Vids 4 Kids

Background: Vids 4 Kids was created in 2000 by Marie Stringman when she wanted to compete with Videos 4 Kid-E-O-s. Both companies ended in 2010.
1st Logo (2000-2010)
Nicknames: "Kitty Cat Race""
On a white background, we see 7 purple cats racing to a finish line, they all tumble and fall across the finish line. They all meow and the text VIDS 4 KIDS Is shown.

FX/SFX: The animation of the cats running and tumbling. And the cats meowing at the end.
Cheesy Factor: Low, the animation looks a bit choppy.
Availability: Common. It was found on some tapes of kiddie shows, and found on Nick Jr. And Noggin shows.
Scare factor: None to Minimal. The sound of the cat meowing could be slightly jarring. Also, the cats are purple, which is weird.