic zooms in,and the Laserdisc logo was replaced with Teleuno at the last logo
FX: read Pioneer EntertainmentThis is a featured page
Music/Sounds: read Pioneer Entertainment
Availability: Rare
Scare Factor:Low
5th logo
Logo: in a Orange Sparkle background,we see the left top of OrangeTeleuno from the last logo pans down to the center,then we see a back side of the BlueTeleuno,and finally,we zoom out the green Teleuno zooms out,when the logos stops,it become gold
Variant: at theofficial10th year anniversary year(1987) at the below of the logo,a text said '10 anni di grande memoria' which means '10 years of the great memory'
FX: great CGI
Music/Sounds:the flute tune which make it calm.
Availability: Rare
Scare Factor: none
6th logo
Logo: in a blue space background, the red with orange outline shooting from the top,the neon teleuno in a glass slowly rises up,the laser follows the neon,then the purple with sparkles joins,the camera reseals the logo,and then the logo flashes,the logo turn 3d and white
FX: top notch CGI in 90's
Music/Sounds: same as early BBC video logo
Availability: Rare
Scare Factor: Low,due the neon
7th logo

Logo: in a Live-Action video,the Logo reseals itself with 'Mirror reflect' effect at the left

FX: nice live action
Music/Sounds: Clam tune which it fits the live action,allowed by a Dreamy 'Whoosh', it was similar to La7 2009 logo
Availability: Common
Scare Factor: none
8th logo
Logo:in a Live-Action video,the logo reseals by many colored glasses,allowed by a shine to reseal the logo
FX: Still nice live action,but if the next logo was a live action again,it may be very boring
Music/Sounds: Dreamy tune
Availability: Common
Scare Factor: None,this is a very boring logo
9th logo
(2013-October 2015)
Logo: in a Orange background,many of flowers glow up and form out a logo used from last logo
FX: top notch CGI
Music/Sounds: Dreamy tune
Availability: Common
Scare Factor: None
10th logo
(October 2015-)
Logo: This is a Muti-Logo,please watch variants for the information
Variant: here is the following which used in this logo:
Reflectinglasers:In a White Mall, Teardrop (from Battle For Dream Island) pops up at the door and shoots red and orange outlined laser with her finger, Coiny (also from Battle For Dream Island)dodges the lasers, Firey(also from Battle For Dream Island) sets the mirrors to reflect the lasers,resealing the Red Teleuno logo
The Drawing pencils:In a White Background: Carpenter's Pencil (Fan Make) points himself to show Pencil(also from Battle For Dream Island),he flips over and the camera cross Pencil,and the Grey Teleuno logo was shown(if you're look carefully,Pencil was clapping his hand)
Flying Star Cross the sky: in the sky background,we see Shooting Star (Fan Make) and Leafy(also from Battle For Dream Island) rides on her, and cross out the clouds, forms the white Teleuno Logo
Liquid Nitrogen syringe: in a Park background, Gelatin(also from Battle For Dream Island again) is confused and walk around the logo,then he pull out the Syringe and slabs the logo,causing the logo freezes,and the white Teleuno logo was seen
Rocky Boat:In a sky background and sea,we see Rocky (Battle For Dream Island) stands at a little Rock-like boat which it spills some brown liquid,the camera pans up and turns the sea into the white background and the Teleuno was in middle,reseal the logo in black
FX: Top Notch CGI,but its very silly
Trivia: This logo was Designed by StudioRocky.Inc
Music/Sounds: thechimesmusic which make it calm
Availability: current
Scare Factor: Low,if you're did't like Battle for dream island