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Here, you write fake logos you dream to be real.
This is a complete collection of all the parts in the Your Dream Logos canon.
NOTE BY WILLWILL45: DO NOT ADD NEW DREAM LOGO DESCRIPTIONS ON THIS PAGE (unless you are one of the original users who contributed on this page).

Silversword55's dream logos

Lexington Broadcast Services Inc. (2007-2020)

Nicknames: "LBS 2007"

Logo:On a black background, a green laser forms on the top of the screen by sparks, and then moves down to the bottom of the screen as if it were scanning the screen (think the 90's Konami logos). While the green laser "scans" the screen, the familiar LBS logo, now green, and in 3D forms. The LBS logo then zooms backwards, shines 2 times, and the background turns white. Under the LBS logo, 2 more sparks form the words

Lexington Broadcast
Services Inc.

"A FremantleMedia Company" with the Splotch Bubble next to FremantleMedia text, fades in under the full name of LBS.

SFX:The Sparks, the 3D LBS logo, the background turning white.

Music: The windchime from the 1998-1999 Warner Bros. Pictures windchime. Also there are some electric soundages when the sparks form the entire logo.

Cheesy Factor:The 3D LBS logo looks mean.

Availability:Can be seen on Live Action Shows owned by fremantlemedia like American Idol and The Price Is Right.

Scare factor:Low to Median, the 3D LBS logo, and the creepy electric sounds are going to give some people the creeps, but otherwise, It's a cool logo.

New Line-Telepictures Television

Background: On May 29th, 2011, Time Warner has announced that New Line Television, and Telepictures Productions would reform to form a new company. On June of that month, their 1st logo was introduced.

1st Logo
(Summer 2011)

Circle T + Filmstrips

Logo: Just a white background with the New Line "Filmstrips" logo, and the Telepictures "Circle T" logo in a white background. Then below the logos, a silhouette paintbrush paints the bottom half of the screen blue.

New Line - Telepictures

Writes itself in the blue area. The font on the text is white, "New Line" is in a Times New Roman font, and "Telepictures" had the same font as it had in the 1980's. "Television" is in an arial font.

SFX: The Paintbrush painting, "New Line TELEVISION" writing itself.

Music: "Ay Bay Bay" by Hurricane Chris. Just the beat of the song.

Availibility: Was seen on any New Line Television or Telepictures produced shows.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo
(Fall 2011-)

Logo: Similar to the 1987-1994 New Line Cinema logo only with a few differences.

  • The background is a white/orange/blue gradient instead of a white/blue gradient.
  • There are more filmstrips flying around, plus the Circle T logo comes from the bottom of the screen, and flips into view, and places itself next to the Box and Filmstrips logo.
  • The screen flashes into a black background instead of fading to the black background like the 1987 NLC logo did.
  • "New Line-Telepictures TELEVISION" writes itself above the Box And Filmstrips and the Circle T logo.

And after all that, "
A TIME WARNER COMPANY" fades itself under the logo.

SFX: The entire logo forming.

Music: An opera singer yelling the 1994 New Line Cinema jingle. On the final note, a chorus yells with the opera, and a jazz sounder does, too!

Availability: Very common on The CW, and all Turner channel shows from this period.

Scare Factor:

sega3dmm's Dream Logos

Evans Films (2007)

Nickname: "Mr. Drew"

Logo: On a white background, we see an African-American man named Mr. Drew with a red cap and blue T-Shirt juggling primary colored balls, looking up in the air, leaving his mouth wide open, and riding a unicycle, zipping across the screen, forming the text:


SFX: Mr. Drew multi-tasking, while forming "EVANS FILMS".

Music: 3 honks from a horn a clown would use.

Variations: There are few variations of the logo. Here are some:
  • On some episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba aired outside Nick Jr., the 3 honks are replaced with Mr. Drew saying "Oh Yeah!" or "Whoo-Hoo!".
  • On the Halloween episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, the background is dark-orange and Mr. Drew juggles small pumpkins instead of balls. The honks are absent in the variation.
  • In the Oobi, Uma, Kenan and Kel episode "Uma Wita Gun", Mr. Drew is shot from a distance after making "EVANS FILMS", falling off his unicycle leaving blood marks on it. The unicycle falls down shortly after these events.

Cheesy Factor: The EVANS FILMS text looks generated from one of the first Macintosh computers.

Avalibility: Seen on the end of shows like "Yo Gabba Gabba!" and "Oobi, Uma, Kenan and Kel". A slowed-down version of the logo was seen on the film "Mr. Drew's Unicycle Circus".

Scare Factor: None, but the third variation of this logo listed here can shock and surprise some.

Cartoon Network (2005-)

Nickname: "The Father Buu Logo"

Logo/Animation: The "normal" version is described here. Look at "Variants" and "Music Variation" for custom versions. On a white background, the "Ugly C" of the 2004 Cartoon Network logo appears and grows then the "Ugly N" of the same logo does the same thing the "Ugly C" did. Then the text "CARTOON NETWORK" appears below them to complete the logo. The text "THIS HAS BEEN A PRESENTATION OF:" fades in above the logo with a byline saying "(c) Cartoon Network/Buuhouse Ltd." below the logo. The Cartoon Network logo sometimes shines.

Byline: The release year of the episode that uses this logo is in between the "(c)" and "Cartoon" in the byline.

    • A long variant was used where before the logo appears in the white background, 1.10 seconds of a crescendo choir plays.
    • Some episodes have the letters in the boxes move a bit while it shines. This may have been an animation overlay error.
    • The color of the background is in swirl-y yellow (a la Clay Logo of Nick Jr. Productions) and also has a long version (see above). It was only seen on three episodes of "Father Buu's Playhouse" which are King Buu of Zyzibulah, Father Buu's Playhouse Halloween Special (which had the long version) and Buu's Cluz.
    • The background is less like a background and more of a video. We are zipping through a never-ending, lighted tunnel. Was exclusive to some syndicated episodes of "Father Buu's Playhouse" and "The Father Buu Show". It was nicknamed as the "Tunnel logo".
    • A variant was shown where the words "CARTOON NETWORK" appear with the text and byline.
    • Like the 2nd one listed here, we see a tower lookout view of an amusement park (a la Fall 2007 bumpers of Cartoon Network). It has a long version (see above) when the amusement park is being constructed. The logo accompanied roller coaster sound effects along with the original music. Was only seen on the first 4 episodes of "Father Buu's Playhouse".
    • The background is a still shot of Ground Zero at NYC. Was only seen on "The Father Buu Show" episode Father Buu's Patriot Day Special.
    • The logo is still. Was seen on 2-part episodes of "The Father Buu Show".

    SFX: The logo appearing and shining and the text fading in.

    Music: A very light pop when the "Ugly C" appears and an even lighter pop when the "Ugly N" appears. Then we a 3-note xylophone riff and a low-picthed synth followed by a high-pitched synth.

    Music Variation: The high-pitched synth at the end echos. Was exclusive to Seasons 2 and later of "The Father Buu Show" and syndicated episodes of "Father Buu's Playhouse" that don't have the "Tunnel logo".

    Chessy Factor: None really, simple and nice animation.

    Avalibility: The "normal" version can be seen on Season 1 of "The Father Buu Show" and recent "Father Buu's Playhouse" episodes when it airs on Cartoon Network. The long version of the "normal" logo is commomly seen on "Father Buu's Playhouse" after the split-screen credits on TBS Kids.

    Scare Factor: None. It's a cute logo, you can't resist to hate it.

    Nickelodeon Studios (Pinwheel Studios - 1977-1981)

    1st Logo


    SFX: None.

    Music: The ending theme of a show.

    Chessy Factor: None. It's plainly a still.

    Availability: Seen on 1977-1984 Pinwheel episodes.

    Scare Factor: None. A fun logo.

    2nd Logo

    Logo: On a black background, we see the orange Nickelodeon logo animating in various seen in promos
    for Nick programs. when the Nick logo forms, "STUDIOS" fades in.

    Nick logo seen in promos animating. STUDIOS fading in.

    Music: The ending theme of a show with an announcer saying [Show Title] is a Nickelodeon production from Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida.

    Chessy Factor: The logo seen in promos will catch you off guard.

    Availability: Seen on 1984-1993 episodes of Nickelodeon programs. It is also seen on 1984-1989 Pinwheel episodes.

    Scare Factor: Median.

    3rd Logo

    Logo: On a black background, we see the 3D Nickelodeon logo animating in various objects seen in promos like the 2nd Logo. When the logo forms, "STUDIOS in Orlando, Florida" fades in.

    Same as the 2nd Logo.

    Music: Same as the 2nd Logo.

    Chessy Factor: Same as the 2nd Logo

    Availability: Seen on 1993-2000 episodes of Nickelodeon programs.

    Scare Factor:Same as the 2nd Logo.

    4th Logo

    Logo: On a green circle background, the Nick logo pops out from the screen. When it's finished popping, "STUDIOS/Orlando" fades in.

    Same as the 2nd Logo.

    Music: Same as the 2nd Logo.

    Chessy Factor: Same as the 2nd Logo

    Availability: Seen on 2000-2006 episodes of Nickelodeon programs.

    Scare Factor:Same as the 2nd Logo.

    4th Logo

    Logo: On a green circle blob background, we see an orange blob that turns in the Nick splat logo. When it's finished, "STUDIOS" fades in.

    Same as the 2nd Logo.

    Music: Same as the 2nd Logo.

    Cheesy Cheesy Factor: Same as the 2nd Logo

    Avaliability: Common. Seen on post-2006 episodes of Nickelodeon programs.

    Scare Factor:Same as the 2nd Logo

    Turner Home Video (2008-)

    Nickname: "Turner Laser"

    Logo/Animation: On a black background, a green laser carves out a line across the screen. The line flips towards the screen, revealing a green outline of the Turner Home Video logo, what is then filled with color from left to right. The logo shines brightly, then it is swallowed by a spark that draws one of these logos:
    • Cartoon Network Home Video
    • TNT
    • TBS Home Entertainment
    • Turner Classic Movies
    • CNN Video
    • Boomerang Home Video
    • TruTV Home Video
    • Gametap Video
    When the spark finishes drawing the logo, the logos explode into pieces and showers across it with color.

    SFX: The laser, and logos

    Music: Laser beam sound effects a la 1989 Jim Henson when the laser carves out the line. A windchime a la warner Bros. 75th Anniversary plays when the line flips over. A whoosh sound plays when the Turner Home Video logo is swallowed by the spark. Metal guitar music plays when the spark draws a logo and a synth chord plays when that logo gets color.

    Chessy Factor: None really. Nice CGI animation.

    Avaliability: Seen on DVDs for content from the TV stations owned by Turner.

    Scare Factor: None. A fun logo.

    Father Buu Pictures (2005-)

    Nickname: "The Hammer"

    Logo: On a stone background, we see a clay figure dancing to "YMCA". Then a human hand smashes it with a rock and takes a hammer and strikes it at the rock 3 times. The 1st time is a normal strike. The second strike is harder than the last one. And the 3rd strike crumbles the rock and clay which reads:
    P I C T U R E S
    The byline appears reading "a division of Evans Films" and the letters of the logo start to dance.

    SFX: The dancing clay figure, the rock smashing it, the hammer striking on the rock, the rock crumbling with the clay reading "FATHER BUU PICTURES", and the letters of the logo dancing.

    • REGULAR VERSION: [see Logo]
    • ALTERNATE VERSION: Just like the regular version but the horn fanfare is absent at the end and the drumroll continues and fades out instead.
    • SHORT VERSION: Just like the alternate version but it's cut out until the hand starts the strike the rock with the hammer 3 times.
    • SHORTER VERSION: Just like the alternate version but it's cut out until the 3rd hammer strike.
    • PLAYHOUSE VERSION: Just like the shorter version but the music is dubbed with a synth chord then a wind sound effect accompanied with a drum beat a la MGM/UA Communications 1987.

    Chessy Factor: The dancing clay figure looks poorly animated and looks like it was brought to us by the people who brought us Gumby in 1957.

    Music: The following information applies to the regular version [see Logo]. Hit 70s' song "YMCA" by The Village plays when the figure is dancing and stops when the hand smashes it with the rock. Then we hear a drumroll at the point where the hand gets the hammer which stops when the rock crumbles. When the byline appears and the letters start dancing, we hear a loud horn fanfare.

    Avalibility: The regular version can only be found on "Father Buu's Big Adventure". The alternate version only can be found on "Father Buu Presents: Show Me The Money!" and "!!!!!!!". The short version can be found on the movie "Skeletar". The shorter version can be found on lots of "The Father Buu Show" episodes. The playhouse version can be found on episodes of "Father Buu's Playhouse" and "Skeletar Tales".

    Scare Factor: Depends on the version shown.

    Orion Pictures (2009-)

    Background: On April 12th, 2009, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer will announce Orion Pictures will be re-activated as a banner for genre films from MGM Pictures.

    Logo/Animation: On a starfield, seven thick stars fly onto the screen dancing around. Then at a moment, they start to come together and chase eachother in a circle fast, then faster, and even faster. Then the screen flashes with CGI text reading "ORION" and the seven stars orbit around it. A line then carves through the text like the old logo and text saying "P I C T U R E S" in bold Arial font fades beneath the ORION text. Then at the bottom of the screen, "an MGM company" fades in with gold Times New Roman font.

    SFX: Outstanding!

    Chessy Factor: None to explain. Too beautiful to be chessy!

    Music: Dreamy music in the background. Harp effects play corresponding to the star movements. Then there is a majestic re-orchestration of the end notes of the 1984 Orion jingle when the "ORION" appears. Most movies will dub it with the film's respective cue music.

    Avalibility: Will be seen on "The Brown Ghost". "Attack of the Jolly Green Giant" will have this logo with it's respective cue music over the audio.

    Scare factor: N-O-N-E!

    Motherboards Pictures
    1st Logo

    Nickname: Booting up

    Logo: On a black background, we see text being typed on the bottom-right side of the screen. It says:

    Power: On
    Memory Data: Working
    Cheesy Start-up Sequence Loading:

    Under it, a loading bar fills up to 100% and reads "DONE". The text and bar disappear and numerous blue balls grow and shrink on the center of the screen. At sudden, a big explosion emerges from the screen, moving the balls away and brining in the text:


    Under the text, in the same font and color, these words can appear along with it:
    • June 2005-July 2005: No additional text was used
    • July 2005-October 2005: "ENTERTAINMENT"
    • November 2005-October 2006: "PICTURES"

    SFX: Nice 3DMM animation

    Chessy Factor: CGI is bland

    Custom Variations: These logos had some customized variations. Here is a list of them:
    • Doraemon: The Epic Prolouge: We're start at the middle of the logo when the blue balls come in, but we see Doraemon in the corner of the screen looking at the balls. When the explosion comes in, the force of the explosion causes him to fly out of the screen, making a war cry.
    • Dinotopia: The explosion is changed. At the point where it comes in, the background changes to clear white as the balls disappear. The MOTHERBOARDS text slowly zooms out in black in the white area.
    JHprod's dream logos

    Go-Mark Productions (2006-2014)

    Nicknames: "Get Up, Kid!", "The Gar Bo Logo", "Gar Bo 2006", "The Falling Guy"

    Logo: On an orange background, we see the kid named Charlie Brown landing on the logo. And the big kid name Charlie from the TV show "Charlie & Lola" saying to Charlie Brown, Get Up, Kid! while forming the text:
    SFX: The guy lands on the logo, the other guy gets on the logo, while forming "GO-MARK PRODUCTIONS".

    Music: The guy falls down & said "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Ooof!" & the other guy said "Get Up, Kid!".

    Variations: Here are the variations:
    • From the Playhouse Disney TV show "Little Einsteins", Quincy is falling down and said "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Ooof!" then the 3 little einsteins said "Get Up, Kid!" but Annie & June can barely be heard 'cause of Leo..
    • In a Halloween special "Hip & Hop's Halloween Bash", the vampire falls down then he said "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Ooof!" and the Frankenstein gets on the logo slowly and said "Get Up, Vampire!".

    Cheesy Factor: The GO-MARK PRODUCTIONS text has the Helvetica font.

    Avalibility: Seen on "Ed Edd n' Eddy" and "Super Mario World" at the opening & "Little Einsteins" at the ending.

    Scare Factor: None, but it was supposed to be a funny logo.

    Shy Guy Productions (2009-) Nicknames: "The Yellow Shy Guy", "The Shy Guy from Nintendo, "Shy Guy w/ Smiley Face" Shy Guy Logo
    In a white background, wee see a Shy Guy from Yoshi's Island with a smiley face, blue mask, yellow covered skin, purple shoes, & a blue stretchy big band for the mask while text performs:
    SFX: The mask changing color and the text shining, but that's it.

    Music: UFO sounds (Blowing sounds from 2013) or it could be the ending credits for the show.

    Cheesy Factor: The letter O from the text "PRODUCTIONS" has a white Shy Guy mask with no smiley face.

    Availability: Seen on the 5th season episodes of Disney's TV show "Kim Possible".

    Scare Factor: None to low. The shining may get to some, but a yellow Shy Guy has a smiley face.

    Scholastic Productions (2008-)

    Nicknames: "The Flying Book", "2008 Book", "Book w/ Wings"

    Logo: In a black background, we see a book flying & zooming to left & the text "SCHOLASTIC" zooms to the right.

    SFX:The book flapping his wings zooming to left, the text SCHOLASTIC zooms to right.

    Music: None

    Cheesy Factor: It has the text PRODUCTIONS fade underneath the text SCHOLASTIC.

    Availability: Seen on Scholastic Productions produced shows.

    Scare Factor: None

    WizardDuck's Dream Logo(s)

    WizardDuck Films

    We see a CGI duck, in a robe with a pointy hat walk into a door, reading "LOGO AUDITION ROOM". Inside the room, the duck "tapdances", and soon a beagle walks in and starts dancing too. Two ovals draw themselves around their heads, and the surrounding area fades to black with the text "WIZARDDUCK FILMS" below the ovals. The duck and dog show large, toothy grins.

    The mix of live action and CGI.

    Vaudeville music plays through most of the logo.

    This logo appears on "Reaper: The Movie", among other non-existent movies.

    Scare Factor:
    None, this is a cute logo.

    Nicktoons Studios

    2nd Logo (2008-)

    Nickname: "The Paintbrush"

    Logo: On a white background, orangepaint seeps from the top of the screen. A paintbrush gathers it in the center, and paints "Nicktoons Studios" in the familiar Nickelodeon font. Orange and black outlines of various characters from various Nicktoons emerge from either side of the screen.
    The characters shown are:
    Left side: Tommy (Rugrats), Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy), Chuckie (Rugrats), Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life), Doug (Doug), Arnold (Hey Arnold!)
    Right side: SpongeBob (SpongeBob Squarepants), Eliza (The Wild Thornberrys), Timmy Turner (The Fairly OddParents), GIR (Invader Zim), Cat (CatDog).

    SFX: The paint effects.

    Music: The end theme of the show.

    Availability: Just going into use. Can be seen on new episodes of SpongeBob, Tak, Barnyard and Avatar. A modified version is seen on the In Nickville series.

    Scare Factor: None.

    MTV Networks

    Background: In 2008, MTV Networks re-tooled itself. It decided to focus on five "core brands": MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, TV Land and Comedy Central (CMT, The "Logo" channel and Spike TV were sold off).
    Also, MTV Networks started using a logo, which airs at 8AM ET every day on all MTV Networks.

    Nickname: "Logo Click"

    Logo: We see the MTV logo, which is clicked on by a cursor. The MTV logo zooms out to reveal the Nickelodeon (blimp), VH1 (Big 1), TV Land (90's version) and Comedy Central (90's version) logos. The cursor clicks on them, in that order. The MTV Networks logo (which is a red rectangle with "MTV NETWORKS" inside) appears when the final click is finished. The text "on air|online|on demand" appears below. Also below is a scrolling line of the logos for the networks, in this order:
    MTV, Nickelodeon, MTV2, MTV Hits, Nicktoons Network, Comedy Central, Logo, VH1, TV Land, Noggin, VH1 Classic, The N, VH1 Soul, Nick at Nite.

    SFX: The clicking.

    Music: Click sounds, followed by a ding when the MTVN logo appears.

    Availability: Appears daily on all MTV Networks.

    Scare Factor: It's harmless.
    WillWill45's Dream Logos:

    4th Logo:

    Nicknames: Boxes 3, The SSF got Slammed

    Logo: The SSF animates as usual, but after the face gets put on, WillWill45 thrusts open a door near the face and slams it! Looking around, he closes the door and the SSF reappears, only looking bewildered and it falls off, revealing the Klasky-Csupo boxes, positioned as usual, zooming up and the background changes to sky-blue.

    SFX: The animation.

    Music: Starts out with the normal SSF music, but then screws up and a SLAM! sound is heard. Then a door creaking, then the SSF says "Ow." Then sliding noises, and a high choir as the boxes are revealed.

    Availability: Appears on post Season 2 episodes of Rugrats Crazy Adventures. Also on DVD.

  • Scare factor: Low, the beginning may scare you, but it's nice for SSF haters.

    5th Logo:

    Nickname: Metal Boxes

    Logo: We see a shiny black background. It zooms out and rotates, revealing its a KC box, with many more in the same arrangement, but without letters on a white-blue radial gradient. Text falls down as it rotates, later reveals it's "Klasky" in graffiti font. It places itself into the top boxes. The giant boxes place itself on the background, facing the viewer. Light shines in the bottom boxes, with "CSUPO" etching itself out. The light flashes, with "CSUPO" inverted as usual.

  • Variations:
    • Klasky-Csupo also had a Classic brand, which is similar animation with the background replaced by the 1st logos background, and a spark writes out Classics in a cursive font.
    • On some shows, their logo is displayed on the first box, with a voice-over saying "(show) is produced by... Klasky-Csupo."
    • After Nick split-screen credits, it fades to a superimposed Nick split screen logo. It also had a giggle over it.

    FX: The animation.

    Cheesy Factor: None for the regular, the "Classics" one is slightly, with the 1991 logo background.

    Music: A synth pan-down, followed by a drumroll, and an uplifting synth fanfare. "Whooshes" are heard as the metal boxes rotate.

    Music Variation: The "Classics" had the 1991 theme.

    Avialbty: Plasters the SSF, along with Logo 3.

    Scare Factor: None for the regular, Low for the "Classics".



    Background: In 2007: ITV plc decided to bring back the regional names. This included: Thames and LWT for London, Grampian, Scottish TV, and Border for Scotland, TWW for Whales and West,TSW for Southwest and many others.

    Logo: We start out with a CGI redone 1982 indent, but as the volcano-like thing comes out of the TV, the camera zooms inside of it.Then we end up with a sphere, with it splitting up a.l.a. the 1982 logo. Then they rotate revealing they're green hemispheres with a blue intior, and a beam of light writes a zig-zag line and TSW.

    Variant: The ITV generic version starts out as usual, but the TV is now an ITV logo! After we zoom into the volcano-like thing, the generic plays with Southwest added. A box is created in which the TSW logo animates as usual.

    SFX: The animation.

    Cheesy Factor: None!

    Music: A remix of the 1982 theme.

    Availability: Seen on TSW.

    Scare Factor: Low, the music can get to some, but this is a masterpiece!

    RubyCalico's Dream Logos

    TailWind Productions/Entertainment

    Background: TailWind started as a venture between Klonoa and Miles "Tails" Prower for producing cable access programs. They eventually branched out into network TV and movies.

    First logo (1996-)
    Nickname: "Pushing With a Gust of Wind"
    Logo: Starts out on a turquoise background. A bright orange fireball-like object flies through the middle of the screen. The camera pans to reveal the source as Klonoa's ring. Halfway through the screen, the fireball morphs into Tails in flight. He screeches to a halt at the right of the screen as the camera zooms out to show Klonoa on the left and Tails on the right. Two fireballs, this time teal and gold, fly by revealing the words
    in those colors. It fades to black.
    Variant: Begins with the fireballs wiping the words in. Used in the 2000-2001 season only. Has also had "Entertainment" replaced with Productions (in the early years) as well as Television Distribution and Films. The movie variant is somewhat darker colored.
    SFX: The fireball morphing; the pans; the two fireballs making text appear.
    Cheesy Factor: The pans are a little choppy. Otherwise, great SFX for 1996.
    Music: A flame sound when the fireballs fly. When the 1st morphs, there is a quick chime (dddding!). A brake screech plays when Tails stops. At the end, a cool guitar version of the Revue theme plays.
    Availability: Can be seen on any show they produce, such as "Computer-centric With Lori and Tails" on H5 (their version of G4)
    Scare Factor: Low, this logo is good for the mid-'90s, but the sound FX and Revue theme might scare some.

    Juniorfan88's Dream Logos

    LBS Communications (2006-2026) Movies Only

    Peter Zeamas decided to release films in 2006 with the LBS Communications coming back on the air after nearly 15 years of turmoil. In 2008, Lexington Broadcasting Services will release Inspector Gadget 3 with Walt Disney as being partners in the movie. LBS also has plans in the future to distribute with Dic a new animated Heathcliff series called "The Heahtcliff & Riff-Raff Show." The base for the show is when Riff-Raff notices that Hector has been acting like a real jerk and threatening Riff-Raff saying, "I'm king of the Cadillac Cats. I have gained more money from scratching people's eyes out! If you don't leave, I will scratch your eyes out." He then gives Mungo and Wordsworth catnip and orders them to, "Chase the obsolete feline!" After being Chase, Heathcliff drags him from an alley to save Riff-Raff and says he will play trickery with the Cadillac Cats.

    Nickname: The Zooming Blue Letters

    Logo: We see in the typical 1984 LBS black/indigo background the 3-D letters turn like in a 360 degree angle or in a circle. The font of the letters remain the same and the color scheme. Once the letters quit spinning and the letter "LBS" are within the camera shot, the letters zoom out of the 1984 background into space like the Total Recall trailer logos. We see the blue "L" first zooming very fast; then the "B" and the "S". Afterwards, we see a starry background with "L" coming first, then the "B" next connecting the "L", and the "S" coming last connecting the "B" and then the text "LBS COMMUNICATION, INC" comes out from falling below the LBS text.

    SFX: Everything.

  • Music: We start out with an elegant piano theme. After the theme is played, we hear a zoom-like sound with a mixture of rocket/jet sound effects when the letters zoom. Toward the end of the zooming letters, we hear the zooming sound effects lessen, and a remix of the 1984 LBS logo's jingle start up with saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and drums which ends the logo.

    Cheesy Factor: None, looks very cool like on IMAX

    Availability: Can be found on movies such as Inspector Gadget 3, Baywatch: The Movie, What's Happening, What's Happening Now, and other feature films which was distributed by LBS.

    Scare Factor: Minimum.

    AsdfTheRevival's Dream Logos

    Nickelodeon (2008-present)

    Logo: On an orange, sandy background, we see a white blob emerge from the center. Suddenly, SpongeBob SquarePants, driving in a boatmobile, zooms onscreen singing "lalalalalalalal". He then runs over the white blob, making an explosion. As SpongeBob zooms offscreen and the smoke dissolves, we see the 3-D clay text "NICKELODEON".

  • FX: The blob, Spongebob driving, the explosion.

    Music: A bubble noise when the blob appears, then SpongeBob singing, then a "WTFBOOM" noise when the explosion happens.

    Availibilty: Seen on all Nickelodeon programming from 2008 on.

    Scare Factor: High, the loud WTFBOOM noise and explosion is very shocking and surprising.

    Cartoon Network Studios (2008-present)

    Logo/FX: On a white background, the black block with "C" from the current Cartoon Network logo falls down onto the screen. The box then opens and every single cartoon character to ever make an appearance on Cartoon Network, from Bugs Bunny to Chowder, explode out of the box like a sandstorm. Then when all of them are gone, the C block lets out a sigh of relief. Then, the block looks up in surprise as a bunch of black and white boxes fall on him to form the Cartoon Network Studios logo. The C block then says "Ouch."

    Music: A longer version of the original Cartoon Cartoon theme.

    Availability: Seen on episodes of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends", "Camp Lazlo", "Chowder", "Out of Jimmy's Head" and other CN originals from 2008 on.

    Scare Factor: Median. The logo is very fast paced and can catch you off guard.

    Soda Can Pictures (1990-present)

    Description coming soon!

    bigrene2's logos:

    Get a Life Productions

    Logo: On a black/blue gradient background, we see the words,
    "Get a Life" zoom in from the background(the letters are a green color),
    and stops at the middle of the screen, the word "Productions" fades in the bottom of the logo, in a green text. So the logo looks like this:

    Get a Life

    The logo Shines.

    FX: The zooming in, the shining

    Cheesy Factor: Not enough animation here, and the background is very primitive.

    Music: A 8-note Synthesizer tune

    Availability: Seen on "South Park".

    Scare Factor: Median, the music and the shining can get to some.

    Genesis Entertainment
    Nicknames: "Lower Case g", "G From Purgatory ", "Genesis: Foxafied"
    Logo: Searchlights gather around a lowercase g before Genesis typed as "GeNeSiS" lights up. The byline "A News Corporation Company" laters fades in before the searchlights turn off and the screen goes dark.
    SFX: The searchlights turning on, GeNeSiS lighting up, the searchlights turning off.
    Music: A Synthesizer Fanfare, going louder and more bombastic.
    Availability: Uncommon, seen on the last season of "The Nanny", and reruns of "South Park".
    Scare Factor: Medium, because of the searchlights turning off.

    Valentine Films, Inc.
    Logo: On a black background, we see the GIF image of the famous mascot, the Dancing Banana. Then circles in to Timmy Turner being scared, then circled to Homestar Runner, then circled to Ren Hoek from Ren & Stimpy, then circled back to the Dancing Banana, then the words, “Valentine Films, Inc.” in Comic Sans MS Font zooms to the center of the screen.
    SFX: Pictures, it looks good for the logo.
    Music: Just a Cinergi jingle. Usually, the logo has no music.
    Availability: It's currently available on shorts made by The Valentine Bros. Also the good find is that it's also on long films.
    Scare Factor: Low.

    Logo #1
    Logo: We see Sailor Moon in her usual pose and the moon behind her. "Walt Disney-PBS Productions" is written onto the screen as an announcer says "This is PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service." SFX: None.
    Music: 2002 PBS Logos.
    Availability: Can still be seen on season 1 episodes of Sailor Moon. Scare factor: None.

    Logo #2
    Logo: Same as PBS Tri-Colored Everyman P-Heads except that the background is the moon.
    SFX: Same as above.
    Music: Same as above.
    Availability: When dubbed into English, Sailor Moon R had this indent replaced with The Windowsill. Sailor Moon R's dub has the standard Transparent Blue P-Head plastered over this indent. So consider this logo rare except in Japan.
    Scare factor: Median.

    Logo #3
    Logo: We see the moon background for 2 seconds, then the Split Profile plays on the background.
    SFX: Same as above.
    Music: A Piano Tune.
    Availability: Near extinction. This indent is usually plastered over by a PBS Kids indent from 1999 or 2000.
    Scare factor: Low.

    Logoboy95's Dream Logos

    I'll Sue Ya Productions (2007-)

    Nickname: "The Mailbox"

    Logo: Well, we see a white mailbox facing a red flag (with dark teal stripe) overlapping a scene from WB's "Hondo". On a mailbox, we see the text:


    FX: None, this is a still logo.

    Music: The theme song's ending

    Availability: Can be seen on "Victory!"

    Scare Factor: None (see FX).

    20th Century Fox World Resort (2006-)

    Logo: We see a picture of the 20th Century Fox structure in front of the 20th Century Fox World theme park, with a slime fountain during the first scene. We then fade to the next scene, that of the 3-D version of the 1997 Universal Studios logo's, while the 20th Century Fox structure stays on the second scene. This logo is cartoon much like Laser Kermit was.

    Variant: There is a live-action variant used from 2007 up onwards. It was seen on the "The Tree-House" second season.

    FX: The two scenes of a theme park video.

    Music: Plays over the ending theme while the announcer says "[SHOW] was recorded from a live audience at 20th Century Fox World in Florida at Universal Studios Orlando".

    Availability: Rare. Sometimes the animated variant was saved on season 1 episodes of "The Tree-House". This cartoon version can be also found on "Extreme Sports" (edited versions of "The Tree-House"), after the 20th Century Fox Channel logo. The live-action variant can be usually preserved on season 2 episodes of "The Tree-House". It also can be found on season 2 episodes of "Ice Age: The Series", but has copyright underneath the second scene while it is used with live-action animation. However, this logo is rare today and it can be still intact on "The Tree-House: The Complete First Season" DVD box set.

    Scare Factor: Low; the Universal globe can catch off guard.

    BreilLogos's Dream Logo

    Breil Company

    1st Logo

    Nickname: "The CGI Sky and Grass"

    Logo: We see a sky and a grass background,then a white 2008 Breil Company logo (the globe from 1999 and the text "BREIL")zooms in. It shines. Then, the copyright zooms out.

    Variant:Instead of "© (year,ranges from 2007-2009) Breil Company. All Rights Reserved",they added the "Television" to the company's name.
    This is seen on Yo! and other comedy shows.

    FX: The 'wiggling' grass,the zooming.

    Cheesy Factor: Great CGI.

    Music: The Wood Knapp 1988 theme.

    Availability: Seen on all Breil Channel shows from 2007-2009,and on reruns it has been plastered with the 2nd logo.

    Scare Factor: None.

    wisp2007's logos wisp2007 's logos...


    Logo 1: 1988-1997

    wisp2007's logos - CLG Wiki

    Logo: This is not really a logo, only an in-credit disclaimer. We see the text "From Grandma Studios" and a copyright info.

    FX: None.

    Music: The show's closing theme

    Availability: Rare.

    Scare Factor: Possibly none.

    Logo 2: 1989-1998

    wisp2007's logos - CLG Wiki
    Logo: We see a picture of a very frail and bitter looking grandma. She blinks and coughs, and forces her mouth into an insincere smile. "GRANDMA STUDIOS" wipes in underneath. Then the logo turns like a trilon to any one of these logos:

    • Nelvana (Octavious: The Animated Series, Long Tail Kitty)
    • Sony Pictures Television (Name That Cheese)
    • DiC Entertainment (The Adventures of Ronnie Weasel)
    • Touchstone Television (Wrathington Heights)
    • Juniper Hills Inc. (Inky Black)
    • Saban International (Long Tail Kitty)
    • Columbia Pictures TV (Long Tail Kitty - Canada Releases)

    FX: All live action-except the trilon turn.

    Music: A piano chord, followed by a little girl saying, "Grandma, where's the toothpaste?". Then when the grandma smiles, an ugly creaking sound is heard. Name That Cheese has the theme playing over it.


    • The Nelvana variation has the byline for Corus Entertainment in a "spooky" font.
    • The trilon turns to the left in Long Tail Kitty.
    • The DiC variation has the girl who said "Grandma, where's the toothpaste" replaced by a boy saying the word "Dic". This appeared in both the Kid in Bed and Incredible World variations.
    • The Inky Black variation used the print logo.
    • .Sometimes, the girl's voice is sped up and sounds bad.

    Availability: Uncommon, but not plastered. The studios have been generous in preserving this strange logo.

    Scare Factor: High. That ugly creaking sound can be murder on the ears.

    Logo 3: 1998-today
    wisp2007's logos - CLG Wiki
    Logo: We see a picture of a grandma flipping toward the screen. "GRANDMA STUDIOS" appears via "rippling effect".

    FX: Rippling of the letters.

    Music: A slow, gentle orchestra. On California Dream (2000), a different piece was heard that carried over to the Columbia TriStar logo. Can have the closing theme over it as well.


    • Long Tail Kitty had this logo with "PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH" when it was switched over from Columbia Pictures Television to Nelvana in 1998.
    • On 2-part episodes of Name That Cheese, the logo is completely still.
    • On a second season episode of Name That Cheese, the word "FROM" was positioned above.
    • A version with the most horrible film quality ever appears on the season 2 finale of Name That Cheese.
    • The 3rd season of Name That Cheese has a brighter version and new-looking.

    Availability: Current.

    Scare Factor: Low.

    Crystal Home Video

    Background: Crystal Home Video distributes TV shows on VHS by Grandma Studious. Crystal HV also distributes a limited amount of Orion Pictures films.

    Logo 1: 1980-1983

    Logo: Just a gray background with the words "CRYSTAL HOME VIDEO" on it. The logo shines two times and then flips away.

    FX: The flipping.

    Music: None.

    Availability: Seen on VHSs of Kara's Cat.

    Scare Factor: None, but cheesy.

    Logo 2: 1983-1986

    Logo: On a space background, we see a comet streak by. Then another comet streaks by. Then another. The next one stops in the middle of the screen and explodes. The explosion morphs into the word "CRYSTAL". "HOME VIDEO" zooms in with a trail effect.

    FX: Everything.

    Music: The WTF Boom during the explosion.

    Availability: Extinct. Was seen on Kitty Kats VHSs of Long Tail Kitty.

    Scare Factor: None.

    Logo 3: 1986-1990 (Orion Merger)

    Logo: We see the Orion logo flip up on a space background. It shines. Then we see the word "CRYSTAL" zoom up from the bottom. It shines too. Then both logos flash and we see "HOME VIDEO" below.

    FX: Everything.

    Music: The Key Video theme.

    Availability: Rare.

    Sacre Factor: None

    Shadeed329's Dream logos

    Cartoon Network Television

    1st Logo

    Logo: On a white background, we see the then-current logo of Cartoon Network with the word "TELEVISION" below followed by the company's byline.

    • 1997-2001: A Time Warner Company
    • 2001-2003: An AOL Time Warner Company
    • 2003-2004: A TimeWarner Company

    Music/Sounds: TBA

    Availability: TBA

    Scare Factor: TBA

    2nd Logo

    heart1994's dream logo

    Melted-Marshmallow Productions

    Nickname: "Yogi Bear falling off"
    Logo: On a shaded purple background, Yogi Bear is seen on the roof. Suddenly, Yogi Bear stumbles and falls off the roof. He yells "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!". Then, Boo Boo Bear looked at Yogi. He shrugged and goes by. The text

    is in red and blue.

    FX: Yogi Bear falling

    Music: A 3-note jazz music after Yogi's scream.

    Scare Factor: Median, the screaming might get you off guard.

    mr3urious' Dream Logos

    Universal Pictures
    (June 8, 2012- )

    Nicknames: "Centennial Globe"

    Logo: Against a starry space background, a biplane similar to the one found in the 1920's Universal logo flies toward us. The camera them pans backward to reveal a rotating Earth globe, which is rotating rather quickly and is surrounded by two asteroid belts. The plane barrel rolls around the globe, leaving behind a thick contrail of smoke, which forms the words "UNIVERSAL PICTURES" shaped like a ring of Saturn (similar to the Universal logo from the late teens). The globe's rotation later slows down. The plane then reappears from the back of the globe and flies toward us, doing multiple barrel rolls. It then flies off the screen. The byline "AN NBC-UNIVERSAL COMPANY" fades in below.

    FX: The biplane flying around and forming the smoke; jaw-dropping effects right here!

    Music: A remix of the theme from the 1991 Universal logo, composed by James Horner, which sounds incredible. The SFX consist of the biplane's engine.

    Availability: TBA

    Scare Factor: None whatsoever. Who could be scared by such a stunning logo?

    SonicRacer's Logos


    1st Logo (1995-2009)

    Nicknames: "Double S From Heaven", "Squares From Heaven"

    Logo: On a black background with a green border, we see two stylized "S" (ala Screen Gems 1965-74) in silver, tilted the opposite of each other on their pivot. Behind the two "S" are two tilted boxes, one blue and one orange, tilted the same way as the two "S". Below that, the words, in script, appear below:


    Sebastian Studios, LTD.


    We then cut to a black screen with the words "DigiFilms" in plain with an "Inc." below tat written in script inside a film strip.

    SFX: None, this is a still logo, except for the green ocean moving in the background.

    Cheesy Factor: The "Sebastian Studios" script seems to be plastered onto the background.

    Music: The sounds of seagulls chirping, but some shows have the end credits playing over this logo.

    Availability: On all shows produced by Sean Sebastian like "The New Home Improvement Show", "Double Crossers", and "Yellow Road".

    Scare Factor: None, the design of the "SS" may catch some people off guard, but it's rather harmless.

    2nd Logo


    Coming Soon!

    Balto's dream logos

    (November 2008-until Kody Speikers dies)

    Note: Kody Speikers Entertainment was founded by Kody Speikers, himself. Kody Speikers Entertainment is a joint venture between 20th Century Fox & Regency Enterprises.

    Nickname: "The Hanna Barbera Comedy Logo Spoof"

    Logo: On a blurry white background with several colorful abstract shapes flying about, we see a clear square/oval that provides a “clear” view of the flying shapes; the square/oval has the Kody Speikers Entertainment in a handwriting font embossed in it at the top. We see the characters:
    1.Cody Maverick runs and slips
    2.Kaltag (grinning)
    3.Kody the fox surfs on his surfboard
    4.Buizel runs while Bart fell
    5.Elliot (with a "what?" expression)
    6.Franklin Fizzlybear runs
    7.Fox McCloud rides on a motorcycle
    8.George Michael runs away, scared
    9.Marvin "El Sketcho" Mallowolf (with a weird “craning neck” animation)
    10.Balto (zooms towards the logo; extreme close up)

    FX: The same effect from Hanna Barbera.

    Cheesy Factor: With every character!

    Music: The same as the Hanna Barbera sound effect from the All Stars logo.

    Availability: Seen on shows from Kody Speikers.

    Scare Factor: Minimal, Balto getting slammed can cause a few scares.

    (2166-when another logo idea as hatched)

    Silversword55's Dream Logos

    Walt Disney Television

    Nicknames: "The CGI Castle", "CGI Magic Kingdom", "CGI Disney"

    Logo: Just the movie logo, but "TELEVISION" replacing "PICTURES" The logo starts off with the camera already in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

    SFX/MUSIC: Same as movie logo

    Availability: Seen on any shows produced by Disney

    Scare Factor: Same as movie logo

    Sony Pictures Television

    Nicknames: “Swirling Bars”, “Filmstrip Bars”, "Sony Cylinder"

    Logo: Same as the Sony Pictures Television International logo, only the "International" is cut out. Yes, now that's what the SPT logo should look like!

    SFX/Music: Same as SPTI logo

    Availability: Seen on any show produced, and distributed by SPT (EXCEPT THAT IT WON'T PLASTER ANY LOGOS!!!!)

    Scare Factor: Same as SPTI logo

    New Age Films

    Nicknames: "The Spinning/Growing/Disappearing Globe"

    Logo: We see a yellow globe (identical to Worldvision Enterprises' just without the W) spinning around in a blue background. Then "New Age Films" in a yellow, Marcelle font, writes itself. Then the globe grows larger and disappears. "A Train Pig Enterprises Company" fades below "New Age Films"

    SFX: The globe disappearing, the drawing of "New Age Films"

    Music: A sad sounding music, then after the logo is completed, a happy, bombastic fanfare.

    Availability: At the end of movies produced by Train Pig Films.

    Scare Factor: Median, because of the music.

    Broadcasters International

    Nicknames: "The Spinning/Growing/Disappearing Globe"

    Note: This is the international (TV and Film) arm of Train Pig Enterprises, which owns all of Train Pig Films/Television/TV Distribution/Animation, and New Age Films.

    Logo: Same as New Age Films, only "Broadcasters" replaces "New Age Films", and "International" appears in front of us, and zooms back to place itself under "Broadcasters", letter by letter. Also, the animations seems to go MUCH faster than the New Age Films logo.

    SFX: Same as New Age Films + "International" appearing and zooming back letter by letter.

    Music: Same as New Age Films

    Availability: Any international show produced/distributed by Train Pig Films or Television.

    Scare Factor: High, because of the faster pace than the New Age Films logo.

    New Age Home Entertainment

    1st logo

    Nicknames: "The Morphing Globe" "Circle Stripes" "NAHE"

    Note: New Age Home Video Is the Home Entertainment arm of Train Pig Enterprises.

    Logo: In a Scarlet, sky BG with mountains, We see the yellow globe from the New Age Films, and Broadcasters International logo, spinning around, until 3 beams of light cross through it. The globe then splits, and morphs into "NAHE." in the same Marcelle font. 5 yellow, small, thin lines circle the logo, creating 4 circle stripes in the process. "New Age Home Entertainment" Also in a Marcelle font, fades in, and "A Train Pig Enterprises Comany" in the same font, fades in on the bottom of the screen.

    SFX: The globe splitting, and morphing to NAHE, circle stripes being formed around the logo.

    Music: Air playing in the background, then when the globe splits, a tune exactly like the LBS jingle of 1989-1992 plays, but deeper and slower. The last note of the LBS 1989 jingle is extended until the logo ends.

    Availability: On any shows and movies owned by Train Pig Enterprises on DVD.

    Scare Factor: None. It's very calming.

    2nd logo

    Nicknames: "The (Other) Watery Stage" "NAHE"

    Logo: In a scarlet, aquatic background, we see bubbles coming from the bottom of the screen, flying up through the screen, which forces the camera to pan upstairs, out of the water, revealing a stage identical to the CBS Television Distribution one, except that appears to be flooded. The NAHE logo, which is the same one from logo 1, crashes the stage wall, and zooms in until it stops mid way to the screen. "A Train Pig Enterprises Comany" crashes another wall, and places itself under the NAHE logo.

    SFX: Great, and I mean GREAT CGI.

    Music: A re-orchestrated version of the LBS jingle form 1987-1989.

    Availaibility: Same as logo 1. Train Pig Enterprises often likes to mix it up, and use both logos.

    Scare Factor: None.

    20th Century Fox Animation

    Logo: Likethe TCFTV logo of the era, only difference is "ANIMATION" zooms out.

    SFX/Music: Same as TCFTV logo of the era

    Availability: Was only seen on "The Simpsons"

    Scare Factor: Same as TCFTV logo of the era.

    NBC Universal Home Video

    Nicknames: "90s Peacock Advanced + CGI Globe II" "Revue Strikes Back" "CGI Peacock and Globe"

    On a space background, a very bright yellow aura appears, revealing the 1997 Universal Globe (the brighter one), then we see "Universal" text revolve around the earth from the right with the screen almost at the top of the earth, then the screen fades to the "NBC" in a futuristic font, revolving from the left of the globe, then placing itself to the left of the "Universal" . The
    circular globe motif then writes itself, sandwitching "NBC UNIVERSAL." Then a red CGI mound appears. As it rises, more rainbow colors are revealed. Then from the top of the screen, the head/neck of the NBC Peacock swings in and the moundspreads to become his feathers. This Peacock is the current version, and it backs away with a color trail around it. That completes the NBC Universal logo, as the Peacock logo places itself between "NBC" and "Universal".

    H O M E V I D E O

    fades in below the globe.

    SFX: The peacock forming, the circular globe motif writing itself.

    Music: An extended, re-orchestrated version of the infamous Revue jingle.

    Availability: It was first seen on the Bionic Woman Season 2, and Heroes Season 3 DVDs respectively

    Scare Factor: Median to High, the Revue jingle blasting your ears off, plus how bright the aura is, it is going to give people the creeps

    WizardDuck's Dream Logos

    Warner Bros. Television Group
    Background: In 2008, Time Warner split into three companies: Warner Communications, Time Inc and TW Cablesystems. Warner Communications took Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, The CW, AOL (rebranded as a Yahoo-like service), HBO, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and the Turner networks. The CW, Warner Bros. Television, HBO and the Turner networks were consolidated into one unit: Warner Bros. Television Group. TBS, TCM, TNT, CNN, Headline News and Cartoon Network, and Boomerang left alone. Warner Bros. airs a bumper on a daily basis at 6AM ET on TBS, TNT, TCM, Cartoon Network and CNN.
    Logo: The animation proceeds much like the movie logo, but the banner says "TELEVISION GROUP". The shield zooms out further than normal, towards the top center. Below, we see the following logos, in rows of five:
    ROW 1: Warner Bros. Television, The CW, HBO, Cinemax, TBS
    ROW 2: TNT, TCM, CNN, Headline News
    ROW 3: Cartoon Network, Boomerang
    The byline "A Warner Communications Company" appears below the logos.
    SFX: Great CGI!
    Music: A souped-up version of the wind jingle from the 1998 movie logo.
    Availability: Appears daily on the basic cable assets of WBTG.
    Scare Factor: None, unless you're used to the movie logo and get this.
    Nickelodeon Studios LA
    Background: In 2006, Nickelodeon decided they needed a facility to tape their shows at again, in
    order to maximize profit. Construction on the Nickelodeon Studios in Los Angeles began in July 2006.
    The building was finished in May 2008, and filming began on shows in August of that year. Like
    it's predecessor in Orlando, it offers a studio tour.The first "iCarly" episode taped at the facility aired in October 2008, and a new logo premiered on that show.
    Logo: We see a frontal view of the exterior of the studio (which looks identical to its predecessor in Orlando, except the "Nickelodeon" logo is a lighter shade of orange, and the decor is more modern). We then cut to a wider shot. In front of the studio are two slime geysers and a water fountain with a revolving Nickelodeon Studios logo (the same one used for the Orlando studio) flanked by Nickelodeon characters SpongeBob, Cosmo and Wanda, Dora, Tommy, and Blue. Copyright information is on the bottom of the screen.
    SFX: Live action, so none.
    Music: None, aside from the voiceover "(Show name) has been recorded at the Nickelodeon Studios in scenic Los Angeles, California."
    Availability: Appears after "iCarly" on Nickelodeon.
    Scare Factor: None.
    Cartoon Network Movies
    2nd Logo
    Logo: Basically a redux of the 2006 CN Movies logo. Over an ethereal sky background, a checkerboard pattern zooms forward (like the CN logo from 1992-2004, but inverted and with no letters). It makes a stop at a comfortable distance away, and various characters owned by Warner Communications (such as Bugs Bunny, Fred Flintstone, Cow & Chicken etc.) appear outside the logo and interact. On the checkerboard, various letters appear in a fast-paced pattern. The checkerboard turns into the Cartoon Network logo and zooms forth, blowing the characters away. The byline "A TimeWarner Company" appears below.
    SFX: The CGI.
    Music: Same as the 2006 CNM logo.
    Availability: Just started going into use. Appeared on "Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Movie".
    Scare Factor: None.
    Bad Grammar Films
    Nicknames: "The Randomness Logo", "What the Heck is This?"
    Logo: Over a black background, we see a pink marker. It writes "BAd grAMMER Fils". The marker is eaten by a raccoon, and the raccoon launches into space for no reason, taking the company name with him. He lands on the moon, and tosses "BAd grAMMER Fils" into the sun. We cut to a bad-looking video of a child making a peanut butter sandwich. "Bad Grammar Films" is at the bottom of the screen. The raccoon eats the company name, then explodes.
    SFX: Everything.
    Music: Starts off with a triumphant fanfare, then when the raccoon appears, we hear blips. Then, there is no music in space, aside from sound FX. There is no music on the bad-looking video, aside from sound effects, however the child is singing "Witch Doctor".
    Availability: Appears before "Yo Momma" on MTV, and a shortened version appears at the end of "Degrassi" The Next Generation" on The N.
    Scare Factor: None for most, nightmare for IM addicts.

    AsdfTheRevival's Dream Logos

    Nick Jr. Productions (December 2007-)

    Nicknames: "Bubbles", "Remake of the 1997 Logo"

    Logo: On a yellow background a la the 1997 Nick Jr. Productions logo, we see a clay orange person with "NICK" on his body. Next to him is a smaller clay blue person with "JR." on his body. The blue "JR." person takes out a jar of bubble blowing liquid. He dips the bubble blower into the jar, then blows lots of different bubbles as the orange person watches. He then blows a bubble that is so large, it bursts and the text "PRODUCTIONS" formed out of various different fonts on each letter appears under the two people. They then jump to each other and hug like the previous two logos.

    FX: The clay.

    Music: The same music as the 1997 logo, but a bit longer.

    Cheesy Factor: None, great claymation just like the 1997 logo.

    Availability: Seen on all Nick Jr. programming after December 2007. However, it will not plaster over old logos.

    Scare Factor: None

    heart1994's dream logos

    Seizure Productions

    Nickname: "Seizure"

    Logo/FX: On a light pink background, a green stick person is waving at you. Suddenly, the thunderbolt hits the ground, then the stick person is shaking. After that, a female off-screen voice said, "What's going on, huh?", then the text:


    appears after that.

    Music: None, just an off-screen voice.

    Availability: Seen on Family Guy.

    Scare Factor: High, unless your scared of the thunder bolt.

    2nd logo:

    Logo: Same as logo 1, but with blue BG, purple stick person, a different off-screen voice (Who is Tyra Banks), saying "You shut up!"

    Music: Same

    Cheesy Factor: Same

    Availability: Seen on Robot Chicken

    Scare Factor: Same.

    Chicken Bone Productions

    Logo: In this live action scene, we see a farm and we zoom in to a bone. After that, a pitbull starts to pick up the bone. He chewed it. Then, an off screen voice says "Good Dog, Fido!" in a hick voice, and the words:


    are in blue.

    1) In DIC, an off screen voice said something different. He said "Nice Dog, Fido!"
    2) In Nelvana, he said "Good Dog, Fido!"
    3) On Rugrats, it was animated.
    4) On Christmas, an off screen voice said "Merry Christmas, Fido!"

    FX: A pitbull chewing a bone.

    Availability: Seen on some shows

    Scare Factor: Median, the animated version might startle you.

    Logoboy95's Dream Logos

    20th Century Fox World Resort (2007-)

    Logo: Same as the cartoon version of the logo, but is live-action instead.

    Variant: There is a variant on "Robots: The Series" in which the 20th Century Fox World Resort structure stays on screen and zooms out to reveal the Universal Globe. The announcement only can heard over the logo, no music.

    Music/SFX: Same as the cartoon version.

    Availability: Seen after all "The Tree-House" Season 2 episodes aired on 20th Century Fox Channel.

    Scare Factor: None

    JHprod's dream logos

    Columbia Enterprises (Organisation)

    1st Logo (1981-1984)

    Nicknames: "Sunburst II", "Blue Sunburst"

    Logo: Same as the '76 CPT logo, but a blue half of the circle with 13 rays in the center & the words COLUMBIA ENTERPRISES GROUP under it.

    FX: Same as the 1976 CPT logo.

    Music: Same as the CPT logo used 1976.

    • Extended: Same as the Columbia Pictures logo used 1975, but the torch lady zooms in & it turns into a red (yellow) sunburst. The msic is the same as the '75 Columbia Pictures logo.
    • Yellow Sunburst: Same as the CPT sunburst, but a yellow half of the circle with 13 white rays in the center & the text A COLUMBIA ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTION in white & Garamond font under it. The music is the short variant of the CPT sunburst.
    • Still: Same as the CPT sunburst, but not animated. A green half of the circle with 13 rays in the center and the text COLUMBIA ENTERTAINMENT, LTD. in orange under it.

    Avalibility: Seen on New Color Rhapsodies.

    Scare Factor: None

    Cheesy Factor: These variations of the sunburst are yellow, green & red.

    Scholastic Audiovisual
    1st Logo (2012-2019)

    Nicknames: "The Strip II", "The Gradient Strip", "The Sky Blue/Turquoise Strip", "The Shining Strip"

    Logo: Same as the 3rd logo of Scholastic Productions, but the gradient sky blue/turquoise flying strip is shining.

    SFX: Same as the 3rd logo of Scholastic Productions.

    Music: Can be played over the 2nd logo of Scholastic Productions or it can be the ending theme.

    Avalibility: Seen on Scholastic Productions produced shows.

    Scare Factor: None

    Columbia-TriStar Entertainment (2008-)

    Nicknames: "Swirling Bars strikesback!", "Sony Cylinder II"

    Logo: Same as the 2nd logo of SPTI but at the bottom of the swirling bars has the text zooms & preforms:

    E N T E R T A I N M E N T

    SFX: Same as the 2nd logo of SPTI, but it has the text at the bottom "COLUMBIA-TRISTAR ENTERTAINMENT" instead of "SONY PICTURES TELEVISION INTERNATIONAL".

    Music: Same as the 2nd logo of SPTI.

    Avalibility: Seen on Dragon Tales on PBS Kids.

    Scare Factor: Same as the 2nd logo of SPTI.

    Globo-ABC (2007)

    Background: On December 5th, 2007, Disney-ABC TV Group announced TV Globo International decided to share with American Broadcasting Company as Globo-ABC, a American language Brazilian-based TV production/syndication distributor. Rede Globo, a Brazilian TV channel. Both would be in Globo-ABC.

    Nickname: "The Globe"

    Logo: In a space background, we see a globe spinning & zooming out while the Rede Globo logo spins & zooms out & the text zooms out:


    SFX/Cheesy Factor: The real live-action globe spins & zooms out quickly, the Rede Glogo logo spins & zooms out, the text zooms out. The word "abc" in the text "GLOBO/abc" is in a American Broadcasting Company font.

    Music: 4-note choir Rede Globo tune, "H", "F", "G", "C".

    Avalibility: Most seen on ABC (United States) shows.

    Scare Factor: None, the very quick globe might scare you.

    Train Pig/JH Pictures (2010)
    Background: In February 2010, they announced Train Pig Enterprises if we share with Jared Hunter Productions as Train Pig/JH Pictures

    Description coming soon except Background

    sega3dmm's Dream Logos Part II

    Sony Pictures Television Group (2008-)

    Background: In March 2008, the chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment announced to divide Sony Pictures Television into separate brands. There would be Columbia Pictures Television, a TV program production and distributor company, and TriStar Television, a TV syndicator/distributor for non-Sony produced shows. Both would be in the Sony Pictures Television Group.

    Logo: On a black/dark-blue gradient background, we see a CGI Sony Pictures Television logotype circa 2002 distantly glow and slowly zoom towards us. Above the screen are CGI thunderclouds with a tint of pretty much like this color. After 1.5 seconds, lightning from a thunder cloud strikes at the logo and it shaders glass with an explosion which transitions the logo to:
    • The end of the Columbia Pictures logo cicra 2007, at the point when the "COLUMBIA" is in the middle of fading in, but with the text "COLUMBIA PICTURES TELEVISION" beneath it and "PRODUCED BY:" above it, both in gold shimmering font a la Columbia TriStar Home Video 1993. The byline says "part of the SONY PICTURES TELEVISION GROUP a SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT company" at the bottom of the screen
    • The end of the TriStar Pictures logo cicra 2007, at the point where the Pegasus takes his 3rd or 4th step towards the screen. When the majestic "TriStar" text appears, it fades in with "TELEVISION" beneath it, and "DISTRIBUTED BY:" both in a grey shimmering Arial Narrow font to fit the "TriStar" text. The byline is the same as the closing listed before this one positioned at the bottom of the screen.

    Syndication Variations:
    • The text above "COLUMBIA" in the CPT logo changes to "PRODUCED & DISTRIBUTED BY:".
    • On KingWorld shows being syndicated, like "Wheel Of Fourtune", the byline changes to on the TriStar Television logo. This only occours on post-2007 episodes of WOF and on repeats of the 400th episode.
    • When "Dragon Tales" is re-run on PBS, we hear a little girl say "Dragon Tales was presented by Columbia Pictures Television. It's swell entertainment!".

    SFX: Breathtaking CGI. This would be made at Weta Digital.

    Chessy Factor: Are YOU joking this is TOTALLY not cheesy!

    Music: Soft but hard thunder noises at the start, glass breaking effects a la THX "Cavaclade" trailer when the logo explodes. If it's transitioned to CPT, we hear a portion of the brass sounder from the 1992 Columbia logo. If transitioned to TriStar Television, we hear the 1993 TriStar Television jingle.

    Avalibility: No, this is not like the last plaster-crazy logo from 2002. It will plaster few shows, and seen on Sony TV shows from April 2008 to beyond.

    Scare Factor: Low to Medium.

    Miley Sucks Pictures
    (Febuary 2008-)

    Logo: We see sega3dmm, randomchannel134 and CaitlinSystems go inside Miley Cyrus' house. Sega3dmm and randomchannel134 play baseball and randomchannel134 pitches the ball and sega3dmm hits it through Miley's 70" HDTV. CaitlinSystems goes to Billy Ray's room and throws a picture of Miley as a 5-year-old in a heart-shaped frame reading "Dearly beloved Destiny Hope Cyrus: A true angel" at the flaming fireplace while randomchannel134 is shooting the walls with a B.B. gun and sega3dmm whacking Miley's Xbox 360 with a steel hammer. We now see Miley Cyrus go down the stairs from her bedroom visibly schocked and CaitlinSystems sets a bomb on the staircase to seconds and it collapes with Miley screaming for mercuy. Then we cut to sega3dmm spray-painting the wall reading the following:
    Miley Sucks
    ~~~P I C T U R E S~~~
    And we see Miley with bandages, an electronic handicap voicebox and a cast on her leg with hate comments written on it, in a wheelchair, drive through that wall, crying in a synthized voice. In summer 2010 or fall 2011, a book is seen at the beginning of the logo and it opens to reveal the logo.

    SFX: Animated elements.

    Chessy Factor: As the three people enter Miley's house, the zoom/pan in front of the house looks choppy. The synthized crying sounds like it's generated on an old Macintosh computer.

    Music: Sound effects corresponding to the stuff happening in the video and a 5 note tune at the end.

    Availability: Will be seen on seen on Hannah Montana since Febuary 2008 and will plaster every 2006-2007 episode of that show. Will also be likely known to be seen on the upcoming Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Tour documentary and TV broadcastings of every single film she stars starting with Big Fish and makes a cameo on High School Musical 2. A variant where the logo speeds up at 16x speed will play 10 times at the beginning, before and after the credits of Hannah Montana: The Movie.

    Scare factor: None for anti-Hannah Montana fans, but high to nightmare for crazed Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fanfinatics, but if you're watching Hannah Montana: The Movie, you will get bored and decide you want to skip this on your DVD.

    Miley Sucked Pictures

    Logo: We see sega3dmm in his 12-year-old form in his room showing us a picture of Hannah Montana and crumbling it. Then he holds a sign saying:
    Miley Sucked Pictures
    and drops it.

    SFX: Live-action

    Chessy Factor: Looks like a cheap home video.

    Music: The sounds.

    Avalibility: Will be used in tandem with the Miley Sucks Pictures logo.

    Scare factor: None. Generally, it depends if you like her or not.

    Jasondows Corporation
    Logo 1

    Nicknames: Jamay, Jason where's the toothpaste?

    Logo: On a blue-white gradient background, we see a black-and-white picture of an African-American boy. The color scheme changes to full color on the picture and the boy smiles. The text "JASONDOWS CORPORATION" fades in below the picture.

    SFX: Black-and-white picture changes to color. Boy in picture smiles. Text fading in.

    Chessy Factor: Everthing looks bland, besides the boy.

    Music: A soft piano cord, followed by an off-screen little girl voice saying "Jason, where's the toothpaste?" then an ugly creacking sound that accompanies the smile.

    Avalibility: Seen on "Law & Order" episodes, including the show's spin-offs, and kid's shows like "The Weekenders".

    Scare factor: Low to median. The creacking sound can get to some.

    2nd Logo


    Balto's dream logos

    20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
    1st (Fake) logo

    Nickname: "20th Century Fox + Rysher Entertainment"

    Logo: We see the 20th Century Fox structure, but with HOME ENTERTAINMENT stocked on it. The sky turns darker and the searchlights become brighter. A spark streaks in the starry sky. "A NEWS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" fades in.

    FX: The effects from Rysher Entertainment.

    Cheesy Factor: You will know that the production companies have gone Rysher such as Nelvana, Kaltag Productions, 4Kids Entertianment and more.

    Music: The music that was heard in the 1993 Rysher Entertainment logo.

    Availability: Seen on 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment releases from 2378 to 2411.

    Scare Factor: None.

    2nd Logo

    Nickname: "Remake of the 1993 logo"

    Logo: Same as the 1993 logo, but HOME ENTERTAINMENT is stacked. "A NEWS CORPARATION COMPANY" fades in.

    Tails2112's dream logo

    Carolco Pictures

    1st (remake) logo (1996-1999)

    nickname: "the Remake of the 1984 and 1988 logo"

    Logo: We start off with the Carolco pictures 1984 but when the C forms it fades into white and then the 1988 logo appears.

    Music: same as the 1988 logo but this time is in the Different pitch.

    Availability: Seen on "The Tails Movie" (1997).

    kidinbed's dream logos (again)

    Gainax (Japan)
    Gainax Firumu (Japan) (2012-2020)
    Nickname: "Gainax Bounce"

    Logo: We see Misty May from Otaku no Video in a red outfit with the regular Gainax logo. The Gainax logo on her shirt bounces up and down with the movement of her breasts, and we zoom in to the shirt. Misty May then transforms, and there is a flash of nudity as the shirt becomes pink and the same "Gainax" in Japanese appears. The shirt becomes white soon after this happens, and the byline "a unit of Studio Gainax, Inc" is written with a laser.

    FX: Everything. A brilliant logo.

    Music/Sounds: The end part of the Otaku no Video intro music with sound effects.

    Music/Sounds Variant: On FLCL, a barely heard version is used without sound effects.

    Availability: Curently in use; appears on films made by Gainax, such as Take Care of Yourself: Evangelion the film (released through Universal, ADV Films, and Warner Bros), FLCL (released by Fooker Entertainment), Littner Yoko no Monogatari (the Gurren Lagann prequel), and the upcoming He Sure Isn't My Master: How We Actually Made A Bad Anime. This also appears on poops of Baby Rabbit, Tiny Green Bear, Emily and Egg.

    Scare Factor: Low; the sudden flash of Misty May nude may not sit well with viewers, but if you've seen Otaku no Video, you're gonna love this one.
    JHprod's dream logos

    Microsoft (2010-)

    Nickname: The Windows Logo

    Logo: In a black background, we see a Windows logo w/o the blue gradient circle from 2006-Present flying & zooming out to the left next to the Microsoft logo that is zooming out & it shines to the right & the text says below :

    C o r p o r a t i o n

    SFX/Cheesy Factor: The new Microsoft Windows logo from 2006-Present flies & zooms out to the left, the Microsoft logo zooms out to the right, the text fades below "C o r p o r a t i o n".

    Music: Same as Microsoft Xbox 360 console's startup.

    Avalibility: Mostly seen on Games for Windows & Xbox 360 games.

    Scare Factor: None

    Barney Sucks Entertainment (October 2006-Forever)
    Background: Barney Sucks Entertainment distributed some produced shows from JH Productions, Train Pig Films, New Age Films, Tourettes Guy Rocks Pictures, Evans Films, Grandma Studios, & Miley Sucks Pictures. BSE is an arm of Train Pig Enterprises & JH Productions.

    1st Logo

    Nickname: "Barney, the Ugly, Big Purple Dinosaur"

    Logo: We see Dash and Dot playing with their kites, then they go into Barney's house amd see Barney, then Dot writes:


    on a crayonized font with a crayon on the wall, then Dash says to Barney: "You're gay!" and he and Dot set a bomb to Barney sitting on a couch for seconds and they go outside laughing, then the bomb explodes and Barney cries.

    SFX: A combination of animation (Dash, Dot, outside, house, crayon, crayon drawing) and live-action (Barney, lamp, table, table for lamp, plate with pizza, cup of water, TV set, couch).

    Music: The English version of Numa Numa, Dash and Dot giggling, Barney saying "Welcome!", Dash saying "You're gay!", Barney saying "Uh-oh!", Dash and Dot laughing, the explosion and Barney crying.

    Avalibility: Appears on JH Productions-produced shows.

    Scare Factor: Median

    2nd Logo

    Nickname: "Silver Text"

    Logo: In a starry black/purple gradient background, we see the text:
    Barney SUCKS
    in silver, but "Barney" is in a Barney corporate logo font & "SUCKS" and "ENTERTAINMENT" are in a Garamond font.

    SFX/Cheesy Factor: None, but still and superimposed.

    Music: It could be none, or it could be the ending credits theme.

    Availability: See Logo 1.

    Scare Factor: None

    3rd Logo

    Nicknames: "The Enhanced Silver Text", "Silver Text II", "Gold Text", The Animated Silver Text", "The Shining Silver Text"

    Logo: See Logo 2, it has the same text:
    in gold, but "Barney" is in the same font as Logo 2 and "Sucks" and "ENTERTAINMENT" are also in the same font as Logo 2.

    SFX/Cheesy Factor: The gold text shines, then the stars in a same background (see Logo 2) are tingling away.

    Music: The end credits of some JH Productions-produced show from 2007-2008.

    Availability: See Logo 1.

    Scare Factor: See Logo 2.

    4th Logo

    Nickname: "Barney Pees"

    Logo: On a TV screen background filled with static, we see Barney peeing at the text:

    Barney Sucks

    in yellow and Dash and Dot look at the text. The byline:

    A JH Productions/Train Pig Enterprises Company

    fades in. Then the TV screen background turns off.

    FX/SFX: The TV screen, Barney peeing, and the background turning off.

    Music/Sounds: Could be the same as the Universal logo from 1987, or it could be the show's ending theme.

    Availability: See Logo 1.

    Scare Factor: Medium, Barney peeing at the text is bad.

    5th Logo

    Nickname: "Remake of the Yellow Star"

    Logo: Same as the 2nd Barney Home Video logo, but "HOME VIDEO" is blacked out with "SUCKS ENTERTAINMENT". Barney's eyes turn red.

    FX/SFX: The animations, and the red eyes.

    Music/Sounds: Could be the same as the 1988 Lorimar Television logo, or it could be the show's closing theme.

    Availability: See Logo 1.

    Scare Factor: High, Barney's eyes turning red may scare you and give you nightmares.

    Matt Fox Presentations (2004-)
    Background: Matt Fox Presentations distributed some produced shows from JH Productions, Train Pig Films, New Age Films, Tourettes Guy Rocks Pictures, Evans Films, Grandma Studios, & Miley Sucks Pictures (Miley Sucked Pictures). MFP is an arm of New Age Films & Evans Films.

    Logo 1: 2004-2005

    Nickname: "The MFP Structure"

    Logo: On a light sky, we see the words in the MFP structure:
    in a 20th Century Fox font & the byline fades:
    A NEWmovie COMPANY
    in a Bauhaus 93 font.

    SFX/Cheesy Factor: Never mind, it's just still, but the byline fades in.

    Music: The 20th TV logo theme. On Camazon Spamming Show, it has the ending credits.

    Availability: Taken from the 3rd season (except for The Sponge Who Could Fly, which had the OD Productions logo) and the 4th season of SpongeBob SquarePants & Camazon Spamming Show.

    Scare Factor: None

    Logo 2: 2005-2007


    Logo 3: 2007-2008


    Logo 4: 2008-


    Barney Sucked Enterprises (1993-Forever)
    Background: Barney Sucked Enterprises produced shows from JH Productions & Scooter Films (now Train Pig Films). Barney Sucked Enterprise is an arm of Train Pig Enterprises & Hunter, Ltd..


    Nickname: "Hanna Barbera All-Stars Comedy logo Parody"

    Logo: The same logo Hanna Barbera has, but different. They did the same thing that Hanna Barbera did.

    1. Ren ran left.
    2. Spongebob ran right and smiled while Jerry fell.
    3. Stimpy shook himself and Scooby Doo was confused.
    4. Tom flew in a flying saucer waving with Jerry.
    5. Squidward walked diagonally up when Droopy was swinging the rope.
    6. Patrick was confused, too.
    7. Suddenly, Daffy Duck slammed.

    FX: The cartoon characters.

    Music: Same Hanna Barbera music.

    Avalibility: As of Christmas 2007, this logo currently appears on brand-new episodes of "Super Why Returns" Also, it appears, too at end of some JH Productions movies.

    Worldwide Communications


    Nickname: "The New AT&T Globe"

    Logo: On an AT&T-like orange background, we see the AT&T logo on the left & the words:

    on right and the byline:
    A Train Pig/JH Pictures Company
    is underneath the words are the words:
    in association with
    on the bottom center. Followed by a Train Pig/JH Pictures logo.

    SFX: None, it's a superimposed logo.

    Music: The ending credits of this show.

    Avalibility: See Logo 1.

    Scare Factor: None

    Go-Mark Pictures (January 2014-Present)
    Note: On August 21st, 2014, part of Go Mark absorbed into Train Pig/JH Pictures.

    Background: TBA

    Nickname: "Gm"

    Logo: Over a spongy yellow background, we see the G flying first & the m flies next, then it should be like this:
    Go-marK Pictures

    • On Little Einsteins, this logo is short & "Pictures" is absent
    • On A Little Einsteins Christmas, the G has a Santa hat on it & the logo has the snowing effect.
    • On SpongeBob SquarePants, the logo is still.
    • On My Gym Partner's a Monkey, they had a byline: A Train Pig Company

    Kody-The-Fox's dream logos

    (2007- )

    Nicknames: "Close Up on Hamilton Horstachio", "Hamilton Horstachio's getting snapped"

    Logo: We see Hamilton Horstachio (from the Viva Pinata episode Horstachio of a different color) and he stands for getting his snapshots.

    SFX/Cheesy Factor: The logo of Viva Pinata of pure energy.

    Music: Hamilton Horstachio says a secret catchphrase, since on Nicktoons is has him saying the title over it.

    Availability: Seen first on Viva Pinata Party in LA : Everyone Invited!. There will be an upcoming release on that.

    Scare Factor: Not so scary.

    Viacom International (June 2008-)

    Logo: On a black background, an orange ball drops to the center of the screen. It grows to fill up the screen orange, then it zooms out to the center revealing the current VIACOM logo, then the text "International" fades in below it.

    SFX: Nice animation.

    Music: Usually the end theme of a show, or a soft drum beat.

    Availability: Seen on Summer-Fall 2008 episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.

    Scare factor: None.

    NBC Universal Home Entertainment (May 2008)

    Background: In 2008, part of Universal Studios Home Entertainment was renamed to NBC Universal Home Entertainment.

    Nickname: "Starburst"

    On a black background, a big burst of golden light emerges from the center of the screen. Then the text "NBC UNIVERSAL," fades in sandwiched between a circular globe motif in Cooperplate Gothic Bold font. In a second,the six-feathered NBC peacock fades in with a very bright shine between "NBC" and "UNIVERSAL" then it loses it's shine so it can be visible. These objects slightly zoom out to its familiar distance, as the text "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" fades in beneath the "NBC" and "UNIVERSAL" and above the bottom of the globe motif, in Cooperplate Gothic font. After a few seconds, the "NBC", six-feathered peacock, "UNIVERSAL", and "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" disappear and then some text appears. The first half of the text is below the top of the circular globe motif and the second half of the text is above the bottom of the globe motif. That text will read one of the following:
    • "NOW PLAYING IN THEATERS" (this one is rare)
    • "NOW AVALIBLE ON UMD FOR PSP" (rare also)
    • "CHECK OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING ON NBC" (another rare one)
    After the text has been on screen for 4.5 seconds, the logo fades out.

    Variant: There is a short version that starts by fading in at the middle when the NBC Universal Home Entertainment logo is visible, before fading out into the text at the end. There is also a still shot.

    SFX: Nice CGI.

    Chessy factor: An original plan for a logo in an unoriginal method. The look of the logo is from the 2004 NBC Universal Television logo.

    Music: Dramatic music by Hans Zimmer. On the short version, the music is cut-short. On the still version, there's no music at all. All 3 versions, on occasion, have a voiceover reading the text at the end of the logo.

    Avalibility: Seen on Universal and NBC DVDs' from May 2008 to when another logo idea as hatched.

    Scare factor: Low.

    logoboy95's Dream Logos

    SLAP T. POOCH PICTURES (1990-present)

    Background: Slap T. Pooch Pictures distributes some Nickelodeon movies. In 2006, Slap T. Pooch Pictures now starts producing Austin Systems movies as well.

    Logo 1: 1990-1998

    Nickname: "The Four Triangles"

    Logo: On a black background, we see four colorful triangles flying from the screen and over the triangles is the word SLAP. The words SLAP T. POOCH PICTURES fade in underneath, and the byline appears under the company name.

    FX: The triangles flying.

    Music: Plays over the ending theme.

    Availability: Last seen on the first season of "The Nickelodeon Haypile Show".

    Scare Factor: None.

    Logo 2: 1998-present

    Nicknames: "The Disney Castle" ---> "Slap T. Pooch", "Colorful Slap"

    Logo: We see the Disney castle and then a ball forms to change the logo, then we reveal the Oh Yeah! Cartoons character Slap T. Pooch, in cartoon form, with Movie Maker colorful effects. The words SLAP T. POOCH PICTURES, in purple, zoom in the middle of the screen.

    FX: The Disney castle changing to Slap.

    Music: Either the long or the short version of the 1985 Walt Disney Television theme.

    Availability: As of Thanksgiving 2007, this logo currently appears on brand-new episodes of "The Nickelodeon Haypile Show". Also, it appears too at the end of some Austin Systems movies.

    Scare Factor: Low.

    HIT Entertainment

    Nickname: "Pingu Goes Fishing"

    Logo: We see a black penguin, Pingu, fishing. He nuggs, then we reveal the HiT logo. The words "MMVII The Pygos Group" fade in above the logo.

    FX: 2-D Animation.

    Music: We hear a sliding note, Pingu nugging, and a "kissing" sound.

    Availability: Can be seen on "Pingu".

    Scare Factor: Very low. This logo may surprise you when Pingu fishing is catching off guard.

    Austin Systems Television (2006-)

    Nickname: "2000s 3-D AS"

    Logo: On a pinkish purple background, we see a yellow "A", with a red "S" joined together. The words "Austin Systems" were seen in a 3-D font above the "AS", with "A" in "Austin" and "S" in "Systems" in a font resembling the "Rocko's Modern Life" ending credits, and "TELEVISION" is seen in another 3-D font underneath. Sometimes, the "I" in "TELEVISION" is tilted.

    FX: The fade-in and fade-out of the logo.

    Music: Usually the outro of a TV show.

    Availability: Seen on "Monto: The Animated Series" and "Paramount: The Animated Series" on the Motherboards Network.

    Scare Factor: Low.

    heart1994's dream logos

    Pervy McQueen Rocks Productions

    Logo 1: 1994-2002

    Nickname: "Hanna Barbera All-Stars Comedy logo Parody"

    Logo: The same logo Hanna Barbera has, but different. They did the same thing that Hanna Barbera did.

    1. The 1984-86 Rede Globo logo ran left.
    2. The 1957-82 MGM logo ran right and smiled while the Columbia Torch Lady fell.
    3. The 1975-85 Rede Globo logo shook itself and the 1924-28 MGM logo (Slats) was confused.
    4. The 1928-56 MGM logo (Jackie) flew in a flying saucer waving.
    5. The 1956-57 MGM logo (Bob) walked diagonally up when the Rede Globo Plim Plim was swinging the rope.
    6. The 1966-69 Rede Globo was confused too.
    7. Suddenly, the 1984-86 Rede Globo logo slammed.

    FX: The logos.

    Music: Same Hanna Barbera music.

    Availability: As of 2001, this logo commonly appears on brand-new episodes of "The Pervy McQueen Show". Also, it appears too at the end of some Caitlin Systems movies.
    Scare Factor: Nightmare!

    Logo 2: 2002-present

    Nickname: "Target"

    Logo: On a shady blue background, there is a target. The words

    Pervy McQueen Rocks Productions

    pop out in light blue.

    FX: The words.

    Music: A 3-note piano chord, then the drumbeat playing 4 times. Most shows have the end theme over it.

    Availability: Same as Logo 1. Also on "The Pet Society Show".

    Scare Factor: Low.

    Jonghyunchung's dream logos

    Warpstar, Inc. Entertainment

    Nickname: "Kabu, Warpstar!"

    Logo: We see a pan-out of Kabu. The screen pans in, then cuts to a close-up where Kabu's mouth slides down, revealing the Warpstar. It spins around, then flies out of Kabu's mouth and into the sky. As it does so, the screen fades out to white, then in to reveal the logo that reads "WARP STAR Inc. Entertainment".

    FX: The Warpstar "shining" and revealing stars.

    Music: The synth theme from the 1986 "Sorcerer Mickey" logo.

    Availability: Currently seen on anime DVD prints, usually the original Japanese version of "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!".

    Scare Factor: None.

    Yomoneyboat's Dream Logos


    Nicknames: "V of Doom... AGAIN!" "V of... Doom?"

    Logo: Against a white marble background (similar to Lorimar Television), the text "Viacom" appears along the bottom (in the classic \/I/-\CO/\/\ font), with no effects at all. The classic-cut purple "V" fades in, then changes to just an outline. The whole image fades out.

    FX: Next to none.

    : The classic 5-note music from the V of Doom, only this time it's performed with a full orchestra, and sounds much warmer. At the end of the jingle an extra orchestra hit is added, if the television station allows for time.

    Availability: Seen on "Adventures of Slick Bill," "The Life of J. Esus," and "Welcome to the Internet."

    Scare Factor: Low, many liked this mellower version of the nightmare-inducing "V of Doom."

    Lexington Broadcast Services

    Nicknames: "LBS of Doom" "LBS From Hell"

    Logo: Against a black background, ripples (as if in water) begin to appear, getting faster and more frequent. Suddenly, the screen "implodes"- as if the TV was turned off. A golden, 3D "LBS" (in the classic font) zooms in towards the screen. A flash of light occurs and "Lexington Broadcasting" appears beneath the LBS. It would either fade out or cut to a Sony/Paramount/Columbia logo.

    FX: The ripples and LBS logo are nicely done in CGI.

    Music: A rising orchestral tone as the ripples increase in intensity, and an orchestra hit as the screen implodes. A "warm" synth pad as the LBS fades in.

    Availability: Current. Was seen when LBS made a comeback.

    Scare Factor: Low to medium.


    Teacup Productions

    Logo 1 (Late 2005-Late 2006)

    Nickname: Random Stuff

    Logo: We see a black and white version of the beginning of the Simon & Schuster Interactive logo, then we zoom out of the Stuart Little PC set-up, then more random stuff, then Teacup Productions forms.

    FX: The changing.

    Music: Whooses.

    Availability: Rare, but not common.

    Scare Factor: Low.

    Logo 2 (Late 2006-Late 2007)

    Nickname: Phrase Of Staleness

    Logo: Just The Phrase


    FX: None its a still logo

    Music: The ending theme of the show

    Availability: Extinct

    Scare Factor: High

    Silversword55's Dream Logos

    Scooter Films

    1st Logo

    Note: Scooter Films became Train Pig Films in 2008, but came back in 2010.

    "The Scooter" "Yo Victor, Drive Faster!"

    Logo: On a sunset background, with hills, we see a big, green scooter riding on the road, then a gold conestoga wagon following it. A young adult, named Victor, is riding the scooter. An old man comes out of the wagon and says "Yo Victor, Drive Faster!" The camera stops, and Scooter Films forms when the scooter and wagon drive away.

    SFX: Live action.

    Music: Driving sounds, with a western tune and "air" playing on the background. Then, an old man, saying "Yo Victor, Drive Faster!" When the scooter moves faster, the tune, and "air" play louder.

    Availability: Can be found on and Scooter Films produced movies.

    Scare Factor: Low, the old man can get to you, but otherwise harmless.

    2nd Logo

    Logo: We see 4 beautiful, young women, driving scooters. One of them is driving a red scooter, the other rode a purple scooter, the 3rd woman rode a sky blue scooter, and the last woman, is riding a gold scooter. Then, they all wave at us, drive off, and
    Scooter Films forms.

    • In "Baywatch: The Movie", the girls are wearing beach attire (:D :D), and the girls also whistle, before saying the company's name.
    • A version with the 1st logo music plays on split-screen versions of some movies. It would be due to horrible plastering, as the regular versions have the normal version.

    SFX: See logo 1.

    Same as logo 1 but with 2 differences. The western tune has been changed to a more mellow, slower paced country rock tune and Instead of the old man saying "You Victor, Drive Faster", The four girls say "SCOOTER FILMS!"

    Same as logo 1.

    Scare Factor:
    None whatsoever.

    Wind Dancer Productions

    Nicknames: "WD", "The Wind Dancers", "Dove and Ballet Dancer"

    Logo: In a huge garden with many flowers, bushes, and rivers with bridges with them, and a light pink sky, we see a birds eye view of the garden with a dove (a bird that symbolizes peace) flies in front of us, the camera pans, to the bird, following it, as the dove descends almost to the ground,and the camera stops above a river with a bridge on it. The dove flew off screen to the left, revealing a White W with a black outline, in a Times New Roman Font, and a ballet dancer, in a pink ballet dress, jumps on the bridge, stands on one toe, spins around twice, and jumps off the bridge, and off screen to the right. As she jumps off the bridge a White D, appears, also white, with a black outline, in a Times New Roman Font, and it's interlocked with the W. 3 lines, representing "wind" wipes


    In an Arial Font, in white.


    • On "Renegade" (made up show), as the ballet dancer jumps off the bridge, a bullet catches her from behind, and screams when she says "Wind Dancer" didn't even get to finish saying the company's name, so she winds up saying "Wind DancEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!" She falls on the ground, with a lot of blood on her back.

    Music: A dreamy, majestic tune, with some whooshes, and air playing in the background. When the logo completes forming, a female voice says "WIND..... DANCER"

    Availability: Regular version appears in "The New Home Improvement" and "The New Roseanne"

    Scare Factor: Low for regular version, because some won't like the feminine feel of the logo. Median for the variant.

    Worldwide Communications Inc.

    Nicknames: "AT&T Globe", "The Game Boy Logo"

    Logo: Just a black background with the AT&T Globe they had in 1992, with "Worldwide Communications" in the same font that AT&T usually uses for their logos. The byline below would appear depending on the year it showed.

    • "A Scooter Films/JH Company" (1992-2008)
    • "A Train Pig/JH Company" (2008-)

    SFX: The zooming in.

    Music: Some telephone beeps and telephone ringings.

    Availability: Can be seen on "Police Unit" (again, made up show) in syndication.

    Scare Factor: None, the music might remind you of the Game Boy opening boot system.

    OD Productions
    (2010-March 2011)

    Logo: A bunch of red/blue/gold lines comes down to the screen, then combines into 1 gold/yellow/orange line. The line then shrinks from the top and the bottom, and when it finishes, there is an orange light flash. the flash dies down to reveal

    In a metallic, futuristic font ala Ruby Spears 1982-1992.

    SFX: The lines forming "OD Productions"

    Music: A ding sound when the logo is complete.

    Availability: Seen on "Police Unit" in syndication

    Scare Factor: Low to Median.

    Worldwide Productions

    Background: On March 11, 2011, Worldwide Communications and OD Productions announced they will combine to form Worldwide Productions, effective that day.

    1st Logo

    Logo: On a watery background, some rain drops hit the water, and the left side of the logo appears. Then the right side of the logo appears and the camera pans close into the logo, and water runs away from the logo. The camera view switches to in the water and it pans up to reveal the logo, which looks like

    World (yellow globe design) Wide
    P R O D U C T I O N S

    In a BD Sirca font, on a rectangular-like structure, but curved a little to the bottom, is floating above water. The top section of the structure is blue, and the bottom section is yellow. and "P R O D U C T I O N S" is spaced out to fit the entire width of the rectangle.

    A Train Pig/JH Company

    In the same font, but on a smaller rectangular like structure floats above water.

    SFX: The logo looks really amazing.

    Music: A calming, friendly synthesized humming tune, with a harp tune.
    Availability: Can be seen on "The New Home Improvement," "Silver Slugger," "Police Unit," "Death By Degrees," and any JH Productions-produced show.

    Scare Factor: None.

    2nd Logo

    Nicknames: "The Line" "Livewire Waves"

    Logo: In a blue background, a yellow line appears on the middle of the screen. It then waves a bit, then forms the Worldwide Productions logo from logo 1. After the logo is complete, some globes made of steel spin around on the background.

    SFX: The lines waving, then forming the logo.

    Music: IN the beginning, it has a short piano tune, with some drawing sounds. When the logo is completed, a hip-hop tune which sounds exactly like Columbia Pictures Television's 1987-1993 jingle plays.

    Availability: See logo 1.

    Scare Factor: None again.

    3rd Logo

    Nickname: "The Rotating Chamber Of Doom"

    Logo: In a chamber filled with very wide blue oval rubber like machines rotating around the chamber in circles, the camera pans through the room, and stops in front of a huge, pad-like pedestal with the same rubber like machines, containing the Worldwide Productions logo.

    • Seen On Halloween episodes: The entire chamber is in Orange & Black. Also, there is "Happy Halloween From" on top of the logo. A ghost says "Happy Halloween from..... Worldwide Productions!"
    • Seen on Christmas episodes: Like the Halloween variation, but the chamber is Green, & Red. Also, "Merry Christmas From" in on top of the logo. Santa says "Ho ho hohohohohohoho! Merry Christmas from....... Worldwide Productions!"

    Great CGI.

    Music: The last half ofNFL Total Access (NFL network show)'s theme.

    Availability: Seen on shows from the era.

    Scare Factor: Median to High, the camera panning fast, as if it were gonna crash on something, will scare a lot of viewers.

    3 Dinner Plates Productions

    (July 2002-)

    Nickname: "What's For Dinner?"

    Logo: First, We see a wooden table with 3 plates, each with a fork, a knife, and a cup next to it. The 1st plate has a "3" printed on it, the 2nd has a "D", and the last plate has a "P". Now to the animation, a waiters hand takes a cup, and puts soda on it, and places to the plate, repeat for the other 2 plates. Then he takes the plate, and the plate returns with a plate full of rice with chicken, and a 3 little steaks. Repeat for the other 2, but the 2nd plate has fries, with shrimp and steamed chicken, and the last plate returns with 3 hot dogs and a burger. Then another waiter delivers side dishes of corn, mozzarella sticks, crab legs, and a biscuit. Then


    Flashes in word by word.

    SFX: Live-action!

    Music: A deep,6 note xylophone sounder with chatter and cooking sounds. Then 4 notes play when "3 Dinner Plates Productions" flashes in word by word.

    Availability: It was seen on the new "Get The Picture" seen on Nickelodeon, and Syndicated.

    Scare Factor: Low, this logo will only make you hungry.


    Ripping Won't Go Wrong

    (April-June 2005)

    Logo: On a blue background, we see "Ripping Won't Go Wrong". People walk by a ledge and fall to the ground,
    with blood on their backs.

    FX: Falling to ground

    Music: People yelling "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" as the fall to the

    Scare Factor: None


    Note: Rockit is the channel that brings cartoons so good they were cancelled back to TV. Examples of shows brought to Rockit are "Hamtaro", "The Ren & Stimpy Show" and "Invader ZIM". It is a company from the Maxwell family, owned by The Walt Disney Company.

    Logo 1 (2008-Present)

    Nickname: The Rocket

    Logo: On a starry background, a cartoony blue YTV-style rocket zooms down below the camera and zooms up to the screen in circles. It stops at the center, and below it appears
    in sky blue Boink LET font. A byline saying:

    fades in below before the logo fades out quickly. (The text 'Walt Disney' is written in the regular Disney font)

    FX: The rocket zooming.

    Music: None, just a cartoony rocket zoom.

    Availability: Seen on shows distributed by Rockit, such as the later episodes of "Hamtaro" and "The New Ren & Stimpy Show".

    Scare Factor: Low.

    logoboy95's Dream Logos Part IV

    Austin Systems Production Studio (2007-)

    Background: Austin Systems Production Studio was a new subsidiary of Austin Systems. It was founded on December 16, 2007 and it has an actual logo.

    Nicknames: "20th Century Fox Parody", "The Tower"

    Logo: We see a yellow Arial (Narrow) view of a CGI Fox structure reading "AUSTINSYSTEMS PRODUCTION STUDIO", in the 20th Century Fox font, revealing on screen. We see a skyline behind the structure before settling, at an angle.

    Variant: There's a short version of this logo at the end of some shows. It features the same logo, which is cut shortened. Above the structure the words "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" fade in.

    FX: A parody of the 1994 20th Century Fox logo, but nice 3D animation, anyway!

    Music: Same as the 1994 20th Century Fox logo. In the short version, the jingle is cut shortened.

    Availability: Current, the short version can be seen on "The Remy the Rat Show" on the Austin Systems Channel. The long version was seen on movies distributed by Austin Systems. This logo can be also seen on "Homer Simpson: The Movie".

    Scare Factor: None, it's a cute logo.

    Glaceon Productions

    This was founded in 1967 by cartoonist Chuck Perkins (from Clutch Cargo). When he passed away from a car accident in 1970, Glaceon Waterflower Sr. took over the company. In 1984, they created GlaceonTheVHSRipper2's World, the oldest show in Greeny Phantom history. It still airs today with new episodes.
    1st logo
    Nicknames:"Boring Stuff".
    Logo: Just the text:"Produced by Glaceon Productions".
    FX/SFX: None.
    Cheesy Factor: This is boring.
    Music/Sounds: None.
    Availability: Rare. Seen on 1967 cartoons by the company.
    Scare Factor: NONE!

    2nd logo
    Nicknames:"Cool stuff".
    Logo: On a strange background, a swirl appears and explodes. Then the logo comes up!
    FX/SFX: Cool scanimate effects!
    Music: A rock tune.
    Availability: Extinct.
    Scare Factor: None.

    3rd logo
    Logo: On a flashing background, the logo zooms up and explodes into the print logo!
    Music/Sounds: Same as the 1970-1984 logo!
    Availability: Current.
    Scare Factor: None.

    Silversword55's Dream Logos

    Train Pig/JH Pictures

    1st logo
    (August 2014-2023)

    Note: Train Pig/JH Pictures was formerly Go Mark Pictures (JHProd's dream logo from Your Dream Logos Part 3)

    Logo: On a brick wall background, we see TRAIN PIG/JH Pictures in orange, graffiti style font. Then "Payton The Pig" which is the mascot of Train Pig Enterprises grabs a spray can, and sprays

    A Train Pig/JH Company

    SFX: The CGI Spray Can spraying the byline.

    Music: A hip-hop style beat.

    Availability: Can be seen on "First And Ten"

    Scare Factor: None.

    Orbis Communications

    On a space background, we see 2 streaking lights revolving around an unknown red planet, and the streaking lights + the planet forms the Orbis Communications atom, and "Orbis Communications" zooms out from the bottom right corner of the screen.

    SFX: The streaking lights and the planet forming an atom.

    Music: A high pitched humming electronic sound.

    Availability: Seen on the new Double Dare on Nickelodeon, and the Saw: The Series.

    Scare factor: Median.

    JHprod's dream logos

    Team Yoshi Productions (2008-Present)
    Background: Team Yoshi Productions can also distributive Austin Systems & JH Productions movies such as Super Why: The Movie.

    Logo 1: 2008-PresentTYP

    Nickname: "The 6 Zooming Triangles"

    Logo: We see an egg flipping & zooming in, a text:
    & the 6 triangles zoom in.

    Variations: In TV shows, a short version of this logo had a byline fading in:
    A Train Pig/JH Company
    On Super Why: The Movie, they had a text underneath TEAMyoshi:
    M O V I E S
    On Spongebob Squarepants, they had a black background & the text is in white.
    On Austin Systems TV shows & movies, they had a copyright underneath TEAMyoshi,
    (c) 2008-09, Team Yoshi Group
    On The Remy the Rat Show, they had a byline zooming out:
    An Austin Systems Company
    On The Tom & Jerry Kids Show, Dripple hatches in the egg.
    Music: Silent. On JH Productions shows, they had a 5-note synth theme or ending credits.

    Availability: See Background

    Carlco 2000
    1st logo
    nickname: Backwards oclrac!
    logo: we see groups of C's and flash to make


    written on a chalkboard, then it zooms out to Bart and he says 2000! and it writes and gets to
    And he smiles and the rest erases.

    Balto's Dream Logos

    Bango Enterprises

    1st Logo

    Nickname: "Who threw the ball?"

    Logo: On a white black background, we see Bango sitting on the studio's name spinning the basketball in its hand, then throws it.

    Cheesy Factor: Bango is sitting on the studio's name, spinning the basketball, being thrown.

    Music: End theme song of shows produced by Bango Enterprises from 1978 to 1984.

    Availability: Seen on the early releases of The Milwaukee Bucks tapes.

    Scare Factor: None, if you're scared of Bango throwing the ball.

    2nd Logo

    Nickname: "Bango makes a shot"

    Logo: We see Bango playing basketball, making its catch. Then we see him running and he gets close to the basketball hoops, he jumps, and throws it in. The name "Bango Enterprises" shimmers in a 80's computer font.

    Cheesy Factor: Animation done by the people who worked on Balto.

    Music: A synthesized 80's pop tune that sounds similar to Grandmaster Flash.

    Availabililty: Seen on the shows of "The Beaver State", "Outrun", "The Bucks of Hazzard" and others.

    Scare Factor: None.

    3rd Logo
    (1993- )

    Note: 20th Century Fox decided to sell Bango Enterprises in 1993, as now it is a subsidiary of News Corporation.

    Nickname: "Bango jumps over"

    Logo: We see Bango running in a Bucks game, reaching for the basketball hoop. As he reaches the basketball hoop, Bango jumps to the hoop. As he jumps over, The words "BANGO" and "ENTERPRISES" crash at each other. The picture freezes. The picture is now surrounded by 2 purple rectangular lines (one at the left and one at the right). And the rectangular lines have haze on it.

    Cheesy Factor: Video caught from a Bucks game.

    Music: A fantasy-oriented synthesizer tune.

    Music Variant: In the 1999 TV special "The Program Exchange's 20th Anniversary Bash", It had the 1979 Program Exchange logo, but softer on the volume and heavier on the bass. Also, the logo was sped up to fit in with the music.

    Availability: Seen on the shows of "The History of Pet Shop Boys", "Edge Of The Century" and others. The 20th Century Fox logo precedes after that logo staring in 2004.

    Scare Factor: None, the synthesizer music is cool. Low for the variant.

    WizardDuck's Dream Logos

    Nickelodeon Productions

    Nickname: "Fireflies"

    Logo: In a forest setting, we see several fireflies flying around. We cut to a top-down arial view of the fireflies, which are forming a Nickelodeon blimp logo. The moon's reflection on a lake below makes the word "Nickelodeon" visible. The entire time, a copyright byline is on the bottom of the screen.

    SFX: The fireflies lighting up, the moon's reflection shining through.

    Music: A remixed version of the buzzing sound from the Light Bulb logo.

    Availability: Appears on "iCarly" and "Just Jordan" (the latter show has the ending theme playing over).

    Scare Factor: None.

    TheAdmiester's Dream Logos
    CBS Paramount:


    Cbs Paramount 1968

    Nicknames: "The Split Box CGI Mountain Eye"

    Background: CBS Paramount Television Distribution ran out of ideas for logos on February 23rd, 2008. So they started using the old Paramount Logos.

    Logo: Just like the Paramount 1968 Split Box Logo, Except the CBS logo and the 1995 CGI mountain are cheaply chyroned in.

    Good Fact: The logo will not plaster ANYTHING made by CBS OR Paramount! :)

    Cheesy Factor: Medium, The cheap appearance on the CGI mountain and the Eye makes this once professional logo, unprofessional.

    Music: The Same as the Paramount 1968 Split Box Indent.

    Availability: Seen on any CBS/Paramount shows in that time.

    Scare Factor: Low. The music scared some, but the tacky appearance of the eye and the CGI mountain are annoying.

    sega3dmm's Dream Logos Part IV

    Turner Entertainment
    2nd Logo

    Nicknames: "Globe 2000", "Enhanced Globe"
    Your Dream Logos Part Four - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!
    Logo: We pan right across an old room, slowly. We stop when a video camera on the desk, facing us, is at the center of the screen. Now we quickly zoom into the lens of the camera and go through a blue vortex. The vortex ends and we zip through space and then around a silver globe. Inside the silver globe, we go inside a hole which leads us to a silver vortex leading into a silver reflection of an astronaut floating in deep space. We stop at that point for 2 seconds and we zoom out to reveal text saying Turner in the Turner logo font, but no oval on it like normal. Behind it is the silver globe in space that starts to morph into the oval on the Turner text. "ENTERTAINMENT" fades under it along with "A TimeWarner Company".

    TV Version: It starts at the point where a letter the Turner text is fully visible, but the text already has an oval behind it. It's a little faster.

    SFX: Nice CGI

    Chessy factor: None

    Music: Soft piano music, then rock music, and finally, a re-made version of the 1987 Tuner jingle. The TV version has a re-made version of the 1987 Turner short version jingle.

    Avalibility: It will make it's appearance on "Poltergeist IV". It will return on the 2009 re-release of "The Wizard of Oz".

    Scare factor: Low.

    Wise Old Bird Productions (a logo dream by bigladiesman)

    Background: Wise Old Bird Prods. was created by Angus McMinn and Clovis DeSaux as a producer and distributor of children's educational shows.

    Purple sadistic owl; The smart-clothed bird; PLONK!

    Logo: On a white background we see Mr.Know-it-Owl, a puppet owl with purple feathers wearing glasses and a light grey tuxedo. As soon as we see him, he pecks the screen and returns to position. Throughout the logo, a text reading "Wise Bird productions" in cursive-elegant font is visible. Tended to appear after the CGI Spidey.

    FX/cheesy factor: Everything is cheesy in there!

    Music: The end of the "bad trumpet" outro from Muppet Babies

    Scare factor: Nightmare: this aggressive animal pecking the camera will get everybody, especially the old people, who would remember the times when their teachers physically punished them. And, well, there is the music, too.

    Availability: Extinct.

    [Note: Mr.Know-It-Owl is a registered trademark of Apollo Educational Video]

    CheesyBob42's Dream Logos

    Nickname: "Text Outta The PET"
    Logo: On a white background, we see Lan Hikari from Megaman NT Warrior 'jacking' a logo battle chip into his PET and then a blue beam launches out of the PET and then "HIKARI" appears letter-by-letter and then the beam disappears and "PRODUCTIONS" does the same as "HIKARI".
    Hikari Productions 2004
    Cheesy Factor: How can I even explain it?
    Music: Lan shouting "Logo Name: Battle Chip In: DOWNLOAD!" and then a "zap" noise when the beam appears and then a sci-fi movie sound"
    Availability: Seen only on Megaman NT Warrior reruns.
    Scare Factor: Medium, Lan's yell can get to you unless you don't mind his yell.

    Nickname: "Falling Piano"
    Logo: On a sepia background, we see a TV set containing UHF and VHF channel knobs and a fuzzy picture on the screen with "A PRODUCTION OF" superimposed on the TV screen. After 1 second, a primitive piano falls and destroys the TV set. Following the piano's descent is the white text "JC PRODUCTIONS".
    Logo Variations:
    -At the end of the Arthur episode "Binky Barnes, Art Expert" instead of the piano, Lakewood Elementary (the school that Arthur Read attends) falls onto the TV set causing it to burst into flames in keeping with Arthur and Buster's excuse not to go to school. After the spontaneous combustion of the school and TV, we hear Binky Barnes shout "YAY! It really burned down!"
    Cheesy Factor: n/a
    Music: A fuzzy picture noise and then a piano note and crash when the piano destroys the TV.
    Scare Factor: Medium, will give ya the spooks!

    Background: Nasty Fall Productions is a sub-division of Warner Bros. Television and Lorimar Television.
    Nasty Fall Still Number 1

    Nickname: "AAAH onto the mattress"
    Logo: On a green background we see a mattress at the left of the screen and we see Miles "Tails" Prower fall down from the top of the screen and land on top of the mattress. Superimposed onscreen is the words "NASTY FALL". As Tails lands onto the mattress, "PRODUCTIONS" flies from the bottom right corner of the screen. Sometimes, only "Nasty Fall" appears.

    Cheesy Factor: n/a
    Music: Tails screaming "AAAAAAAAAAH!!!"and "F*ck!" when he lands onto the mattress. (On "Tails-X"). Tails Saying "AAAAAAAAAAH!" AND "Oof!" (on "Super Mario Bros. Super show", "Berenstain Bears", and "AoSTH"). After this, Johnny Knoxville says "Holy, sh*t, that's gonna hurt!" (seen on "Tails-X") An old lady says "Ooh, that's gonna hurt!" (seen on "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show", "The Berenstain Bears", and "AoSTH")
    Availability: Scarce, seen at the end of "Berenstain Bears", "AoStH", "MTV's "Tails-X" & "The Super Mario Bros Super Show".
    Scare Factor: Low to high, the "AAAAAAAAAAH!" will catch you off guard.

    1st logo
    Nickname: "Luigi with Baby Yoshi"
    Logo: We see a screenshot of the SMW episode "Mama Luigi" in which Luigi carries a newly-hatched Yoshi spin 360 (like Windows Vista's Movie Maker) and then flash and after the flash fades is the white text "Mama Luigi Television" is shown.
    Cheesy Factor: Looks like a Windows Vista Movie Maker made video.
    Music: The 1st Touchstone Television logo music
    Availability: Could be seen on the first three seasons of "Pingu" and seen mainly on "Super Mario World".
    Scare Factor: None

    Lurkerbunny's Dream logos

    Lurkerbunny Productions
    Logo: On a white background, an anthropomorphic female rabbit wearing some sort of cloak stands holding a knife. Next to her are the words

    written in what looks like blood (!).
    - On shows by this company that air before 9 pm, we instead see Lurkerbunny's co-star Carney the Cat passed out below the logo in a pile of beer bottles. The logo is written in normal black marker in this variation.
    Music: A demented synthesizer tune, purposefully written to invoke those scary logos of the 1970s and 1980s! This is followed by deranged female laughter.
    - On the Carney variation, there is no music, just snoring and a cat going "meow".
    Cheezy factor: Ugh! Who draws this stuff? Even as still pictures, Lurkerbunny and Carney are pretty poorly-designed characters. And the synth music (okay, this was done on purpose, but still)!
    Scare factor: Nightmare. The people who made this logo must know about the CLG, because they've combined still pictures, synth music, and scary animals, and added blood!
    The Carney variation, though, is actually funny and cute.

    Mariofan88's Dream Logos
    Pingu Home Video

    Background: Pingu Home Video is a division of GoodTimes Home Video.


    Nicknames: "The Reason I Like Pingu" "NUG NUG!"

    Logo: We see 6 photos of Pingu zooming in. After that, the pictures fade out in white and we see the word "Pingu" and "Home Video" in orange willow font banging in white sides. It fades out in the end.

    Variant: In the Pingu Cartoon Classics Series releases, This logo is seen still. The logo gets swallowed by a white background. The Words "Under License To" is seen, and the 1989 Goodtimes Home Video Logo is seen.

    FX: Just photos and the words coming out.

    Music: The Touchstone Pictures music is heard, followed by a "NUG! NUG! (laugh)"

    Availability: Seen on any Pingu releases since 1986.

    Scare Factor: None

    Pingu Motion Pictures

    Background: Pingu Motion Pictures is a film company making Pingu films and are all distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.


    Nickname: "Colored Pingu"

    Logo: We see Pingu being changed in color. We also see the words "Pingu Motion Pictures" on the logo and fades out.

    Variant: In 2007, a variant is used. We see the same the photo of Pingu zooming in, fading out in white, and again, being changed in color. We see "Pingu Motion Pictures" and in a few seconds, The words "21st Anniversary" and turns into the words "Making Pingu Famous Around The World" and everything fades out.

    FX: The Colors

    Music: The ABC Motion Pictures Music is used. The 2007 Logo However, had the Warner Bros. 75 Years music.

    Availability: Seen on Post-1991 releases of Pingu films. The 2007 Logo is Rare.

    Scare Factor: None. For the 2007 Logo, Median.

    Kicking ******** Productions

    1st Logo

    Nickname: "KA!"

    Logo: We see Sonic right next to the KA! structure. Mario comes in and kicks Sonic's butt. He goes to
    the exclamation mark to dot it. He turns into a ball and dots the mark. Mario steps on the floor and the
    word "Kicking ******** Production Co." and we see the words "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" on the bottom.
    We see the DiC Entertainment logo after that.

    FX: Many of them.

    Music: The show's ending theme.

    Availability: Seen only on Aosth.

    Scare Factor: None

    kidinbed's dream logos

    Orion Pictures
    Background: Orion Pictures is a film studio now part of MGM.

    3rd Logo

    Nickname: "Extreme 3D Starry Sky"

    Logo: Exactly the same as the first 2 but in in-your-face CGI that pops out of the screen, the stars come from behind to form the O, and the logo is now a cool blue color and the byline says, "An MGM Company".

    FX: Everything.

    Music: A synth fanfare that is very cool.

    Availability: Common, can be found on "Dances With Wolves II: The Awakening", "Kiss the Girl" and as well as other films and reruns of "Spinal Tap TV".

    Scare Factor: Medium to high, which is a weird change of pace, because the synthesizer fanfare and the stars coming from behind could scare the crap out of people, but it's a fave among 9 out of 10 nerds.

    Lazlows dream logos

    Red and Mer Film Studio

    1st Logo

    Your Dream Logos Part Four - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!Your Dream Logos Part Four - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!
    Nickname: "The Text"

    Logo: On a grey textured background we can see "Red 'n Mer Motion Picture Co. presents" in white fonts.


    • The background is sometimes different, for example black or some coloured pattern in the colour films of the time.
    FX: None.

    Music: Silent or the starting music of the film.

    Availability: Still available on the films of that period, and actually more common than the two following logo.

    Scare Factor: None.

    2nd Logo

    3rd Logo
    Red&Mer 1955-1959
    Nickname: "The RM star"

    Logo: On a part-red part-blue background we can see a yellow six-pointed star with the letters "RM" in black on it. The words "Trade Mark" appear above the star, and the words "Red Mer" next to the star.

    FX: None, it's a still logo, only a fade-in sometimes.

    Cheesy factor: It's a really lame ripoff of the Warner Bros. and Shaw Bros. logo.

    Music: Some majestic fanfare.

    Availability: Still available on the movies of the period.

    Scare factor: Low due to the suddenly loud music.

    4th Logo

    5th Logo
    Red&Mer 1970-1975 Variant 1Red&Mer 1970-1975 Variant 2
    Nickname: "The 70's star"

    Logo: On a blue background we can see a yellow six-pointed star with the letters "RM" in black on it. Under the star in a yellow rectangle we can see "A RED 'N MER PRODUCTION" in red.

    • Sometimes the background is black or it's superimposed on the starting pictures of the movie.

    FX: Just a fading in.

    Cheesy factor: Again a Warner Bros. ripoff.

    Music: Silent or the starting music of the film.

    Availability: Rare as it appeared mostly on B-movies.

    Scare factor: None.

    Shadowluigi2008's Dream logo
    Jumbo pictures logo

    Nickname: "The Pumpkin"

    Logo: On A dark background we see a green, old pumpkin sitting down in the park
    With the words "JUmbo Pictures Carved into it. Then we zoom out, and we see neighborhood
    StreetLights Spelling "Grade A quality"

    • There are some without music

    FX: The Shadow of the pumpkin

    Cheesy Factor: The Camera doesn't Zoom out in a correct angle.

    Music: An organ playing the original Jumbo pictures theme, but its longer.

    Availability: Rare. Only seen on Halloween episodes of Jumbo Pictures Shows.

    Scare Factor: Median to high. The Pumpkin Doesn't look too nice and the music may Bother Some people.

    Sony Pictures

    Orangey Phantom Productions
    Background:Orangey Phantom Productions Studios Is Founded In 10202 West Washington Blvd.,
    Culver City, California, United States In 1992
    Created By Sony Pictures Entertainment. Check Out 1994 Release Of Episodes Of Orangey Phantom(1981-Present)
    Columbia Tristar Ran Out Orangey Phantom Studio Its Didn't Believe It In 1995. 1995 Release Of Orangey Phantom:The Movie(1984)
    In 2008 20th Anniversary Release Of Orangey Phantom Episodes
    Studio Columbia,Tristar,MGM,Triumph,etc. Orangey Phantom Productions Studios Has a Never Wishes

    Orangey Phantom Productions Studios(1994-)

    The Nickname:"Columbia Torch Lady","Torch Lady & The Andy Jakeson & Santed Poilce","90s Torch Lady",
    "The Logos & The Characters"
    Logo:The Logo Variations:
    We See Logos Like Columbia,Tristar,MGM,Triumph,Sony Pictures Television,& Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
    & We See a Columbia Torch Lady,& Then she is Fading-out & In To White
    Forming The Orangey Phantom Productions Studios Logo Word "ORGYPHTOM" In Bold,FacetsNF,Visible,chiseled font
    Top On The Torch. Under The the pedestal Word "ORANGEY PHANTOM PRODUCTIONS STUDIOS" In Bank Gothic MD BT Font
    Andy Jakeson & Santed Poilce Sanding On Columbia Clouds & Stare The Torch Lady. We See Byline Word"a SONY PICTURES
    ENTERTAINMENT company" Below The Logo
    Same As The 1994-1995 Variant Just The Orangey Phantom Productions Studios Logo Is Short Version
    FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor:1994-1995:The Logos Fade Out & In To White Forming The Orangey Phantom Productions Studios Logo
    1995:Same As The 1994-1995 Variant
    Music/Sounds:Wonderful bombastic fanfare,Columbia Pictures 1993 Jingle,None Or The Show Or Movie Opening/Ending Theme
    Availability:As Seen On All The Episodes Of Orangey Phantom(1981-Present),& Others
    Scare Factor:Low, the Fanfare May Scare You Out Of Here. Too Bad Columbia Pictures 1993 Music Is Not Scary

    JHprods dream logos

    Flash CS3 Professional Rules Productions (July 2007-When Everybody uses Adobe Flash CS3 Professional FOREVER!)

    Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!
    Logo 1: July 2007-December 2007
    Logo: On a white background, we see a still picture of a boy who plays computer with Windows Vista Ultimate on it, using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, & the text zooming in:

    drawn in a program called Adobe Flash CS3 Professional.

    The text zooming in.

    • On "The New Flash CS3", the music is silent.
    • On "How Dare You?", Phineas from Disney Channel's TV series, Phineas & Ferb said "Go get'em, Ferb!" & Ferb from Disney Channel's TV series, Phineas & Ferb (again!) shoots the boy & the boy fell & caught blood on the boy's left arm.
    • On "Homer vs. the Little Einsteins", Homer said "I'll be with you!" & the boy said "Alright!" & Homer & the boy kills the Little Einsteins & caught blood marks on those (Little Einsteins). Followed by a Homer Productions logo from 2005-February 2008 with a voiceover that Homer said "In association with, Homer Productions, a D'oh!! Enterprises, Inc. company".
    • On "The Years of Viacom", they had Viacom 2000 music, but they had "FLASH IS GOOD!!!" instead of "VIACOM!!!" in a robot voice.
    • On "The Replacements", Todd Daring from the Disney Channel TV Series "The Replacements" is on the computer. Riley Daring from the Disney Channel TV Series "The Replacements" says "Get 'em, Todd!"
    • On "SpongeBob SquarePants", SpongeBob was on the computer, & Patrick said "Hey, wanna go jellyfishing?", then SpongeBob said "Hold on, Patrick!".

    Music: Voiceover saying "Yes!!"

    Availability: Seen on JH Productions shows, such as "JH's Little Einsteins"

    Scare Factor: Low to medium, the drawn text might surprise you.

    Logo 2: December 2007-When Everybody uses Adobe Flash CS3 Professional 9.0.2 FOREVER!

    Black Desert, Co. (1976-Present)
    Note: The word "Desert" in "Black Desert, Co." is the BDC langauge for "dessert". Today, it's a subsidiary of Walt Disney.

    Logo 1: 1976-1980/1986-2000/2006-Present

    Nickname: "Black Cake"
    Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!
    Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!

    Logo: On a black-blue gradient, a huge cake spins around with the letters "BDC" on it. The words "BLACK DESERT, CO." zoom up to the top of the cake.
    • In 1986-1987, the cake is gold, has "10th" in shiny gold on top of the cake, had "1976-1986" on the middle of the cake, the text is in shiny gold, too, & no "BDC".
    • In 1991-1992, the cake is gold, with "BDC" in shiny gold, has "15th" in shiny gold on the middle of the cake, had "1976-1991" on the middle of the cake, too, & the text is now in a same color as the 1976 logo.
    • In 1996-1997, the cake is gold, with no "BDC", had "1976-1996" below of the cake, the text is in golden yellow, with a "2" above the "O" in "BLACK DESERT, CO.", & the period in "BLACK DESERT, CO." is replaced with a "th".
    • In 2006-2007, the cake is silver, with "BDC" in white, has "30th" in shiny silver, had "30th" below "BLACK DESERT, CO.", "ANNIVERSARY" below "30th", & "1976-2006" above "BLACK DESERT, CO.".
    • Starting in 2008, we see the 1996 logo, but we don't see the "1976-1996", nor the other additional text that they used. A bar with the byline "A Walt Disney Company" with "Walt Disney" in it's corporate font fades in below.
    • On promos from Black Desert, Co., the cake is green.
    • On Rainbow Day (which is 22 July), the cake is rainbow colored and the text is on the bottom. The text "CELEBRATING RAINBOW DAY FROM THE STUDIOS OF" is shown at the top.
    • A still shot appears on some shows.

    SFX: The cake flying, the text fading in.

    • 1976: 5 ping noises (a la Viacom "V of Doom"), a silent whoosh, 2 slow wah notes, a loud thud.
    • 1986: An orchestrated synth fanfare.
    • 1991A: An orchestrated remix of Back of the Future theme.
    • 1991B: Same as 1991A, but the announcer said: "Celebrating 15 years of Black Desert Company, from 1976 to 1991" in a male voice.
    • 1996: A 3-note synthesized tune, with a long wah.
    • 2006: An abridged version of the 1985 Walt Disney Pictures theme.
    • Rainbow Day variant: The Central "CGI Cake" theme.

    Logo 2: 1981-1985

    Nickname: "Skyline Cake"
    Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!

    Logo 3: 2001-2006
    Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!

    dealydugan1995's Dream logo

    Warner Bros. World Resort

    Logo: On a blue sky, we see the current WB logo but with the words on the banner on the WB shield:


    And under the shield: it says "A Cartoon Network Production".

    FX: None, it's a still logo.

    Music: The current Warner Bros. TV music.

    Availability: Can be seen on a lot of old Cartoon Network shows such as "Dexter's Laboratory", "The Powerpuff Girls", "Ed, Edd n Eddy", along with other old cartoons on Cartoon Network.

    Scare Factor: None.

    CheesyBob42's dream logos

    United Artists Got Just Desserts

    Logo: The United Artists "rotating UA" logo plays but CheesyBob42 comes in and shoots the UA logo with a luger and then it crumbles. "UNITED ARTISTS GOT JUST DESSERTS" appears in Courier in blue and then Sonic, Tails, Snoopy and Woodstock celebrate below the text after an announcer in a deep voice says what United Artists deserved.

    FX: Decent animation

    Music: The "Rotating UA" music and then a gunshot noise when CheesyBob42 shoots it interrupts the rest of the theme and then a deep voice says "UNITED ARTISTS GOT JUST DESSERTS". Then a few seconds of"Woodpeckers from Space" by VideoKids play as the characters celebrate.

    Variants: On all Pingu episodes except "Pingu's Lavatory Story" and other banned Pingu classics, Pingu appears instead of CheesyBob42 and instead of shooting the logo, throws his red ball at the "UA" and crumbles. Cue, celebration and "deep voice".

    Scare Factor: Median, however the Pingu variant is supposed to be funny.

    Logo: On a black background we see a boy reading a book and at his side a dog is playing with a chew toy.
    A blue spotlight is shining on them.
    FX: Just the dog is moving.
    -On "Dinofours", the boy is replaced with Joshua from Dinofours and the dog is replaced with Albert from Dinofours, instead of a chew toy, he is stacking blocks. Instead of "Playful Puppy, LLC." it reads "Playful Preschooler, LLC."
    -In the sci-fi film "The Abduction", the dog is abducted by a UFO beam. Causing the boy to look up from his book and say "Trustworth! Where did you go?" This reveals that the dog is named "Trustworth".
    -On "Peanuts" specials, Charlie Brown is reading a book and Snoopy is playing with a chew toy.
    Music: Just the dog barking and some squeaking noises.
    Availability: On "I Was So Mad & Other Stories"
    Scare Factor: Low, the bark can surprise you, otherwise OK.

    Logo: On a black/indigo gradient background, we see Pig & Everette from Back at the Barnyard at the left of the screen and Otis The Cow tap dancing from the left to the right as Pig & Everette watch Otis expectantly to see if Otis does good, but as Otis dances off screen, we hear a crash and Otis says "Oof!" then an orange blob flies out from the right and splatters onto the right of the screen. After this event, Pig sighs and Everette slaps his face in disgust.
    FX: Otis tap-dancing and the Nickelodeon blob spaltting onscreen.
    Music: When Otis tap dances, "Shave and A Haircut" and then a crash and oof and then splat! then a man says "Nick is kids"
    Availability: On Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob Squarepants & Back at The Barnyard.
    Scare Factor: Low, the crash can get to you.

    heart1994's dream logos:

    Slag Bros. Productions
    (May 1999 - Forever)
    Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos! Your Dream Logos Part Five - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos!

    Nickname: Slag Bros.

    Logo: On a black (or white) background, we see a shot of the Slag Bros. hitting each other with bats. The name of the company is shown below.

    • On "Jeapordy!", the announcer says "Jeapordy has been broadcasted by Slag Bros. Productions."
    • Some TV shows also have the "in association with" byline.
    • The logo from "The Slag Brothers Show" also had the Back to the Future music.
    • Even Stevens also had the logo. In Season 1, the background was multi-colored.

    Music: A combination of Techno and Cinema City & Films music.

    Availability: Seen On TV Shows

    Scare Factor: Low.

    Sonic 45's Dream Logos
    Warner Bros Dvd
    1st Logo
    Nickname: Whoosh and Clangs
    Logo: The Warner Bros Logo Animates as Usual
    As you can see the shield the letters DVD appear one at a
    time.Then it shines Leaving the screen black.
    Music: None. Just a Whoosh and Three Clangs.
    Availability: Seen on Warner Realeases from 2008 to 2060.
    Scare Factor: Minimal. Unless you hate the Warner Home Video Logo.

    TheAdmiester Productions
    Logo 1: (2007-2008)

    Flash movie
    Flash movie

    Logo: First off, we see a picture of a sunset over some hills. All of a sudden, the picture explodes like a wall (bricks go flying around after it explodes), revealing the words "TheAdmiester Productions Presents..." In a red Times New Roman/Sylfaen font.

    Effects: All CGI (Created by myself).

    Closing Variant: Instead of saying TheAdmiester Productions Presents... It says "This Has Been A TheAdmiester Productions Video. A copyright is visible near the bottom.

    Cheesy Factor: None, the CGI looks good, and the gradient background looks great.

    Music: The intro/outro of the show (or movie)'s closing theme.

    Availability: Very common. A newish logo that can be seen almost anywhere.

    Scare Factor: Low, The explosion may catch you off guard, but this logo is cool nonetheless.
    Flash movie

    Logo #2:
    (2009 - ????)

    Logo: We start off looking at a shinig blue background. All of a sudden, the image bursts open like a wall of bricks and reveals another image behind. The words 'TheAdmiester Productions Presents' flies in from behind the "camera".

    Effects: All CGI (Created by myself)

    Cheesy Factor: None. The logo looks slightly ahead of it's time.

    Availabilty: Common.

    Music: A cool riff from the song 'Foreplay/Longtime" by Boston.

    Scare Factor: Very low. The explosion and riff may catch you off guard, though.

    JHprod's Logos

    The Glorious Foot Films & TV
    Background: It was founded 1985 by a rainbow Yoshi, they didn't use a logo until 1992.

    Logo 1: 1992-2000


    Nickelodeon Productions
    4th Logo:

    Logo: The same logo Hanna Barbera has, but different.

    While the Nickelodeon logo appears above these events:

    1. Carly runs left.
    2. Sam runs right and smiles while Patrick fell.
    3. Spencer shakes himself and Drake gets confused.
    4. SpongeBob flies in a flying saucer waving at us.
    5. Josh walks diagonally up while Malcom was swinging on a rope.
    6. Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo and Poof get confused too.
    7. Mr. Krabs picks up a penny, who then gets hit by an uncontrollable Squidward on his bike.
    8. George Lopez slips on a banana peel while slamming into the right side of the screen.
    9. Tim and Al are seen building a house.
    10. Gary gets scared when...
    11. ...suddenly, Freddie, holding his camera of course, trips and slams into the screen.

    After all of that, copyright info fades in below