Background: A fictional what-if scenario, if MTE merged with Universal to continue on their TV movies, which made UTE. This is what I think the logo would look like

1st logo

Logo: On a starry background, we see the planet earth spinning around. Soon, the text "UTE" fades in, with the text rising up vertically. After the logo is displayed, the earth fades out, leaving the text by itself with the stars. It has the byline "A Universal Company" underneath the text as well.
Music/Sounds: The third MTE logo music or a soft, melody tune with sounds of nature

Variant: Sometimes, the earth does not fade out, freezing right when the text appears
A shortened version of this exists, starting when the text is already there

Availability: Uncommon, but becoming rare. It can be seen on numerous TV movies released by Universal during this period but after that, Universal ended UTE and started plastering the logo over. Still survives on some prints of the movies though.

Scare Factor: None, unless the music creeps you out

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