Uzamaki Productions

Background: Uzamaki Productions is a Japanese company that was founded by Narutou Uzamaki (not the ninja guy!) in 1984 and was headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its English variant is headquartered in Harlan, KY, behind Walmart. It is famous for adapting the anime series based on the American cartoon/video game/book franchises. In 2001, Uzamaki Productions acquired Cute Little Alien Productions for more bigger purpose.

1st Logo

Nicknames: "How I Met Musashi", "Musashi!", "Holy Smokes!", Banned Logo"

Logo: On the pink background, the words "UZAMAKI PRODUCTIONS" in yellow zooms up to the center. Then Musashi jumps up at the top of it and the logo shines three times.

  • In 1985, the background was green and "UZAMAKI PRODUCTIONS" was white. Also, Musashi had black hair and dark brown skin.
  • On the anime adaption of Halloween is Grinch Night (2012), the background is black, "UZAMAKI PRODUCTIONS" is red, and the logo zooms in faster a la Viacom's V of Doom. Additional text "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" fade below the logo. Also, Musashi is replaced with Pinchface from the Nickelodeon Pinchface bumper
  • On some episodes, Musashi's hair is green.

FX/SFX: Logo zooming in, Musashi jumping, the logo shining.

  • The original version of this logo was banned from TV after the original airing of the Squirrel Girl episode "Going Nuts", due to racial stereotyping. On reruns of this episode, the 1986 logo is used. The original logo was still seen on the pilot episode in the 2010 DVD of Squirrel Girl: The Complete First Season, however.
  • Musashi was a main character on the Japanese live-action/anime series Dominique (1987-1999).
  • Musashi later appeared in the 1998 video game, Brave Fencer Musashi.

Music/Sounds: Usually, Musashi says "Wowsers!" (a reference to the animated series Inspector Gadget), but it depends on the variant.
  • On the original version of this logo, Musashi says "Free Hamburgers!" (a reference to the Popeye the Sailor cartoon "Penny Antics")
  • On one episode of Squirrel Girl, Musashi says "They're magically delicious!" (a reference to the Lucky Charms commercial)
  • On the anime adaption of Halloween is Grinch Night (2012), the Worldivision music without a whoosh followed by Pinchface saying "I AM NOT MUSASHI!" (a reference to the Rugrats episode "In the Dreamtime") and laughs in the high-pitched voice.
  • On the Japanese anime series Humongous Friends (2011), Musashi says "It's gonna be lots of fun staying at your house Uncle Sucker!" (a reference to the Rugrats episode "The Joke's on You").

Availability: The 1985 variant was seen only on the pilot episode of Squirrel Girl and the Squirrel Girl episode "Going Nuts" (Season 1, Episode 1). The 1986 variant can be seen on many of Uzamaki's TV shows from the era.

Scare Factor: None for the standard version. Musashi is the favorite of many. High to NIGHTMARE for the Halloween is Grinch Night variant!

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