Vietnam Video Studios

Logo descriptions and videos by SnowflakesOmega

Background: This Vietnamese video company distributes unknown/low-mid budget films made in Vietnam on DVD, VCD and Blu-Ray.

1st Logo

Vietnam Video Studios (1994)
Nicknames: "Stealing The Spotlight", "The Moving VHS Tape And It's Friends", "The Personification Of All That Is Cheesy", "Fake VHS I"

Logo: On a black background, we see the words "Vietnam Video Studios", in a yellow-ish color fading in. There's moving red and yellow particles (representing the Vietnam flag) on the text. It then rotates to face the camera, as a VHS tape appears out of nowhere and starts moving around. Some sparkles then appear, who go to the left and dissapear. The VHS tape also moves out to dissapear. A weird shape, who appears to be facing to the top, zooms in below. When the text is finally facing the words, "Trên Tivi Của Bạn" (Vietnamese for "On Your TV") zooms out and goes to the right side to dissapear.

FX/SFX: The text turning, the VHS tape moving, the sparkles, the shape zooming in, and the text zooming out.

Cheesy Factor: To be fair, this logo was animated in Vietnam, but it's pretty primitive and cheap for the time, even for today. The idea of a VHS appearing and doing random movements after the logo fades in, and sparkles and the weird shape appearing is very crazy since they're not doing any things that appear to make sense in the logo. (I think they were trying to be funny.) Also, the VHS looks EXTREMELY fake; it looks like they've placed a VHS pic on it to look like it's real!

Music/Sounds: A calming theme, which is taken from the copyright screen before the Fil A Film logo.

Availability: Extremely rare. Their earliest VHS prints containing it are out-of-print and only preserved by tape fans.

Scare Factor: Low, but you'll laugh at how the entire cheap (and non-sensical) thing looks!

2nd Logo

Vietnam Video Studios (1996)

"Home Video Formats", "Here's A Better Logo Idea", "Fake VHS II", "Fake VHS, VCD and LaserDisc"

Logo: On a gray/black gradient background, we see the VCD logo zooming in while rotating, as a CD moves from left to right while flipping. The VHS logo then appears zooming to us while rotating, just like the VCD logo did, and a VHS tape (the same from before) is seen falling down. The Laserdisc logo is next, which moves from left to right while getting closer to us, and a Laserdisc appears on the right and the logo follows it. We see nothing for a second, then the word "Vietnam" appears and places off-center. The words "Video" and "Studios" appear and move to form the stacked "Video Studios". The VCD, VHS and Laserdisc appear and place behind the text after a few seconds. The camera zooms on the VHS.

All the animation.

Cheesy Factor: This logo isn't nonsensical as before, but still, it's primitive and cheap. We see the same "fake" VHS, and also there's the VCD and Laserdisc, which are also fake. The animation of the words are cheap and choppy. Also, you can see the VCD protude on the right side before the animation starts (even if your TV has a safe area), and the Laserdisc logo is briefly seen when the VHS finishes zooming. The music doesn't seem to fit the animation a bit as well.

Music/Sounds: A combination of the early KPBS and Emmeritus Productions jingles.

Availability: Very rare. More common than the previous logo, but still hard to find. Half of their releases from the time are out-of-print, the rest aren't.

Scare Factor: Low, due to the fast pace and zoom-in to the VHS at the end.

3rd Logo

Vietnam Video Studios (1999)

Nicknames: "Home Video Formats II", "Fake VHS III"

Logo: The concept is quite similar to the previous. We see a cloudy blue background, with a metallic VHS logo rotating and placing itself at the left side. The VHS from the previous logos is seen rising up while rotating vertically. The VHS logo dissapears and a golden VCD logo zooms out and rotates, to place to the right side. A CD appears, zooming to the camera until it fills the screen and fades out. The word "Vietnam", which is in a red/yellow gradient color and made of horizontal lines, zooms out, rotates to see the camera and places at the left side. Meanwhile, "Video" and "Studios" appear and move just like before to form the stacked "Video Studios". The VHS falls down and places behind the text, and then the CD, which places after it. The camera zooms in and rotates to the right a bit.

FX/SFX: All the animation, which shares similarities with the previous logo.

Cheesy Factor:
It's better than the previous, but the animation is still primitive/cheap/choppy and i think the designers like to use fake CGI versions of home video formats.

Music/Sounds: Same as before. It seems to fit this more than the previous logo.

Availability: Very rare, and the company didn't produce DVDs at the time, but it can still be found on their VHS/VCD releases throughout the early 00's. Some of them are out-of-print, so watch out.

Scare Factor:
Minimal to low, since the camera doesn't zoom in at the VHS this time, but the zoom-in of the VCD at the 1st half can catch someone off-guard if they're not expecting it.

4th Logo

Vietnam Video Studios (2003)

Nicknames: "Home Video Formats III", "Now We Have Just A Fake CD!", "Where's The VHS?"

Logo: On a blue/green background, we see a dark CD spinning while rotating to face us, and starts to become more brighter while it does so. Before it finishes placing, the metallic VCD and DVD logos are seen flying to the bottom of the screen and dissapearing. After that, the disc emits blue light rays which move to the camera, and a flash occurs, making the screen black. The black screen cuts to a red/orange background which looks like the one from before. There's yellow lights covering it, and they start to go away to reveal the words "Vietnam", "Video" and "Studios" in their familiar places. "Video" and "Studios" are more metallic than before. Behind them, the CD appears and moves to the center while flipping horizontally. The CD starts to fall down as "Vietnam" zooms to us while emitting yellow light rays. "Video" and "Studios" then start to move away, while the letters of "Studios" are rotating.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Good CGI. Well, it's still improving but it still has cheesy things. The CD is still FAKE, and why the flash brings up a black screen instead of bringing us the 2nd half of the logo? That's just weird. The music is kind of cheesy as well.

Music/Sounds: A techno remix of the 2nd logo's music. Notice that the bells play more faster and the whole thing it's more energetic.

Availability: Uncommon. Can be seen on Vietnamese VCDs and DVDs from the era.

Scare Factor:
None to minimal. The music and flash may surprise you.


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