Your Dream Cue Music

Here, you write your dream cue music for real logos. If it also has a visual difference in the logo, you must write it on the dream variations page.

Miramax Films
Dinofours: The Movie (2002) - Ancient Chinese music plays over the current Miramax logo.

Lorimar Television
Wakzo and Salt (1979) - A 5 note synth tune plays over the logo, then it fades out.

Columbia Pictures

Yoshi's Story: The Movie (2003) - The main Yoshi's Story title music plays over the 1993 logo.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The War of How Ecniv Shamasaurus of the Wow Attacked (1991): We hear a 5-note new-age type tune (similar to the Paramount Home Video 1982-1988 logo) play over the 1991-1993 logo.

Hatena Productions

LOL: The Movie (2009): Some dance music plays all over the 2009 version of the Hatena Productions logo.

Colour Cookie Pictures

Flake R.

The Laughing Planet (2005): Some synth music plays over the 2001 logo.

Paramount Pictures

Happy Meat (1983): The first 15 seconds of "Blue of the Night" by Bing Crosby plays over the 1975 logo.

The Bold (2018): A music by Dave Grusin called "Kitchen Dance" plays over.

DiC Enterprises

Gravity Falls (1994 English adaption of the 1992 Anime):On some DiC tapes of GF, the DiC Toon Time Video is shortened, as the second half of the logo plays (with the TV turning on). The music is the slightly high-tone of the 1990 logo, with the 1987 kid saying "DiC".

Universal Pictures

Vinesauce Park (2007): The first bit of "I Love Rock and Roll" plays over the Universal logo, and plays into the Dreamworks logo and the opening credits.

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