Union Shield

Background: Union Shield was the second name of the syndication division of the Gummi Bear Broadcasting Service(GBBS) Television Network, formerly known as GBBS Films (not to be confused with the "current" GBBS Films, the new film production company of GBBS Corporation) and GBBS Enterprises, Inc. In 1971, it was reincorporated as Union Shield Enterprises. In 1973, it was spun-off because it was against Your Mom's Regulations(YMR) for a television network to distribute its programs under its own name. Union Shield Productions was formed one year later. The company was popular during the 1970s and 1980s, distributing GBBS shows such as I Love Mary and Max-a-million. In later years, they distributed shows from LOL, Hax Productions, Kaboom Wai, Heavy Weapons Guy/Bowser Koopa, and Scout-Goomba among others, as well on most movie releases from Hallnerd Hall of Failure, I Hate Mondays Entertainment, several films from Snikwad Films, Old World, and Big Diaper, among others, until they formed their own syndication companies. In 1976, the company formed "Union Shield International, Inc." for distributing programs overseas. In 1986, Union Shield was bought and re-incorporated by cinema company Awesomeface Amusements. On January 1, 1990, Union Shield changed its print logo for the first time in 14 years. In 1994, Union acquired House On A Hill Communications and folded Union Shield Enterprises into House On A Hill Domestic Television (now GBBS Television Distribution). One year later, the Union Shield Enterprises logo of the era was reincorporated to "Union Shield Productions" with an updated variant, and would remain until 1999, receiving a new logo to reflect the company's new status after having merged with former parent company GBBS. The 1999-2004 Union Shield logo would be its last as the final two series to end under the Union Shield Productions name would be Notnerb: The Pre-Teenage Scientist and Do Your Work!. The new millennium brought serious financial troubles to the company, and as a result, the production unit was folded into House On A Hill Network Television (now GBBS Television Studios) as well in 2004. House On A Hill took control of the remaining Union Shield-produced series in 2005. On December 31 of that year, Union Shield was renamed "GBBS Corporation", ceasing to exist officially. The "new" Union Shield was also established on December 31 of that year as well from the international arm as the holding company for House On A Hill Pictures, R&RMC Networks, Teh Uberz Networks, and the companies they own, just to name a few. Today, most of previous Union Shield-distributed TV productions are distributed under GBBS Television Distribution (formerly GBBS/House On A Hill Domestic Television).

1st Logo:

Logo: On a black background, a white "Uni" slides from the right and stops when it reaches the side of the screen. A white "on", "Shi", and "eld" does the same thing. They merge together to form a shield with a blue field on the top of it and the rest being red and white stripes. The white words "Union Shield" appear on the blue field. The black BG then turns white.

FX: Look at the logo description.

Music/Sounds: Thumps when the words slide down the screen, then a Patriotic fanfare when the shield is formed.

Avalibility: Exctinct from television.

Scare Factor: Low, the fanfare may scare some first-time viewers. But it gets worse...

2nd Logo:

Nicknames: Shield of/from Doom/Hell/Death, Union Shield's Personifacation of all that is Evil, The Reason I Don't Like to Watch Seasons 2-5 of I Love Mary, Mountanious Shield, Big Shield, Zooming Shield, Union Shield the Menace, Killer Shield, Shield of Final Judgement, Shield of Armageddon, Shieldpocalypse, Psycho Shield, Attack of the Killer Shield, Will You Back Off!?, Growing Shield, A Nightmare on Union Shield Street

Logo: On a light blue background, the fully formed shield from the last logo, except with a gold border, a gold ribbon across the middle of the shield reading "Presentation", and an "A" (looks like someone doesn't know how to spell! Hahaha!) in the blue part of the shield to the left of "Union Shield" zooms in from the center of the screen. When it reaches the point it nearly takes up the screen, the screen suddenly goes black, with the shield still moving closer.

FX/SFX: Logo.

Music: A short patriotic fanfare. For Network TV, the closing theme of the show or TV movie would play over the logo. In other cases, the closing theme of the show or movie plays or nothing plays.

Availability: Rare bordering on uncommon.

Scare Factor: High to Nightmare for the regular version, and high for the Network TV and "Other Cases" variants.

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