WWE Entertainment

1st Logo:

Logo: On a black BG, we see sevral shocks of electricity forming something. Clips of wrestling are seen flying all over the place while some of them are going into the shocks. While the clips are flying, we can see at the top of the screen that red curved lines are forming. We zoom out seeing the WWE logo with "ntertainment" forming from the shocks of electricity. "ntertainment" comes up, situates it's self right next to the "E", and the final result looks like this:


but in white. A wrestling glove comes out from the top of the screen, and crashes the logo like glass.

1. Sometimes, the word "Presents" fades in below the logo.
2. On "Cop 'n Roll" (made up show), a eletric guitar appears next to the logo.
3. On "XBOX 3s*****" (again, made up show), the first "e" in "ntertainment" is the RRoD.
4. Sometimes, the logo is still.

FX: Mostly live action, but the rest is CGI.

Cheesy Factor: Chesse Me. Everything is awesome. And great CGI too.

Music: A cut off part of "We Will Rock You", added by the ending part of the song. ("We Are The Champions" is not part of the music.)

Avalibillity: Very Common. Can be found on many WWE wrestling DVDs.

Scare Factor: Low, the hand crashing the logo may catch you off guard. Otherwise, harmless.

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