Your Dream Home Video Bumpers

wYouTube Poop Home Entertainment (by Mariofan88)

On 2006-2009 YouTube Poop VHS's, the clouds would float away, the YouTube Poop Home Entertainment logo would melt, Link would appear, and, in poop, words would appear (with Link saying the words):

  • Coming Soon to Video.
  • Coming Soon to a Theater Near You.
  • Now Available on Video.
  • Now in Theaters.
  • And now our Feature Presentation
  • Now on DVD
  • Coming soon to DVD
Afterwards, a trailer with one of the following features would be played.

Dolby Video (by DreamMechanic)

On videotapes from 1992-1994, a Dolby "D" logo zooms in from live action clouds and loudly flashes, so the sky turns into an inverted animated sky background, and the words "Dolby" and "Video" fly from the top-left and bottom-right, respectively, and a rectangle draws out, forming the Dolby logo of the time, and then "Video" fades out and "Stereo" fades in, in its place, and "IN" appears above the Dolby Stereo logo. Then it changes to the "Dolby Surround Stereo" logo, then we fade out.
Then the "Dolby Stereo" logo fades in on a black background, except "Dolby Stereo" is replaced with either "Coming Soon" or "Out Now" and there would be either "To (In if Out Now is used) Theatres" or "On Videocassette"
Afterwards, a trailer for a Dolby Feature Film would be played after one of the logos above.________________________________________________________________

Playfish-CBS Home Video


Nickname: "Playfish vs CBS"

Logo: In a room, a piece of paper flies out from the left. Then it turns to face us and we see the Playfish and CBS logos with "HOME VIDEO" below them. At the end of the tape, the end part would play, and sometimes a copyright notice would appear below.

FX: The floating.

Music: The same as the logo from Toys Gone Wild.

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Minimum.


DinosaurGuy Video

On DVDs and Blu-rays in Japan and the USA, the clouds would float away, the DinosaurGuy Video logo would flash, and depending on the language, words would appear (with Wolverine and Jubilee [from X-Men] saying the words [depending on the language] off-screen):

Coming Soon to own on DVD and Blu-ray
Coming Only to Movie Theaters from DinosaurGuy Productions
Now Available to Own on DVD and Blu-ray
Now Playing in Theaters

Afterwards, a trailer with one of the the following features would play.

Tom Rooney Home Entertainment

On DVD's and Blu-rays, there would be a TV screen, and one of the following words would break out of the screen:

Coming Soon to DVD and Blu-ray
Now on DVD and Blu-ray
Coming to theaters
Now in theaters
Special Preview
Airing soon on TV
Muppet Video/Jim Henson Video/Jim Henson Home Entertainment FEATURE PROGRAM IDs

Logo 1

Logo: Black Background with the white text "FEATURE PROGRAM"

FX/SFX: None. It's a still logo

Music: None. The Announcer just says "And now, our Feature Program"

Availability: As seen on a few Jim Henson/Muppets tapes.

Scare Factor: None

Note: From 1989-1992, they used the Jay Ward Feature Program logo from Alvin and the Chipmunks: Batmunk.

Logo 2

Logo: This logo is the same as the Feature Presentation logo from Muppet Classic Theater (The first Jim Henson tape I spotted this logo on), but with a few differences:
  • The background changes from a blue-gradient to a purple-gradient tint
  • The word "Program" replaces "Presentation"
  • The Muppet Classic Theater music is replaced with the 1995 Feature Program music as heard on real Disney tapes like "Wish Upon a Starfish", "The Spirit of Mickey", "DSAS: Honor to us All", "DSAS: Happy Haunting", "Sing a Song with Tigger" and "Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving"
FX/SFX: None. It's a still logo
Music: The same as the logo from Disney Princess Collection: Wish Upon a Starfish.

Availability: As seen on a few Jim Henson/Muppets tapes, as well as one Disney tape. The logo existed on Jim Henson Video tapes from 1992-1996.

Scare Factor: High. Due to the music, the announcer and the logo's design.

Colour Cookie Home Video Bumpers (1991-2007, 2011-2021)

Logo: The multicolored Cookie jumps to the left, then the words appears:

  • Coming Soon to Video
  • Coming Soon to Theaters
  • Coming Soon to TV
  • Coming Soon to Home Video
  • Coming Soon to DVD
  • Coming Soon to Home Video and DVD
  • Coming Soon to DVD and TV
  • Coming Soon to DVD and Theaters
  • Coming Soon to Home Video and Theaters
  • Coming Soon to Home Video and TV

FX/SFX: The multicolored cookie.

Availability: As seen on many Colour Cookie Home Video/DVD releases. The bumpers existed from Colour Cookie prints from 1991-2007 and 2011-2021.

Scare Factor: None.

Hatena Home Video/DVD/C. U. Club/Hatena Video bumpers (2002-)

Logo: We see the Hatena logo, but flies away to receive the following previews:
  • Coming soon to theaters
  • Coming soon to DVD
  • Coming soon to video
  • Whats new from Hatena
  • Available now on VHS/DVD
  • And now our Feature Presentation
Then we see a preview of the following feature.

FX: Same as Logo.

  • In 2008, C. U. Club added it's logo.
Availbility: Seen on VHS and DVD.

Scare Factor: Minimal
    Sega Home Video
    Logo 1 (1991-1999)
    Logo:It is a black background. After 3 seconds, Sonic and the Sega logo appear with the words "Home Video" on the bottom and is the same font as "Sega". Then Sonic says "SEGA!!!!!!" as in the Sega Genesis startup.
    SFX/Music:Sonic saying "Sega!!!!!!!".
    FX:The word "SEGA" zooming in.
    Scare Factor:None.
    Cheesy Factor:None.
    Availbility:Seen on any Sonic the Hedgehog Toons tapes.
    Variants:Starting in 1995, a character world appear next to Sonic. The character is likely ripped from a YouTube video.
    Logo 2 (2000-)
    Logo:Sonic appears next to the word Sega. This is a still and silent logo.
    FX:None. It's a still logo.
    Availbility:Seen on any Sega movie tapes.
    Scare Factor:None.
    Cheesy Factor:None.
    PB Home Video/Staramountain Home Video/ Mah Boi Home Video/Maximan Home Video Bumpers

    Logo:We see one of these 4 logos, which then fades into one of these messages:

    -Coming Soon To Theatres
    -Now in Theatres
    -Coming This Thanksgiving/Holiday Season/Summer To Theatres from PB Films/Staramountain Pictures/Maximan Films
    -Coming Soon to Videocassette
    -Now Available on Videocassette
    -Coming Soon To DVD
    -Now Available On DVD
    -Coming Soon To Blu-Ray
    -Now Available On Blu-Ray
    -Coming Soon To HD-DVD
    -Now Available On HD-DVD
    -Coming Soon To CBS (Pre-1990)
    -Coming Soon To NBC (Post-1990)
    -Now OnCBS (Pre-1990)
    -Now On NBC (Pre-1990)
    -Coming Soon To Videocassette and DVD
    -Now Available On Videocassette and DVD
    -Coming Soon To DVD and Blu-Ray
    -Now Available On DVD and Blu-Ray
    -Coming Soon To DVD and HD-DVD
    -Now Available On DVD and HD-DVD
    -Coming Soon To DVD, Blu-Ray & HD-DVD
    -Now Available On DVD, Blu-Ray & HD-DVD
    -Coming Soon To DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital Download
    -Now Available On DVD, Blu-Ray &Digital Download
    -Netflix Exclusive
    -Wal-Mart Exclusive
    -Stay Tuned for More Great Previews
    -Special Presentation
    -Feature Presentation
    -Feature Program

    The Lola Group Home Video (iPuffle)

    1st Logo: (1993-present)

    Mostly the same as the usual logo with no video indicator whatsoever, but after the flipping animation, one of these phrases zooms out onto the screen:

    •Coming to Theaters
    •Now in Theaters
    •Coming to Video and DVD
    •Now on Video and DVD
    •Now Avaliable for Rental
    •Coming for Rental
    •Now on CD and Cassete
    •Coming to CD and Cassete
    •Coming from Lola Interactive
    •Now from Lola Interactive
    •Coming to Your Local TV Station
    •Now on Your Local TV Station
    •Coming this Holiday Season
    •Now Avaliable this Holiday Season
    •Coming this Summer
    •Now Avaliable this Summer
    •Stay Tuned After the Feature
    •Special Presentation
    •Feature Presentation
    •Feature Program

    FX: The flipping animation, the shining of the logo, and the zooming out of the words.

    Music: The 1984 WDC theme from 1993-1998, but due to copyright infringement, it was replaced by a 19 note synth fanfare with whooshes in 1999.

    Avaliability: The original variant is very rare, as all tapes with it have been withdrawn from the market. Very common for the new version.

    Scare Factor: Original: Medium
    New: Minimal