U.S.A. Home Video/Entertainment

Editions by Flake R.

Background: If USA Home Video is still here, this is the solution.

2nd logo

Logo: We see the words zooming out:

- - -

then "U.S.A" shines.


Music/Sounds: A WHOOSH followed by a synth beat.

Availability: Ultra rare, seen on VHS releases until 1993.

Scare factor: Low, the animation is boring, but the music is cool. But somewhat will change on the next logo...

3rd logo

Nicknames: "90's Flag", "Flag of Doom", "CGI Flag", "Yet Another Explosion on Space", "Super Scary Flag", "The Reason for why people run on old U.S.A Home Video releases"

Logo: Against an space BG, an explosion occurs. Then an american flag flips into his place. When the flag stops, the words "U.S.A Home Video" zooms in below the flag. In a few seconds, the WHOLE logo fades out to black!

FX: BREATHTAKING CGI compared to the 2nd logo!

Cheesy Factor: Cheese Me! The explosion is very cheesy for the early 90's.

Music/Sounds: An ultra loud explosion sound, then it's silent.

Availability: Seen on VHS releases starting in 1993 and DVDs starting in 2001.

Scare factor: High to NIGHTMARE due to the explosion and sound. It's also known as one of the most scariest logos ever made with the Globe Video "Exploding Globe". Low for these who are used to seeing it.

4th logo

Nicknames: "2000's Flag", "Boring Flag", "Flag of Boredom"

Logo: We have the 3rd logo (this time not animated) remaked. The flag and words "shines".

Variant: Starting on 2005, "ENTERTAINMENT" replaces "VIDEO".


Music: None.

Availability: Seen on older DVD's of the era.

Scare factor: NONE, it's a welcome change from the scary Flag of Doom!!!

5th logo

Nicknames: "2010's Flag", "Waving Flag", "CGI Flag II"

Logo: We have the US flag waving in a black screen, and it has USA Home Entertainment.

FX/SFX: The flag waving, all CGI.

Sounds: None or a wind blowing sound.

Availability: Current. Seen on brand new DVD's of the era.

Scare factor: None for the silent variant. For the variant which has the wind blowing, it pushes to the low territory.

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