Tweenies Productions

1st Logo


2nd Logo

Nicknames: "Out of Time", "The Spookiest Tweenies Logo", "The Loud "OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!" Sound That Destroyed the Company", "The reason I don't want to see the end of Milo's Space Race: The Series", "The Personification of All That is Evil"

Logo: We see the scene where time has run out in the Milo's Space Race game, then at the end, the Tweenies logo appears with "PRODUCTIONS, LTD." under it.

Variant: In 2004, there's a byline saying in gold letters "A Tweenies Company".

FX/SFX: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The loud "OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!" sound from the game with a random Tweenie (Jake, Bella, Milo or Fizz) telling us that we're out of time.

Availability: Seen on Milo's Space Race: The Series wherever Max (a character from the Tweenies and who works the shows produced by the company) decides the rerun the series.

Scare Factor: High to NIGHTMARE, the loud sound may freak some out, especially those who don't like Milo's Space Race or Milo's Space Race: The Series.

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