What Ever Happened to Real Logos When You First Saw Them

What Ever Happened to Real Logos When You First Saw Them is a place for real logos that happened differently, when you first saw them.
TheBigLogoFan: Where should I start? Oh, yes. Days and days ago, when I first saw the K-C Rooster logo, it was an ostrich and the blocks flew out of its mouth! On that same day, the Nickelodeon Movies logo was different, the light flew away, and the planet tried to catch it, then the Nickelodeon ball titled when it stops the Movies ball from spinning.

FainterPingy: When I saw the Columbia 93 logo we zoomed out of the pedestal and a whispering voice said "Columbia Pictuuuuressss" and the ss changed into a hissing sound and "COLUMBIA" in a gold shining shimmering font faded in and the torch lady winked! I was scared! P.S it was the 1988 logo design. When I first saw the Universal logo from 1997 the 1990 music played and the globe rippled twice and turned red, then the logo zoomed in revealing "UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT" And there was the globe above the text! When I saw the K-C rooster logo the rooster looked around and doesnt sleep. A star flew out its mouth and drew the blocks thats all,also ' sucks!

WarnerBrosFan2009: When I saw the Regal Entertainment Group Cell Phone Policy Trailer (not the roller coaster) it had a red curtain background instead of the usual starry sky background.
socoollogos: The 1990-97 Astral Video. Rather than zooming out, ASTRAL was zooming in, it was black (and in 2D), and the cloud footage was different and looked like it was filmed in the '70s. Plus, the word VIDEO in a Futura font faded in under ASTRAL.

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