WDE Channel

Background: WizardDuck Entertainment (parent company of WizardDuck Films, KWDE-TV channel 26 in Denver and WDUK-TV channel 21 in Orlando) founded a cable channel named "WDE Channel". It is programmed as a general entertainment channel carrying off-network shows, cartoons, sports and music videos.


Nickname: "Paint Splash"

Logo: Over a black background, we see a spotlight, which a green bucket of paint splashes onto. It is followed by a stencil saying

being overlaid. Several paint rollers of different colors (red, yellow and purple) roll over the stencil, and once it is removed, the spotlight spreads to cover the whole room:


is shown as the final product.

SFX: The paint splashing, the paint rolling.

Music: A techno jingle, ending in a weird sound.

Availability: Appears as an ID on WDE Channel at the top of every hour.

Scare Factor: Low.

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