Worldvision Distribution Europe

Background: Worldvision Distribution Europe was a division of Worldvision Enterprises Inc. and Hanna-Barbera Poland, which distributed Hanna-Barbera and Worldvision Enterprises Inc. shows on videocasette and laserdisc throughout Europe.
The company was estabilished in 1985, and it dissolved into Warner Home Video in 1997.

1st Logo

Nicknames: "The Tape", "Worldvision Tape", "Radar Globe Tape"

Logo: On a dodger uniform blue background, we see a CGI videotape with the radar globe with the text WORLDVISION under it zooming up to the screen, then the tape flips to make the viewer see the top of the tape, and the tape zooms in, on the same background, we see a white copyright text reading
Hollywood/New York USA

With three boxes on the bottom of the screen, the first box having the Hanna-Barbera swirling star on a black background, the second having the Polskie Nagrania logo from the Hanna-Barbera Poland logo, and the third having the European Union logo which consists of 12 yellow stars in a circle shape on a blue background.

After a bit, the copyright info disappears and two squares flip towards the screen from left and right respectively.
The first square has the Worldvision radar globe logo in white on a red background with a white border on the box. The right has the smaller version of the Polskie Nagrania logo, which consists of a white circle on a black background with a red musical note inside with a white border on the box too. When the two logos meet, they cut to another text, this time reading


Then it cuts to another screen with the radar globe box and below is

Distributed by:

Then after a moment, it cuts to another screen with the Polskie Nagrania, the Hanna-Barbera Poland, and the European Union logo boxes in order.
And below that is

A Hanna-Barbera Poland/Polskie Nagrania company


On German video releases rented by the German video store Deutscher Video Ring, there is an extra screen Deutscher Video Ring. On a white background, there is a long red box seperated to three parts, two short on the left and the right part with a long one in the middle. The short boxes have a small red circle in the bottom right corner of the logo and VIDEO is in the middle box in a red color with the IDEO squished a little due to a little blue box reading WIR MACHEN PROGRAMM below it. In the left box there is DEUTSCHER in blue squashed vertically on the top part of the box and RING in blue on the right box squashed too on the left corner of the box. A male announcer says "Gemietet von Deutscher Video Ring. Wir machen programm." translating to "Rented from Deutscher Video Ring. We make program."
This appears between the "Distributed by WORLDVISION DISTRIBUTION EUROPE" screen and the "A Hanna-Barbera Poland/Polskie Nagrania company
" screen.

FX/SFX: Almost everything.

Music/Sounds: A loud whoosh when the VHS zooms up, and another whoosh when the VHS flips and zooms towards the viewer. At the copyright logo, the Hanna-Barbera Poland theme plays, which is the Charter Entertainment logo theme minus the guitar riff.

Availability: Can be seen on European Hanna-Barbera/Worldvision VHS and Laserdisc.

Scare Factor: Low to Medium, the whoosh, the jarring cuts, the synth theme, and the zooming VHS can scare people.

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