TriStar Pictures 3-DVD

1st Logo:
Nicknames: "90's Pegasus In 3-D" "TriStar 90's"
TriStar 3DVD
Logo: We see a blue 3-DVD symbol flying around. Then a bright flash
draws the current TriStar Pegasus, a BLUE laser carves the word
"3-DVD", and a Gold flash wipes the word "TRISTAR" above the Pegasus
and 3DVD symbol. Then the Pegasus jumps out of your screen.
  • Starting in 2009, shortly After "3-DVD" fades in, a byline fades on the screen, saying, "A SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT company".
Music\Sounds: The current Tristar fanfare, and when the Pegasus flies out of the screen, we hear the Pegasus whine.

Music Variant: 1984 Tristar Fanfare.
FX: All great CGI!
Cheesy Factor: N-O-N-E! So much CGI going around!
Availability: Current, first seen on The Samurai Jacob 3-DVD release.
Scare Factor: Low, because of the Pegasus jumping out.