World View Entertainment (UK)

Background: World View Entertainment is the current name of the former production company originally known as Acme in 2004 by Mitchell Hurst as subsidiary of the World View Group after he left Argosy Media.


Acme/World View EntertainmentWorld View Entertainment (2006)World View Toons (commercial breaks)

Nicknames "The Flipping Rectangles", "The Shining Map", "The Annoying Rectangles"

Logo: On a black background, we see three rectangles, one is vertical and has a map of western Europe and northwestern Africa in it, to the right are two horizontal red squares, the bottom one reads "World" and the top "View", both in the Comic Sans font, with a byline saying "World View is a trademark of World View Entertainment". Since the rectangles are in the wrong positions, they flip into their normal positions, the UK on the map square shining during this. The finished product looks like this:

[map] WORLD

World View is a trademark of World View Entertainment.

  • On Jimmy McBounceBounce, the logo is superimposed over the credits.
  • The logo simply zooms in, like on Season 9 of Neville.
  • Sometimes, the logo is still and has no byline, as seen on Postcards from Ryan.
  • There may also be a URL below.
  • Sometimes the logo has fluid animation (IE: the current version).
  • Sometimes seen with the word "TOONS" below for their block on That TV.
FX: The rectangles, the shine.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme plays over it. However, on (at least) The Rockingbugs, a "pop" sound, followed by a playful synth-disco tune and a child giggling can be heard.

Music/Sound Variants:
  • There are kids that are saying "World View!"
  • There is also a sound of shining when the map shines.

Availability: Appears on episodes of Neville, The Rockingbugs and Jacob Test. Recent TV airings of The Great World of Daffy Duck replace "An ACME Presentation" on the in-credit logo with "A WORLD VIEW Presentation", with the '95 Empire logo proceding it, as usual.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, the sudden flipping may catch a few off guard, but this is mostly just annoying.

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