Ubuntu Pictures

Background:Ubuntu Pictures is founded as a film division of Ubuntu Productions.

1st Logo
(February 13,2005-May 5,2010)
May 2006
Logo:On a black BG,we see the Circle of Friends symbol spinning in 3D. Then it stopped spinning. The logo turns 3D to 2D and the black background switched to a white background. "ubuntu" in its logo font fades in,then "pictures" in the same font fades in at the bottom of it. Then we fade out.



Availability:First seen on Ubuntu:An Adventure,released February 14,2005,even though it was created the day before.

Scare Factor:None.

2nd Logo
(May 5,2010-October 2046?)
June 12,2010
Logo:On a white BG,the Circle of Friends symbol,in white,in a orange circle,zooms out. Then,"ubuntu" in the current logo font,fades in. Then "pictures" in the same font fade in. Then we fade out.

FX:The zooming,the fading.

Music/Sounds:Still silent.

Availability:Current,first seen on Ubuntu:A Change,released May 5,2010.

3rd Logo
(October 2046?-forever)
January 2050
Logo:On a dark grey BG,we see the text "ubuntu" it the April 2010 rebrand font. Then we fade out.

FX:None,except for the whole logo fading in and out.

Music/Sounds:A whoosh.

Availability:Will be seen on future releases such as Zesty Friends.

Scare Factor:Medium to High. The unexpected whoosh can scare many viewers,even though its not as scary as the THX Deep Note.

4th logo
(April 9, 2046)
Logo: On a blue background, we see the word "ubuntu" in gray fade in with The Circle of Friends beside it popping up. Then it shrinks like a TV going off in a cartoon.

FX: The word Ubuntu fading in, and The Circle of Friends popping up.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh, then a ding.

Availability: Only appeared on Ubuntu: A Rescue.

Scare Factor: Median;the whoosh may catch some viewers off guard.

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