Train Pig Films/New Age Films

Train Pig Films

Nicknames: "The Tunnel" "Rocket Pig"

Logo: We start off in a black background, then many many small rectangles zooms toward us. The small rectangles combine a picture, which is a tunnel floating in the sky. Many laser lines form train tracks. Then from nowhere, 2 rockets, each with a pig riding them goes through the tunnel across the screen. Then the camera follows them into a gray sky background, the rockets crash into the middle of the screen causing fireworks ala Lorimar-Telepictures. The pigs jumped out of the rockets just in time, and they move back into the tunnel and move around in circles, forming a gray circle shield. A lazer then draws a circle around the shield, forming a banner. A couple rockets pass by again, spinning the banner around. When the banner stops spinning around, we see "
Train Pig Films" on the banner. After the entire logo is completed, the shield shines.

  • The Television variation starts off in the part where the couple of rockets pass by again forming the text in the shield, but the shield says "Train Pig Television" Instead.
  • The Television Distribution version takes place in a chamber, with torches. The camera pans through a small tunnel, when it reaches the end of the tunnel, the camera rapidly zooms and spins around to the logo, pans to the front of the logo, then zooms back, to reveal the shield around a pole, inside a futuristic chamber with glass mirrors all over the chamber. The shield says "Train Pig Television Distribution" It can be seen on 2009-2012 episodes of "The Real Full House" Which is a revival of the Full House show from 1987-1995.

: The entire logo forming.

Music: We hear a synth fanfare that is similar to the NFL on FOX theme, with some explosions, rockets launching, lazers shooting.

Availability: It can be seen on any movie or TV show Silversword55 produces, including "Silver Slugger" which is a show about a fictional High school baseball team becoming a dynasty, and "Red Alert" which is a crime/police/drama/thriller film. Among made up shows.

Scare Factor: Median to High. The loud synth plus the rockets crashing will cause a few scares.

2nd Logo

Nicknames: "The Tunnel v2"

It has everything the previous logo has, but it starts with a blue sky background, with light rays and rockets shooting up. Hence, the day version of the 1st logo.

Variations: All of the television versions remain intact.

SFX: See logo 1.

Music: Same as Logo 1.

Availability: Again, same as above.

Scare Factor: Again, same as logo 1.

3rd Logo

Nicknames: "The Satellite"

Logo: We start off in space, with the earth below. A rocket passes by, then we start following the rocket. the rocket goes inside a tube, with train tracks. The rocket then moves really, really fast, on to Earth. When the rocket is inside the Earth, we see a flash. When the flash fades away, there is a sunset, and a golden sky. The rocket still goes down rapidly, and almost crashes to the trees at the forest, but it gained back control. It flies above the forest. Ahead, there was a sattelite, turning it's dish by itself. While that happens, a lazer from the satellite draws the familiar Train Pig Films Logo, except it's a globe with a ring around it (Think Saturn.) "
Train Pig Films" starts popping out from the inside of the ring. When "Pig" pops out of the ring, an explosion happens behind it, it was the rocket self destructing. After the logo was completed, 4 searchlights criss-cross the logo. Then a 5th searchlight swoops on to us, making the screen white (ala Fox Searchlight). The white BG, fades to black.

  • The Television version of the logo starts with the shield already formed, but without the words popping out. This time, "Train Pig Television" pops out of the ring. No explosion from the rocket.
  • The TV distribution is the same as the Television variant. This time, "Distribution" is added.

SFX: The satellite laser forming the logo.

Music: A slow paced piano tune when the logo starts. The tune goes faster paced as the logo goes on, and a patriotic fanfare is added at the end.

Availability: If you saw the previous logos, you'd know.

Scare Factor: Low to Median because of the hideous satellite.

Train Pig Animation
1st Logo

"Magic Pencil"

Logo: On a white marble background similar to Lorimar Television (1988-1993) We see a hand holding a pencil (that hand belonged to me). The hand then drew the familiar Train Pig shield, in just 50 Seconds. The hand then grabs a red colored pencil, and colored it in 50 seconds. The hand then gets the pencil again and drew "TRAIN PIG ANIMATION."

SFX: The pencil drawing the logo.

Music: A modified, extended version of the Paramount "Closet Killer Music." (50 notes preceded the typical Closet Killer music, and the very last note of the original Closet Killer music was held 2x longer

Availability: Can be seen on the beginning of "Voltron Meets Transformers" TV Movie and the shorter version (which starts with the Train Pig shield getting colored. appears on "ET: The Animated Series"

Scare Factor: Median for the people who were scared of the original closet killer music. Otherwise, harmless.

Train Pig Television

1st Logo

Logo: Same as the Train Pig Films 1st logo, but it starts with the 2 rockets passing by the shield, causing the banner to spin around, and form
"Train Pig Television" which is placed on it.

SFX: Same as 1st logo of Train Pig Films 1st logo

Music: Often, it's the show's theme, but on "Tekken, The Series", and "Silver Slugger", it was the short version of the current NFL on CBS theme, which can be heard here.

Availability: Very Common.

Scare Factor: Depends for the version with the shows ending music, None to Low for the NFL on CBS theme.

New Age Films

Nicknames: "The Spinning/Growing/Disappearing Globe"

Logo: We see a yellow globe (identical to Worldvision Enterprises' just without the W) spinning around in a blue background. Then "New Age Films" in a yellow, Marcelle font, writes itself. Then the globe grows larger and disappears. "A Train Pig Enterprises Company" fades below "New Age Films"

SFX: The globe disappearing, the drawing of "New Age Films"

Music: A sad sounding music, then after the logo is completed, a happy, bombastic fanfare.

Availability: At the end of movies produced by Train Pig Films.

Scare Factor: Median, because of the music.

Broadcasters International

Nicknames: "The Spinning/Growing/Disappearing Globe"

Note: This is the international (TV and Film) arm of Train Pig Enterprises, which owns all of Train Pig Films/Television/TV Distribution/Animation, and New Age Films.

Logo: Same as New Age Films, only "Broadcasters" replaces "New Age Films", and "International" appears in front of us, and zooms back to place itself under "Broadcasters", letter by letter. Also, the animations seems to go MUCH faster than the New Age Films logo.

Variant: There was a variant seen after the new "Double Dare" on Nickelodeon, that after the logo is formed, the entire logo zooms back, 3 lines draw in, and a byline flashed in below. the byline looked like this

(C) 2010 Train Pig/JH Pictures Inc.



SFX: Same as New Age Films + "International" appearing and zooming back letter by letter.

Music: Same as New Age Films

Availability: Any international movie or show produced/distributed by Train Pig Films or Television.

Scare Factor: High, because of the faster pace than the New Age Films logo.

New Age Home Entertainment

1st logo

Nicknames: "The Morphing Globe" "Circle Stripes" "NAHE"

Note: New Age Home Video Is the Home Entertainment arm of Train Pig Enterprises.

Logo: In a Scarlet, sky BG with mountains, We see the yellow globe from the New Age Films, and Broadcasters International logo, spinning around, until 3 beams of light cross through it. The globe then splits, and morphs into "NAHE." in the same Marcelle font. 5 yellow, small, thin lines circle the logo, creating 4 circle stripes in the process. "New Age Home Entertainment" Also in a marcelle font, fades in, and "A Train Pig Enterprises Comany" in the same font, fades in on the bottom of the screen.

SFX: The globe splitting, and morphing to NAHE, circle stripes being formed around the logo.

Music: Air playing in the background, then when the globe splits, a tune exactly like the LBS jingle of 1989-1992 plays, but deeper and slower. The last note of the LBS 1989 jingle is extended until the logo ends.

Availability: On any shows and movies owned by Train Pig Enterprises on DVD.

Scare Factor: None. It's very calming.

2nd logo

Nicknames: "The (Other) Watery Stage" "NAHE"

Logo: In a scarlet, aquatic background, we see bubbles coming from the bottom of the screen, flying up through the screen, which forces the camera to pan upstairs, out of the water, revealing a stage identical to the CBS Television Distribution one, except that appears to be flooded. The NAHE logo, which is the same one from logo 1, crashes the stage wall, and zooms in until it stops mid way to the screen. "A Train Pig Enterprises Comany" crashes another wall, and places itself under the NAHE logo.

SFX: Great, and I mean GREAT CGI.

Music: A re-ochrestrated version of the LBS jingle form 1987-1989.

Availaibility: Same as logo 1. Train Pig Enterprises often likes to mix it up, and use both logos.

Scare Factor: None.

Prime Time Communications

1st logo

Logo: In a night sky background, 2 searchlights swoop through the screen, and "Prime Time" zooms in to the screen, and "Communications" fades in. "Prime Time" is in a weird cursive font, and "Communications" is in a futuristic font. both text are metallic blue.

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