Walls Television

Background: Wall's Television started as a cartoon company on February 12, 1937. Their first cartoon was The Horse And The Tiger, which was released 4 months after the company was founded. In 1960, Walls began producing TV shows and changed its animation studio into the television animation division (which produces 30-minute and 60-minute cartoon shows for TV networks) of Wall's Television.

1st Logo

Nickname(s): "The Walls Rectangle I", "Colorless Walls Square"

Logo: On a black screen, we see the words: "a production of". Below the text there's a rounded rectangle which has the word "Wall's" inside it. Below the rectangle, we see "TELEVISION".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None, or the closing theme of the show. However, on Help!, a descending sound is heard.

Availability: Can be found on older Wall's TV shows like Alien's Life, Jack Bell and Help!, among others.

Scare Factor: None to low, depending on the music used.

2nd Logo

Nickname(s): "The Walls Rectangle II"

Logo: On a blue background, a rounded rectangle is drawn. It gets filled with a red color and then 5 long lines come to the rectangle one-by-one and twist themselves on it to form the word "Wall's". The formed logo then zooms out and stops, and then "a production of" fades in above it.


  • On 1966, the animation at the end was changed. The formed logo now zooms out to the bottom, and the "a production of" text is replaced with "filmed in". Also, "television studios" appears below the logo.
  • Copyright text would appear below the logo in some shows, which reads: "(C) (year where the show's episode was filmed in) WALLS TELEVISION INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED".
  • On 1970, the logo had some changes: the background looks brighter, the logo doesn't zoom out, and "filmed in" and "studios" aren't seen.
FX/SFX: Everything.
Music/Sounds: A not-so-bombastic fanfare. Sometimes, a flute tune was used.
Availability: Scarce. You can find this on 1963-1971 Wall's shows, like Missing Hints.
Scare Factor:
  • Low with the bombastic fanfare.
  • None to mininal with the flute tune.
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