Williams Street

What if Williams Street came back with new logos? THIS is the result.
Real results can be found at: www.closinglogos.com/page/Williams+Street+Productions

3rd Logo

Williams Street [2013, adult swim shows] Williams Street [2013, Toonami]Williams Street (2013)
Nickname: William the Bird-thing

Logo: On a Computer background, a Light Grey picture shows William the Bird-thing, above him are the words Williams Street, in the [adult swim] font.

  • On IGPX, William the Bird-thing is wearing his TOM costume, the picture is white and "Williams Street" is set in the new Toonami font [Boogie Sniggles].
  • On The Body Fluid Show, it cuts to the Zhephyr's Entertainment logo. Also, William the Bird-thing's TOM costume is different [set to look like TOM 3.5], and the font is Subatomic Tsoonami. This also plasters the original logo on [adult swim] airings of Season 2 of IGPX.

FX/SFX: NONE. It's a still logo.

Music/Sound Effects: Same as the 1st & 2nd Logos. On the two variants, the SpongeBob APM "Vergnügungspark" plays.

Availabilty: New. Seen on current & old [adult swim] shows, such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force [and its new season names], Squidbillies, Robot Chicken, Rick and Morty, and current reruns of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast,Sealab 2021 and The Brak Show, among others. Also seen on IGPX on [adult swim's] Toonami Block and on the The Body Fluid Show.
Scare Factor: None, but the cut to the Zhephyr's Entertainment logo may throw people off.

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