Van Beuren Films

Van Beuren Films started in 1928 as Van Beuren Studios. In 1936 they decided to close, however, before they could do that, Malamute decided to buy the company, basically for the rights of their characters Tom And Jerry. Malamute closed the studio's United States headquarters, and moved the company to Canada. Amadee Van Beuren was outraged, and moved out of the studio, leaving Louise McKee to run the company. Amadee passed on soon after. In 1955, the company was hit by hard times, and Malamute wanted to sell it. They were not very lucky, as no one wanted to buy this studio because it was based in Canada, and people thought Canadian-based studios were not big money makers. (Which was somewhat true, due to Sommerville Studios in Calgary cranking out low-quality cartoons with no intentions of making anything off of them.) The studio barely managed to survive through the fifties and the sixties.

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