VVD (Germany)

Background: VVD (initials of "Videokassette von Deutschland", which translates to "Videotape of Germany") was founded in 1990 to distribute German dubs of Hanna-Barbera shows when strict German laws were lifted after the Germanys were reunited. The name was kept well into the DVD era but was forced to close in 2010 due to piracy.

1st logo

Logo:On a marble background,we see a laser carving a videotape.Then it fades into a scanimated videotape,VVD in a orange crayonish font zooms out. Videokassete von Deutschland fades in with a Times New Roman font.

Variants:We see the finished logo,then it slides away to reveal Merkmal
Präsentation(Feature Presentation in german) In a chiseled 3d bronze font
FX/SFX:90's animation

Music/Sounds: A chorus when the laser carves the videotape.Then some synth music to the VVD zooming out and at the end some flute song.

Music/Sounds Variations:On the Feature Presentation variant,it has a rock song.

Scare Factor:Low to Medium.

2nd logo
Logo:On a space background,we see the VVD text in 3d zooming in from the upper left corner.Then it shines.

FX:Really nice 90's Animation

Music/Sounds:A bass humming then a 9 note piano song then a chorus.

Availability:Rare.But can be found on some German prints.

Scare Factor:Low,the darkness and the giant VVD may be scary.

3rd logo(last logo)

Logo:On a water background we see lots of gray cubes zooming out then DVDs,CDs and VHS tapes zoom out and fit on the cubes.Then the cube turns into a sphere and zooms in revealing a spotlight background with the VVD logo in 3d.
FX:Really nice animation with awesome lights ripple effects and 3D.
Variations:From 2005 VVD stopped making VHS tapes.So the logo at the end maked room for the DVD logo.
Music/Sounds:Same as before but reorchestrated.
Scare Factor:None.